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10 Best Liquidation Stores in Victoria BC to Try in 2023

Liquidation Stores in Victoria Bc

There’s no better place than liquidation stores to shop from when you are on a tight budget. With good quality products at amazing discounts, one can score and save a lot at the same time. However, there are so many Liquidation Stores in Victoria BC, but not all are up to the mark.

Whether you are looking for Winnipeg liquidation or some reliable liquidators Victoria, you’re at the right place. We are here with our top recommendations for liquidation stores in Canada, mainly Victoria.

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So given below is a list of the 10 best liquidation stores in Victoria BC. 

The Big Box Outlet store

The Big Box Outlet store-Liquidation Stores in Victoria Bc

If you are looking for reliable liquidators in Canada, The Big Box Outlet Store has established quite a reputation. It is very hard to find quality liquidators Victoria, but this store’s 35 years of experience makes it credible. Their team works very hard to help you score the best deals from retailers, distributors, and manufacturers from all over the world.

Their product range consists of items that are new, old, reused, refurbished, overstocks, seasonal closeouts, and manufacturers’ directs. From tech to fashion to groceries, you will find it all over here. They always make it a point to recheck and test items before pretending them for their customers.

A majority of their products also consist of a 60-days in-store warranty period. All these items are mostly available at 70% discounts, which is quite a steal deal. If you are simply someone scouting for an affordable liquidation Victoria, shopping from here can make you afford everyday life. 

Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree-Liquidation Stores in Victoria Bc

Looking for the most reliable Winnipeg liquidation or perhaps, the best liquidators in Canada? It’s hard to miss Dollar Tree, most people’s go-to store for everyday shopping. This is considered one of the best liquidation Canada when it comes to seasonal and holiday shopping. The store consistently updates its inventory with the latest stock in demand.

There’s rarely an item that you won’t find on their list, from Easter eggs to trendy fashion clothes. They have one of the most exclusively beautiful home décor collections at unmatched prices. Their utmost priority is customer satisfaction, and hence they make sure to provide value for each visit. 

They also have weekly special items, which are rare finds and limited in stock. Their inventory consists of a mix of regional as well as international brands at reasonable prices. Paired up with a fast delivery company, they also provide home delivery and live order tracking.

The Predecessors

The Predecessors-Liquidation Stores in Victoria Bc

The Predecessors is a liquidation Canada that spent years antiquing and auctioning around the globe. They are a company possessing a very unique and strong understanding of the wholesale and liquidation business. With years of experience, they have established lasting relationships with sellers, manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and of course, their customers.

They offer goods that have a petite history as they like to call it. Even the used goods that they sell are of high quality as they are handpicked. Some of their goods even come from estates, which makes their sales very unique. Their amazing deals at unique prices are very hard to find elsewhere.

So stop by and browse as you never know what treasure you may find in this liquidation Victoria. One can also sign up for their mail for alerts about their monthly special sales.


Dollarama-Liquidation Stores in Victoria Bc

While looking for the best liquidators in Canada, Dollarama has remained a recurring recommendation. Whether you are looking for Winnipeg liquidation or Victoria liquidation, this has roundabout 1000 outlets all over Canada. They aim to provide their customers with a consistent shopping experience.

The store is known for its compelling value along with a broad assortment of consumables, general merchandise, and seasonal items. Their stores are located in accessible places including small towns, midsize cities, and metropolitan areas. This one-stop destination has thousands of seasonal items and everyday products in its inventory.

Their wide selection of your favorites includes fashion, party, toys, health, beauty, tech, groceries, kitchenware, hardware, furniture, office supplies, and more. For extra savings, one can sign up for a Dollarama gift card. 

Dollar Store With More

Dollar Store With More

Being one of Canada’s biggest dollar store franchises, Your Dollar Store with More is a leading liquidation Victoria. They have over a hundred franchises, leaving a permanent mark in the liquidation business. They have fine-tuned their system to provide the most proven methods for successful operation.

Other than that, their products have a lot of variety and are of high quality. Their product category has something for everyone, from all home essentials to your fashion demands to hardware stuff. There are so many options for their consumers to choose from.

And their prices are very pocket-friendly, making it affordable for both retailers and the common man. Besides this, they offer rebate programs, tradeshows, and marketing training for those who are interested. 

Dots Discount Designer Wear

Dots Discount Designer Wear

If you are looking for liquidation stores in Canada exclusively for fashion, this is the place for you. This is one of the few fashion liquidators Canada that provides top-both quality items. Fashion can often be expensive, especially when your eyes are set on designer wear items.

But interested fashion enthusiasts get steal deals even for designer wear items that would cost a fortune otherwise. They have a vast range of fashioner wear collections. With a dedicated section for men, women, and children; there’s something for everyone.

Along with clothing wear items, they also have bags, sunglasses, belts and other accessories to complete the look. Their stock consists of export surplus, leftover, and liquidation items with their quality intact. They also conduct amazing stock clearance sales time-t-time, so keep an eye pit for this liquidation store 

Great Canadian Dollar Store

Great Canadian Dollar Store

Just as its name suggests, here we have one of the best liquidation stores Canada. This Canadian store is proud to extend services with its 121 stores, 8 provinces, 2 territories, and 113 cities. You can turn around any corner and find the best liquidation stores in victoria Bc.

This franchise has more than 25 years of experience, strengthening relationships with several manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and investors. This has assisted them in establishing a very dependable rapport with their customers. Their only goal is to provide their customers with the best and smoothest shopping experience.

They have close tie-ups with global suppliers and even local artisans that provide them with high-quality items. Despite being a dollar store, they pride themselves on having clean aisles and displays.

Their price to quality ratio is incomparable. And the friendly customer service will make you feel almost at home. This is one of those liquidators Victoria where you will leave the store wanting more. 

McFrugal’s Discount Outlet

McFrugal's Discount Outlet

McFrugal’s Discount Store is one of those liquidation stores in victoria Bc, with a beautiful store and impressive customer service. From left-out stocks to refurbished items, it consists of everything that you would ever need. Some of their product offerings include furniture, lighting, office supplies, gardening equipment, accessories, hardware, and much more.

Besides this, they also have a lot of variety when it comes to stuff for pets and kids. Toys, swings, pet food, pet clothes, and a list go on and on. If you are looking for seasonal items and holiday products, you’ll find a bunch of items over here.

They also have the best discounts for those looking for day-to-day shopping. The store is open 7 days a week, from 9 am to 5 am on weekdays and 11 am to 4 pm on weekends. 

SCA Liquidators

SCA Liquidators is the home of all antique collections in Victoria. Their furniture, storage units, office supplies, home decor, and other items have some of the cheapest prices ever. Those people who bid on their products and buy from them easily get up to 70% off on most of its items. you have a great deals with this,liquidation stores in victoria Bc

The SCA Liquidators store gives a very rustic and vintage vibe, and their kind and personable staff make it feel like home. Whether you are planning to remodel your home, designing customized items, or doing an addition; their inventory will exceed your expectations.

Their personally compatible structures are exceptionally crafted with a long life. From start to finish, they believe in collaboration and you’ll surely find something you like.

Oak Bay Dollar Plus Store

Oak Bay Dollar Plus Store is an independent liquidation Canada store with an inventory that never goes out of stock. Their team has gathered expertise owing to their years of experience in this market. The store is filled with alleys and shelves stocked with endless items of all types.

Their inventory also consists of some uncommon items such as camping tools, pet supplies, garden supplies, etc. Their stock is a mix of brand new, used, surplus, returned, and refurbished items. Most of their items barely cost a couple of dollars, making it the perfect go-to place to shop for your everyday needs.  Their staff is friendly and helpful, helping you make the right purchase until the very end. 


We hope this list of liquidators in Canada, specifically liquidators Victoria helps you find the right store near your place. From Winnipeg liquidation to designer stores in Victoria, this had a bit of everything. We hope these recommendations help you save some extra bucks. If you find what you’re looking for, make sure to check our space for more helpful content!

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