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10 Best Liquidation Stores In Canada To Try in 2024

Liquidation Stores in Canada

You can make great business by making use of a great liquidation store that sells cheap products which can resell at higher rates. There are various liquidation stores in Canada that are present in the market to merchandise products that have been returned, are a part of overstocks, or bankruptcies. Like any other country, Canada also has some high-quality liquidation stores that you can make use of.

In this article, we have made a list of some of the best stores under liquidation in Canada. We have reviewed every one of them personally to make sure that you get an in-depth view of what they have to offer. Let’s have a look-

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Here are the list 0f 10 Best Liquidation Stores In Canada:

VDC Canada

VDC Canada 

Anyone who wants to find a great liquidation store will definitely come across VDC Canada. They buy from authentic retailers, distributors, as well as manufacturers directly. They have a highly flexible price range. Some pallets are available for as little as $595.

On the other hand, that are higher prized goods that are available in truckloads. Other than this, they have a rare feature within which they allow their clients to actually visit their warehouses to get a look at the things they are purchasing. Without any doubt, they had to take the first spot on our list for liquidation Canada.

This company was founded in 1996 and today it has grown to be one of Canada’s biggest wholesale companies that sell liquidation products, customer return pallets, below wholesale closeouts, as well as inventories for various online sellers.

They have been suppliers to various auctions, flea market vendors, exporters, as well as eBay stores. That product consists of items such as an office for the job, appliances, lawn and garden supplies, dollar store, baby products, perfumes, tools, shoes, luggage, electronics, hardware, sporting goods, apparel, houseware, etc.

Canada Liquidation Sales

Canada - Liquidation Stores In Canada 

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Canada liquidation sales has its inventory filled with known brand names from across the country. Therefore, they are one of the most well-known names in all stores that come under liquidation in Canada. Every year, this company purchases as much as 800 tractor-trailer loads of merchandise.

They also give numerous appliances- a large of which are quality electronics and more. If you want to check their selling prices, then you will be required to make a customer account on the website. Their range of products includes items like clothing, bedding, furniture, tools, and so on.

Canada liquidation sales is a liquidation store that gives close-outs as well as surplus products at highly affordable prices. They have been dealing in buying and selling wholesale liquidation as well as unwanted stock for a large number of years.

They have huge experience in this market and their inventory is full of customer returns, dated inventory, overstocked items, as well as vendor returns. Therefore, retailers, department stores, manufacturers, as well as distributors often depend on them to turn all of their in-wanted stock into wholesale liquidation products. This liquidation store is a great opportunity for boat buyers and sellers.

Walmart Canada

Walmart Canada -Liquidation Stores In Canada 

Every single day that had a large number of people who returned various products at Walmart stores. Therefore, Walmart itself could be a great liquidation store in Canada for people looking for cheap affordable deals. For people who are looking for liquidation in Canada, Walmart is a great and effective solution. You will often find a large number of products within Walmart that will be able to satisfy most of your needs.

Walmart allows you to buy pallets, lots, or trucks of liquidation goods. Moreover, you are easily allowed to enter auctions if you want to maximize your profits. All such merchandise comes from different Walmart stores which also guarantees that every product will be a quality one.

At the same time, this is one liquidation store that will ensure there is market demand for the products they are selling. Their liquidation products are extremely unique since they are particular to Walmart. At the same time, the products that they offer are usually fresh and undamaged, making them a valuable pick in liquidation Canada.

Amabec Liquidation Inc.

Amabec - Liquidation Stores In Canada 

Amabec Liquidation is another great liquidation store in Canada. This is an option that will work for businesses and brands of all sizes. They sell various forms of liquidation products in pallets, lots, and truckloads. The best part about them is that they haven’t invented it which is straightforward.

Therefore, you will get a clear idea of what you’re buying, how you’re buying it, as well as the estimated costs. You can even participate in their auctions. Other than this, they have a great customer service system and a great customer support staff. Therefore, in case you have any queries or questions that you need answering then they will be ready to do the same.

In liquidation Canada stores, this wholesaler is the biggest in the Montreal area. Among various things that they supply their specialties include applying for flea market sellers, liquidation stores, as well as online sellers like Amazon, Facebook, eBay, as well as certain independent stores.

They are the sole owners of most of their inventory. Therefore, if you have any particular needs and need direct transactions then they can provide them for you. They have great prices because of their immense buying part and they have been able to sell out chocolate of liquidation goods over the years.

Department Store Liquidations

Department Store Liquidations 

Department store liquidations is a liquidation store in India that is in direct contact with Walmart. On this website, you will get a range of items that vary from wholesale makeup to an entire truck full of electronics as well as appliances.

Because of their direct contact and transactions with Walmart, they are one of the highest-rated stores in liquidation Canada. They come in second place on our list ’cause they have some of the highest quality pallets available in terms of liquidation. Department Store liquidations say that their main goal is for customers to make extra profit and get lucrative deals. They depend a lot on their business relationships, and customer experience comes first for them.

Deep directly by liquidation overstocks as well as wholesale closeouts directly from stores without any middleman in between. Therefore, there are no additional costs that could bring down your profit. a large number of wholesale customers who purchase their sales are people who resell within auction houses, Craigslist thing, exporters, as well as brokers and retailers. Their prices are much lower than even wholesale and there is a large room for you to make a profit.

Direct Liquidation

Direct Liquidation 

Direct liquidation can be found in both Canada as well as the United States. The website is fairly easy to navigate, and they have taken special care to create a user interface that is aimed towards maximum customer satisfaction. This is a place where you can buy a large number of pallets of products as well as the bulk of return as well as refurbished items as well as electronics.

If you are new to the market, then this wholesaler can be a great option for you. They work with small quantities and offer customer support throughout your dealings with them. This is one of the rare liquidation stores that offer a 90-day warranty within refurbished products as well.

Direct liquidation has made a great change in the market of liquidation products. They have overcome faults like product misrepresentation, as well as low-grade items, and a narrow collection of tier two and three-tier brands. Today direct liquidation offers a great range of products for customers with different requirements.

They have exclusive relationships with the most in-demand retailers as well as manufacturers. Other than this you get regular updates in products and consistent changes in the inventory. Other features include smaller loads of items so that you can First Test customer demand without having to exhaust all your resources.

Tech Liquidators

Tech Liquidators - Liquidation Stores In Canada 

This is a liquidation store which is not a proper wholesaler. However, they have been experienced exclusive liquidation channels for best bites inspire 1999. This specialty includes sectors like technology. They have a liquidator’s qualified seller program that has been able to gather a large group of sources to provide products that are high quality and extremely valuable.

Clearly, among liquidation Canada stores, this store takes a special place. this place is also a great option for companies that are looking for electronics, computers, and inventories of Apple products as well. Some products that you can get from this store include cell phones, smartphones, home products, accessories, gaming consoles, IPad and tablet accessories, etc.

Tech liquidations happen to be the largest online auction marketplace in Canada. If you want to buy bulk liquidations of used, and, refurbished, or returned products, then this is the place that you ought to go to. They have been a trusted name ever since they were founded in 1999.

This is something that they credit to the great management of their auction platform, as well as their devoted customers who have time and again depended on the company for that quality products. They have great customer support, and you can get in touch with them through their number or their official email id.

Core Liquidations

Core-Liquidation Stores In Canada 

This company is a wholesaler so you might be inclined to think that you will not be able to buy smaller orders from them. However, this is not so- their requirements for minimum orders are very low and this makes it highly appealing for individual customers all over Canada.

This is one liquidation store that we simply had to mention in our list. Unlike other liquidation and wholesale companies, they sell products by the case. This makes them a highly budget-friendly option.

They have an ever-changing inventory which ensures that you can get new products very often. We are sure that whatever you are looking for, they will have it. in addition to working along with customers, they also resell two different retailers, dollar stores, distributors, as well as specialty stores, convenience stores, flea markets, auction companies, eBay stores, promotional companies, etc. They have immense experience in wholesale and it comes as no surprise that they are the most professional names in liquidation Canada.

AAA Closeout Liquidations

This store is one of those few wholesalers that only purchase material from Canadian stores. Other than sort of Canada, they also purchase material from Canadian manufacturers as well as retailers. You might think that they have limited products, However, you would be wrong, they have been working in this market for 36 years now, and to date, they have gathered a very devoted fan following and customer base.

Another reason why they’re such a popular liquidation store is that they have a great finder fee. These can go from $1000 to $5000 for people who can provide the information regarding any closeout or liquidation deal. Therefore, there is a lot of scope for people who want to earn profit through their services.

This store comes with 42 years of experience in the world of liquidation business. They have also been featured in Forbes magazine best of the web. They have also been ranked by Alexa in the top liquidation websites of the world.

Other than this D&B has also given them an excellent rating since 1979.  From closeout liquidation and liquidated stock to closeout inventory, overstock merchandise, and wholesale liquidation there is a lot that you can find in their store.

Trade Zones

Trade Zones is actually a whole seller that also provides coaching services.  Therefore, they are some of the most experienced stores when it comes to liquidation in Canada. If you are looking for a truly reliable source for pellets online, then Trade Zones should be able to satisfy all your requirements. They have been able to help various companies with their leftover stock in a manner that secures the name of the brand.

Their main focus is to buy directly from businesses. This ensures that there is a direct contact in their sales funnel which brings down the prices as well. However, one thing to note is that in this liquidation store the quotation process is not very friendly when compared to other entries.

However, if you are an experienced buyer then there is hardly any trouble you will have during your time with them. You also need to keep in mind that it would be better for you to have a considerable budget during your transaction.


We think we have listed the most important liquidation stores in Canada in our article. If there is someone we have missed out on, please let us know in the comments below. Meanwhile, for any future references, you can always come back to this article and check out the best liquidation stores in Canada.

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