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10 Best Liquidation Stores In Montreal You Must Try In 2024

Liquidation Stores in Montreal

People in Montreal can buy products at the highest discounts from liquidation stores Montreal. Company liquidation sells out products in bulk while they are trying to cut their losses or debts. Liquidation stores list all these products as a part of their product list and give irresistible discounts. These stores are like warehouse sales for clearing out old stocks. Stocks of products are left after company liquidation goes through a quality check. Best liquidation stores offer the best products at less than wholesale prices.

Most liquidation stores buy close-out products from different businesses that are closing. Many businesses are trying to cut down the losses during the pandemic. So, the liquidation stores Montreal salvage the products from these companies and then have auctions for the best bids. It helps both the closing business owners and people setting up new businesses. 

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Here is the list of the 10 best liquidation stores Montreal.

Boom Liquidation

Boom Liquidation

As Boom Liquidation claims that they explode the prices of the products. Giving 80-90% discounts on all products makes this phrase completely true. Surplus products, open boxes and items left after company liquidation get salvaged by them.

They make sure that even the surplus products are put to use. Boom Liquidation makes sure that the products reach people who like such low prices as these are affordable for anyone. There are authentic items which are just out-of-season, so they perfect things just going off the shelves for new stocks. 

The best part about Boom Liquidation is that they put all these products through a quality check. They notify the people if the products have any damage issues with them. So, there is no chance of getting boxes with all false promises. Everything is transparent at this store because you are going to get everything as they say. 

All the attracts people to Boom Liquidation. The stores remain open for 9-12 hours daily for buyers to move through the stocks and buy as they want.

Just drop in here at the Boom liquidation stores Montreal and get things you need. Stuff for home décor, baby products and toys, electronics and small appliances see the most buyers all the time. All these benefits with the best discounts make Boom Liquidation the perfect place to get things as needed. 

Viorica Liquidation

Viorica Liquidation - Liquidation Stores Montreal

Giving out mystery boxes filled with products is a unique aspect of Viorica Liquidation. They send out the customer return products at the cheapest possible prices. Many resellers have already applied to their newsletter to immediately buy something that shows up here.

Products are just store returns and many of them are not even damaged, So, if you are spending a few bucks especially on the small and large appliances, you can get a temporary setup at a cheap price. 

They have lots or pallets just for the resellers to buy everything starting from clothes to unblocked mobiles. Most common choices among people are household appliances, electronics, clothes and shoes. They have a huge bulk of shoes to choose from all the time. Beyond this some unique stuff like jewellery, lighting and decoration items which people will rarely get from other places.

Buying is made easy by Viorica Liquidation as there are multiple payment options. You can buy using a warehouse pickup facility or through local and international delivery. So, getting the products sitting at any place around the world is a great deal.

All of this comes at an 80% discount from the retail prices. You need to just contact them through WhatsApp and get details about the order. This simple ordering and international delivery make many people feel interested with ordering.

Magasin Surplus Expert Liquidation

Magasin Surplus Expert Liquidation - Liquidation Stores Montreal

Magasin Surplus is one of the famous furniture stores. This place sells all preowned furniture at irresistible prices for both home and office settings.

This is not just random furniture that they have as a part of their catalog. Some of the best brands and even custom-made products are here. Some exclusive products are there which include coffee machines, an old typewriter, water coolers and even snowshoes. 

Firstly, the furniture goes through a quality check and some changes are made to improve its quality before selling. Moving through the store you will find antique radio and a grand piano as well. Other great appliances like washing machines and refrigerators are there with all the furniture. There are so many varieties of furniture that visitors find it difficult to choose. 

Magasin Surplus stays open from Wednesday to Saturday for 7 hours straight. The furniture and the rare products look like real art pieces. People like every product from here because of the rare choices, some stuff for both office and home and the best customer service.

They move you through all the options for something that you need so that you get the things as it is in your mind. Liquidation assets and excess furniture from the closing companies can be a great start for budding ones. So, get all that you need to set up the office space from here.

NH Salvage Inc. 

NH Salvage Inc. 

As their name suggests NH Salvage buys the products from store liquidation. They salvage all the products from closing stores or store returns.

Most of the stocks that they offer include toys and baby products. They have everything for the babies and kids, so if you want to surprise your kid, just visit this place and you will get everything that you like. They buy back from the store clearing off their stocks or closing their businesses.

Things are so cheap that there can be gifts at every price range. But apart from kids, there are clothes and shoes from NH Salvage Inc. as well.

These are not just random bulk products from any brand, some of the clothing, footwear, travel luggage and even sunglasses section are from the best brands. You are not going to believe the prices they are going to offer for even such exclusive products. NH Salvage Inc. meets the expectation of people and goes beyond that with the price range. 

With all these products at the best possible prices, NH Salvage Inc. is a perfect place to go in-store shopping. If you are planning to buy multiple fashion products for the price of one, then visit here. The store in Montreal stays open from 11 AM to 6 PM. Just move through the shelves and choose anything you like for a party, as a gift or even formals for the office.

Liquidation Traf

Liquidation Traf


Everybody likes free stuff as Liquidation Traf offers. From clothing to shoes, bags and kitchen utensils, there is everything that you will like. As a potential wholesale store that buys from company liquidation, Liquidation Traf is pretty famous.

This diverse range of products is from the liquidation of businesses and estates or companies closing out. All these products are liquidation assets sold at the cheapest possible price. 

Some of the products which are previously used get sold for free. The freebies are something which is people are happy about. All the other products that you would love to buy range between 50-90% discount.

This heavy discount will always attract the attention of the people planning to buy products for casual days, offices and winter. Liquidation Tref always keeps the hype with home decoration and furniture. 

Decorating the home, fashion choices like clothing and footwear are just a few steps ahead. This makes it simple enough to buy stuff directly from the store.

People do not hesitate to walk to the Liquidation Traf for their needs. It is really simple and cheap for people to start buying things they want. Attractive discounts like this have made this place famous as a warehouse for the best products all around the world.

Amabec Liquidation

Amabec Liquidation Inc. - Liquidation Stores Montreal

Amabec Liquidation buys or salvages the products from companies that are closing and selling out their stocks. They constantly keep updating their Facebook account with everything they have for people to buy. You can directly contact them about the prices for pellets or truckloads of bulk products. Getting a quote of your choice you can order bulk products online or even at the store. 

Even though they update the inventory from time to time, do not forget to check out new products from Facebook posts. They have the most unique products to buy truckloads or pallets.

Amabec Liquidation offers products starting from industry-grade refrigerators to pallets full of electronic gadgets, everything is available at the cheapest price. All refurbished TVs that customers order is good to go with the small appliances perfect for the home. 

Store return items are available here as well. As the new products keep entering the warehouse new buyers start reaching out. Just call them at 450-993-2121 and ask them about specific pallets. Some unique stuff like PlayStation, real games for XBOX are available in bulk with a genuine setup at the price of $1000 or less.

As they supply for the gamers and creators this will be a huge deal. No monotonous products in the warehouse keep people interested to buy pallets of their own from Amabec Liquidation.

Mega Liquidation de Literie

Mega Liquidation de Literie is one famous store in Montreal for home requirements and bedding. This is an iconic store for getting furniture at the cheapest prices.

You can buy gift cards that they offer for their regular customers. If you need to set up in Montreal for a cheap price then this is where you must buy the home appliances. Mega Liquidation de Literie has multiple furniture options for buyers. The gift cards work best for people as in those prices people get way more than they expect. 

Home furniture and bedroom requirements are all available here. There are bed linens, towels, mattresses and curtains just for home. Home textiles are perfect for decorating the home as you want. This is a perfect place to get these at the discounted prices. So, you can set up everything at extremely low prices than retail. The unexpected price is everything that brings people here. 

Staying open for 8-10 hours in Montreal, they offer both in-store purchases and delivery around Montreal. People who are on a budget with setting up their new place recommend this place. Their recommendation is going to save you a great deal on home furniture and home decoration.

Centre De Liquidation Mi Casa

Centre De Liquidation Mi Casa or shortly Mi Casa is a perfect place to get liquidation products just for home. Bed linen, mattresses are just a few of the products that they offer for the home. The main trendsetters at Mi Casa are the appliances that people get for 70-80% discounts as compared to retail prices.

Their products are all liquidation assets which are mainly from stock clearing sales. Quality of the product stays top-notch which makes it even better. 

Mi Casa is a heaven for those who are setting up their place for the first time. They always want the best stuff for decorating their home, which is why there are options for furniture and appliances too. Getting home furniture has never been cheaper than this. This is perfect to complete the home décor and using quality linen makes things even better. 

Staying live for a complete 8 hours from Monday to Saturday makes it easy for people to get their things whenever they need them. If you are tech-savvy and look for the best appliances then you are going to get it from here. Just move through all the options here and for a cheap price the things are all yours. This definitely makes it the best liquidation store in Montreal.

Econo Depot

As people say, you are not a Canadian unless you are a real ice hockey fan. So here is some exclusive merchandise of ice hockey just for your team. Econo Depot is a place for getting groceries and frozen food with multiple home needs. They get this stuff in bulk from liquidation stores Montreal, So that people can buy it at the cheapest possible price. Basic requirements for the household include different types of cereals, packaged food for the winter as well as pet foods. They cover all the needs of groceries with just a single order. 

Some of the clothes and towels are there which are perfect for the home. Casual wear is really cheap here. Designed towels and doormats make it easy to shop for the daily needs of a home. But their prize possession is definitely the unique food products.

Many packaged foods and beverages are there with a great shelf life just to enjoy winter at home without concerns for food during extreme snow. Being a part of town, many people from Montreal enjoy buying in bulk from here. 

If you are planning a game night, just buy the snacks and beverages for the match time. Enjoy Montreal Canadiens while they play with their exclusive merchandise here. Stock up for the match now and enjoy the time with friends and family. Econo Depot is open for 9-10 hours serving you with the best of everything.

Liquidation Berri Inc.

Liquidation Berri Inc. is a perfect place downtown that buys from businesses and sells those stuff at the highest discounts. It is a great place in Montreal where most tourists visit as it is just by the busy road. The place stays booming with customers all the time. This is one of the very few places that offer souvenirs of Canada. There are flags and decorations that you can buy from here if you are a tourist. Just keep a touch of Montreal with you so that you remember your visit. 

Above all this, there are different types of things like fashion items, luggage and electronics. This liquidation store is filled with opportunities for buyers. Everything is so cheap that people not only buy a lot once but return for more. This is one of the best destinations worth a visit in Montreal. 

With many positive reviews and 7-8 hours of running time, this place sees a lot of visitors every day. Their list of products which mainly includes footwear and new clothing designs are the most attractive. There are electronics, luggage and many more to choose from as options. So, just make the right choice and make the most out of these discounts they keep offering. 


Buyers can select the best liquidation stores Montreal for every bulk needs. If they are starting a new business, the low prices of products at the liquidation stores Montreal are perfect for them. These are products from overstocked bulk items at different stores.

This also includes liquidation and close-out assets from different stores. They offer pallets of products or even trucks full of bulk choices. These places sell refurbished products along with these pallets. People get their needs fulfilled with these liquidation stores Montreal at the prices they least expect. 

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