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10 Best San Antonio Liquidation Stores For Hot Deals in 2024

Liquidation Stores in San Antonio

San Antonio liquidation stores are a great way to shop for the products you need. Whenever a store goes out of business or wants to sell their excess products they contact liquidators. These liquidators get these products and sell them to their clients for much cheaper. Companies, factories, retail stores, estates, all of them undergo liquidation. Liquidation stores offer you great discounts on the majority of the products you want.

Many of the items you want are sold in liquidation sales for less than half of their retail price. The liquidation industry is a great place to save money. You can buy goods for your personal use as well as for your business.

The liquidated market helps you avail discounts and even save the cost of purchasing good quality inventory for your store. There are many San Antonio liquidation stores that offer amazing prices for different goods. If you live in San Antonio we have made this list to help you out.

This list contains all the top liquidation companies in San Antonio. We have provided a mix of those companies where you can buy liquidation pallets in San Antonio as well as individual items. These stores should help you find great deals.

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Here are some of the best San Antonio Liquidation Stores for Hot Deals in 2022.


QuickLotz-San Antonio liquidation

When looking to buy liquidation pallets in San Antonio you should look no further than QuickLotz. They are different from all the other companies on the list now. While those other companies bought products in bulk and sold them to clients, QuickLotz does things differently.

They purchase liquidation pallets from big manufacturers and sell them to their clients. QuickLotz have deep-rooted contacts with some of the largest retailers and manufacturers. They work hard to secure the best palettes available. These palettes contain a wide range of goods. They have some of the best liquidation pallets in San Antonio. These pallets come from reputed sellers and the quality is something which you do not have to doubt.

After the company acquires the palette they sell them to their clients for a fixed cost. They give a brief description of where the palette was bought from and what type of goods they contain. Buying these pallets from one of the renowned San Antonio liquidation companies is a great way to earn profit for small businesses.

You can easily resale the items you get from the palettes and make a significant profit. The company acquires pallets of all shapes and sizes. After looking at their inventory you will surely find some pallets which will be easy to sell and make a profit from.

Office Furniture Liquidations

Office Furniture Liquidations-San Antonio liquidation

Liquidation stores help customers get great discounts on items they require. When looking for San Antonio Liquidation stores, Office Furniture Liquidations comes right at the top of the list. Office Furniture Liquidations is a company that specializes in providing its clients with some of the best deals in furniture. They occupy the top spot if you are looking to buy liquidated furniture for cheap.

The company sells pre-owned furniture which has been acquired from offices and hotels. All items they sell are of a premium nature. The company believes that it is their job to ensure that all the furniture they source is of great quality. There are not many liquidators in San Antonio who have the variety which they offer. All of the liquidated furniture sold by them has to go through various inspections done by their expert team. This ensures that only good-quality items are sourced and sold.

Before these furniture pieces are put up for sale they are professionally cleaned. When going through their catalog you will find many of the top furniture companies present. This company has set up a website that has a digital catalog of its products. You can browse all of the products which they have before visiting their store and making the purchase. They take customer service very seriously.

They have a live chat option on their website. Using this live chat you can talk to their customer representatives and get all of your questions answered. They are always there to help you with any inquiry you have. They have a spacious store of more than 45,000 square feet and are a great place to browse furniture that meets all of your requirements.

Crystal Estate Sales

Crystal Estate Sales-San Antonio liquidation

Crystal Estate Sales are liquidators who conduct property sales. They help to clear out homes and get them ready for sale. The company has been in the estate sales business for many years. with all of their experience, they have been able to become one of the most reputed companies. They are based in San Antonio and are the number one destination if you want liquidated estate sales.

This San Antonio liquidation company does all the due diligence before they conduct these sales. The liquidation sales held by the company can be a great place to shop for a variety of products. They have tons of experience in this field and you can expect them to find and only sell those items which are of some value. They are experts in many fields of antiques and other used goods.

The company has all the licenses required to conduct its business. They do not have a physical store but conduct liquidation sales. They keep updating the location of these sales on their website and Facebook page. Reserving on their website allows you a guaranteed spot in their sale. When looking at the variety of items they have for sale you are sure to find something which you like.

Fleet Vehicle Disposal

Fleet Vehicle Disposal

Liquidation of products does not only mean consumer goods and other small goods. Fleet Vehicle Disposal conducts commercial liquidations. They are a San Antonio liquidation company that expertize in commercial goods and vehicles. Whenever a commercial company wants a liquidation of their facilities in San Antonio this is the first company they call.

This allows the customers of Fleet vehicle disposal have access to some of the best industrial equipment for very cheap prices. They provide one of a kind service in San Antonio. Many refer to this company as one of the best commercial liquidators in San Antonio. They liquidate goods of all types of commercial buildings. This makes them the best place to buy pre-owned equipment.

If you are an industrialist you will find deals during their sales that cannot be matched by anyone else. They have licenses for selling commercial vehicles as well. If you are someone who is looking to set up a fleet of commercial trucks and other vehicles they might just be the place to go.

Buying pre-owned vehicles from them allows you to save thousands of dollars. Many stores sell liquidated goods for personal use but this company has managed to expand the scale at which they do business. Going to a few of their auctions can help you find all the equipment that you might require for your new industrial venture.

The vast selection of products they have allows you to pick and choose the things you like. They sell these products through an auction which ensures you get a fair price. The entire process is very transparent.

Appliance Liquidation Outlet

Appliance Liquidation Outlet-San Antonio liquidation

If you are looking for cheap appliances in the San Antonio area, Appliance Liquidation Outlet might just be the best fit for you. Sometimes when working on a budget you might not be able to afford the appliances you want due to their price. In these situations many a time you have to compromise and settle down on a cheaper product.

This product might not meet the expectations you had. What if you could get the appliances you wanted for a cheaper price? While it may sound like a dream, Appliance Liquidation Outlet makes it possible for the residents of San Antonio. This San Antonio liquidation company sells appliances that have a scratch or a dent in the body.

These can be bought for much cheaper than the price of a new appliance. These appliances just have some cosmetic defects and damages. These damages to the body of the product do not affect its functioning.

These liquidators in San Antonio sell these products which have minor defects for cheap. You can legitimately buy the appliance which you needed if you are willing to compromise with the minor cosmetic defect that the product has. The appliances which you purchase will be available for much cheaper than what you can buy them at retail shops for. From refrigerators to ovens to washing machines, this company sells them all.

They have appliances from reputed brands such as Haier, Whirlpool, GE Appliances, and much more. These appliances cost a fraction of what they would cost you if purchased brand new. This is even better than buying liquidation pallets in San Antonio as you can browse their catalog to select exactly the product which you like.

Appliance Smart

 Appliance Smart-San Antonio liquidation

Appliance Smart is one of the highest-rated San Antonio liquidation companies. As the name suggests the company is in the business of selling appliances. What makes them different from other shops you go to is their ability to provide a cheap price which others cannot give you. They leverage their relations with manufacturers to obtain older models or those with minor cosmetic defections.

These appliances which are a surplus to the manufacturers are purchased by the company and then sold to their clients. As the company sources the majority of its appliances directly from the manufacturers you can easily trust them to give you the best quality.

They minimize the risk of purchasing appliances from any third-party seller as theirs come directly from the authorized and registered manufacturers. They have extensive relations with many manufacturers which allows them to have different categories of appliances sourced from the top companies. You get to take home the latest appliances at incredible prices.

The company buys these appliances in bulk which helps you to get an even better price. They are one of the top liquidators in San Antonio and give you superb deals for most appliances you require. A major advantage with them is that you can get the products home the same day you purchase them.

They do not have a delivery time in which they acquire the product as it is already available to them. Using Appliance Smart is a smart way to go about buying your appliances. While you do have the compromise on the cosmetic aside from your appliances, you get great value for your money. With a large inventory and affordable prices, they are your best friend if you are looking to buy a new appliance or upgrade existing ones.

BK Lots

  BK Lots-San Antonio liquidation

In competitive retail market conditions, it becomes difficult for small businesses to compete with the big leaders in the industry. One of the biggest problems of the sourcing of inventory from big manufacturers. BK Lots makes buying goods from some of the top companies very easy. They sell liquidation pallets in San Antonio.

These pallets contain surplus goods from some of the biggest wholesale shops in America. Their pallets are of great quality because of the places from where they buy these pallets. The pallets are mainly bought from leading retail chains such as Walmart, Home Depot, Best Buy, Target, Lowe’s, and more. You will find a wide variety of consumer goods pallets available with them.

They sell these goods in either truckloads or pallets. You can choose the size of each lot that fits your needs and budget. This San Antonio liquidation company is ideal for buying consumer goods in bulk. They are a source of making huge profits if you can manage to sell the items in the pallets. They have divided the pallets into different categories such as the types of products, size, condition, source, and more.

This allows you to only get those goods that you feel you can resale easily. They keep updating their store and you will find new deals every day. They ship the pallets to your home.

Ebay Services of Texas

Ebay Services of Texas

They are liquidators based in San Antonio. Their company revolves around finding any type of product that they feel can be sold to their clients. They cover almost all types of products and can serve as a one-stop destination for any liquidated products which you require. Ebay also sell classic cars and other vehicles.

They have been selling liquidated merchandise for a long time and understand how to get only top quality goods. The company works with all of its clients to help secure good products. They sell products to consumers as well as small businesses.

KZ Distributors

 KZ Distributors

KZ Distributors have built their businesses focused around liquidated wholesale merchandise. They are great at finding amazing liquidated items. They are a business where you will find products of all kinds. KZ Distributors get these liquidated goods from many sources which offer their clients a lot of variety.

They obtain liquidation pallets in San Antonio as well. They sell items from these liquidated pallets. Many people trust the company and see it as a place to obtain inventory for their store.

The company puts a lot of effort to go to liquidation sales in different places across America so that their clients can have a wide selection. You should have a look at their inventory as you might find some gems for your shop or personal use.

 The Liquidation Guys

 The Liquidation Guys

The Liquidation Guys are a well-known San Antonio liquidation company for any type of furniture. The company gets furniture from all the best manufacturers out there. They manage to source good quality furniture for very cheap. The Liquidation Guys buy furniture from the manufacturers in truckloads. They buy liquidation pallets in San Antonio and provide you with great deals on the products of your choice.

All of the furniture sold by them is made in the USA. they have a fast-moving inventory. They get truckloads of new products added to their inventory every week and you will find new products to explore. They have an organized website where you can contact them for any inquiries. You can even browse the website to find any new additions they have to their inventory.


These liquidation stores have been handpicked by us after a lot of deliberation. There is a healthy mix of different types of stores. You will find specialized stores as well which deal with heavy industrial goods and vehicles. These shores have their specailaities.

You have to search for those stores which you feel would be a good match for your requirements. If you are a business owner there are options here that will help you set up a factor or even purchase your fleet of vehicles.

The liquidated industry is well developed in San Antonio and there are many options to choose from. The ideal liquidation store would depend on your requirements and use case scenario. Shopping at these liquidation stores can help you make great savings.

We would recommend that you try out these stores to see which one fits the profile of goods you are looking for the best. They are a great way to fill your inventory as well.

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