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10 Best Liquidation Stores In Costco You Must Try in 2024

Liquidation Stores In Costco

In the business world, everyone is on a constant lookout for the best deals and profitable margins. Liquidation stores and Costco is an innovative concept that can help in the smooth dissolution of one company and the start of another. There are countless liquidation stores in Costco that one can leverage to save a few bucks and maximize their profit.

It allows businesses to buy and sell in bulk, without having to worry about clearances, bargains, and other business-related concerns. However, with so many liquidation stores, comes the risk of fraud of cheap-quality products. To help you get quality products at nominal prices, we are here with our top picks for liquidation stores.

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So given below is a list consisting of the 10 best liquidation stores in Costco. 

Walmart Canada

Walmart Canada - Liquidation Stores in Costco

If you are looking for cheap and affordable deals in a variety of sections, Walmart should definitely be your go-to liquidation store. You don’t need to plan an entire budget once you can discover your local neighborhood Walmart, as they have a range of items that can satisfy more or less every household’s need.

One of the top reasons why Walmart has been thriving for ages besides its affordable pricing is its uncompromising quality. You will rarely feel the need to return an item as every item that they sell is always in a decent condition. To maximize your profits, Walmart also holds auctions that you can be a part of to gain or save some bucks. One can deal in lots, pallets, or even truckloads; depending on individual requirement and purpose.

All the merchandise at Walmart is supplied by different outlets of Walmart itself, ensuring premium quality at reasonable prices. From electronics to groceries, there’s rarely an item that will be missing in its product categories. So whether you’re looking to get your child some stationary or treat yourself with some budget-friendly clothing, you can find more than 350 Walmart liquidation stores in Canada with its main headquarters located in Mississauga, Ontario.

Amabec Liquidation Inc.

Amabec - Liquidation Stores in Costco

One of the best liquidation stores in Costco, Amabec Liquidation Inc. is the right option for all businesses and sizes, regardless of the business size.

Be it pallets, truckloads, or lots, they sell a variety of liquidation products in different sizes. Dealing with this liquidation store, dealers or customers can have a clear idea of what one is buying, the procedure of buying along the estimated costs. People also get to participate in auctions.

Just in case you have any queries or doubts about the procedure, they have readily available customer support to address concerns and help people navigate the way. Being the sole owner of the inventory, Amabec Liquidation Inc. is one of the biggest wholesalers in Montreal. Some of the most common supplies that they deal in include flea market sellers, and online stores like eBay, Amazon, and Facebook.

Other than this, they also deal with independent sellers across the country. If you are looking for top-notch cream of all the liquidation products at affordable rates their prices are quite nominal. For more personalized and customized needs, you can also get in direct touch with the Amabec Liquidation team.

Direct Liquidation

Direct - Liquidation Stores in Costco

For people who are fairly new to the concept of liquidation, Direct Liquidation is a great liquidation store, to begin with. They are known to work with relatively smaller quantities, and they have robust customer support to help you navigate through the process.

They have a plethora of product range to meet different demands of different customers, owing to their exclusive relationship with top-demanded manufacturers as well as retailers.

Direct Liquidation is one of the revolutionary stores in this business, as they have proved against the preconceived notions about the liquidation market. From product misrepresentation to a limited range of items to low-grade items, Direct Liquidation has proved to behave none of the above defaults. One of the factors that make Direct Liquidation so reliable and friendly for newbies is the 90 days warranty offered by them, even on refurbished product material.

You can also start with smaller loads of items initially as a First Test initiative offered by them. This way, customers can scrutinize their needs efficiently without exhausting all resources way too early. Besides these advantages, customers will also have consistent updates and alerts regarding any change in inventory or other updates. Their website is also quite user-friendly, easily navigable, and designed for utmost customer satisfaction.

Closeout King

Closeout King

If you are looking to buy high-quality lots consisting of mass merchandise products, Closeout King is another one of our best picks for retailers and wholesalers. A majority of the product that you will buy from Closeout King will consist of surplus inventory, excess, overstocks, liquidations, end of lines, discontinued goods, salvage, and more.

They function by buying products under a brand’s name at wholesale prices, making it quite cost-friendly for its large customer base. The liquidation store has close tie-ups with other surplus liquidators, overstock retailers, flea market vendors, auctioneers, surplus buyers, and wholesalers to get and present the best deals.

They have a range of products at their dispense, including designer perfumes, sunglasses, books, jewelry, electric toys, housewares, electronic toys, and much more. They also have a Deal of The Day that you can leverage to your advantage to get the best products at the best price.

Vdc Canada

VDC Canada 

Considered one of the most popular and reliable liquidation stores, VDC is a recurrent recommendation in every list. This wholesale company deals in selling liquidation products, below wholesale closeouts, customer return pallets, and inventories for many online sellers.

It is known for one of the most flexible and price-friendly ranges, considering its pallets starting from as low as $600. They have more than 250 new pallets arriving every week. There are also goods that are quite high-priced, available in truckloads.

The liquidation store was founded in 1999 and ever since, it has expanded to include a variety of products, namely: garden supplies, dollar stores, office for the job, baby gears, appliances and tools, perfumes, apparel and shoes, accessories, hardware, sporting goods, luggage and bags, electronics and much more.

One of its exceptional attractions is that it allows its customers to visit the VDC warehouse to have a look at all the products in advance. This way, you can be assured of the quality that you’re getting. Moreover, their robust customer support can be contacted anytime between Mondays to Friday through their contact number.

Tech Liquidators

Tech Liquidators

Although this store does not tick all boxes of a wholesaler, Tech Liquidators is one of the most trustworthy and renowned liquidation stores in Costco.

As its name suggests, tech Liquidators is one of the best liquidation stores for technology-related items. Smartphones, cellphones, gaming pads, tablet accessories, IPad and other Apple inventories, computers, and laptops are a few product examples, to begin with.

Besides tech-related material, you can also find items like toys, home products garden products, and baby gear. Founded in 1999, today it has become one of the largest auction marketplaces situated in Canada. It also has a qualified seller program for liquidators that has managed to attract a group of sources that take care of proving high-quality and valuable commodities at a nominal price.

If you are someone looking to buy bulk liquidated products that are already used, returned, or refurbished, Tech Liquidations is your guy. They have a great management system and in case of any queries, you can directly get in touch with them through their contact number or email id. Interested parties can contact them or participate in their auctions to build their business, one pallet at a time!

Aaa Closeout Liquidations

Aaa Closeout - Liquidation Stores in Costco

With more than 42 years of experience in the business of liquidation, AAA Closeout is one of the most reliable liquidation stores in Costco in Canada and the USA. If you are a local wanting to promote the Canadian economy, AAA Closeout is known to purchase materials from Canadian stores only. They have connections with several Canadian retailers and manufacturers.

AA Closeout also provides a lot of scopes who want to generate profits from their services, owing to its high finder fees. People who can generate leads and information regarding other closeout and liquidation sales are paid from $500 up to $5000. The collection includes overstock merchandise, wholesale liquidation, closeout inventory, closeout liquidation, liquidated stock, and more.

Although their product category range is considered quite limited by some, AAA Closeout Liquidations has managed to gain a dedicated customer base and loyal fan following. To ensure its credibility, AAA Closeout has also been featured in Forbes magazine.

Other than that, it has received a great rating from D&B and has also been ranked as one of the top liquidation Canada-based platforms by Alexa. So if you haven’t already, go check this out and save some bucks through great deals and offers.

Canada Liquidation Sales

Canada - Liquidation Stores in Costco

One of the best well-known names in the liquidation business, Canada Liquidation Sales has earned a great reputation owing to its quality and quantity.

They have a demonstrated history of purchasing more than 800 tractor-trail loads of a variety of merchandise on an annual basis. This liquidation stores deals in several items such as clothing, furniture, bedding, tools, accessories, equipment electronics, and much more.

All you have to do is make your customer account on their portal to get started, further moving forward to checking their prices. Because of their years of experience, they have hands-on expertise in customer returns, vendor returns, overstocked items, and outdated inventory.

Closeouts and surplus stock is their specialty. There are several distributors, departmental stores, vendors, retailers, and manufacturers that count on Canada Liquidation Sales to convert all of their leftover stock to wholesale liquidation sales. This is because Canada Liquidation Sales has gained a reputation to deal in leftover stock or unwanted items for so many years now. So if you are a boat buyer or seller, make sure to check out Canada Liquidation sales.

Core Liquidations

Core- Liquidation Stores in Costco

Next, up, we have another reliable, experienced, and budget-friendly liquidation store recommendation. Being a wholesaler, there is often a misconception around Core Liquidations that people will not be able to place relatively smaller orders.

In some cases, the opening order starts from merely $500. However, contrary to popular belief, they have a very low and nominal requirement for minimum orders, making it one of our top recommendations for liquidation stores in Costco .

It is one of the most budget-friendly liquidation stores as it sells many of its products in cases, unlike most of the other liquidation stores in competition. If you are looking for a variety of product options, they constantly keep updating their inventory with the latest material.

Pet stores, stationery, student supplies, baby products, and party material are some examples. Besides working closely with their large and expanding customer base, Core Liquidations also has close tie-ups with dollar stores retailers, specialty stores, distributors, flea markets, convenience stores, promotional companies, eBay stores, auction companies, and many more.

Their professionalism and years of experience in wholesaling are some of the reasons why interested parties must check this one out.  You can check out their website FAQ and blogs for crystal clear transparency in their functioning and operations.

Trade Zones Liquidations

Trade Zones - Liquidation Stores in Costco

And lastly, we have a very reliable recommendation i.e. Trade Zones Liquidations. Although Trade Zones Liquidations is primarily known to be a wholesaler, they also offer coaching services.

For those of you looking for reliable and good-quality pellets in Canada, you can get some stellar items at Trade Zones Liquidations. Since there is a direct contact in the sales funnel, hence its process is considered quite affordable.

This is because Trade Zones Liquidations mainly buys stick directly from businesses. Several businesses count on this store to take care of their surplus, returns, refurbished items, and more. So many brands have been able to secure their name during bankruptcy or store closing because the Trade Zone Liquidations has got them covered for such assistance.

For new buyers entering into this kind of activity for the first time, the quotation process might be considered quite tricky and challenging. But if you are an experienced buyer, you’re good to go!

Although it is suggested to have a considerable budget during transactions, Trade Zone Liquidations is one of the most reliable liquidation stores that are worth a glance.


Here is a list of our top and reliable recommendations when it comes to choosing the best liquidation store in Costco. For all the buyers or businesses, we hope these recommendations help you save some bucks and gain some stellar steel deals. Make sure to bookmark this list for future references and stay tuned to our space for more recommendations. Feel free to drop your personal picks and go-to liquidation stores.

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