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KABALI Movie Review – NERUPPU DA turns to be a just warm!!


Review by: Shreesha

The much touted movie of the year is out.. The decision of Rajinikanth to ignore experienced hands and surrender himself to a new age director sent shock waves and was welcomed with great anticipation.

Also was his long due gratitude to the producer who christened Rajinikanth first as the “Superstar”.

The teaser in itself was a “blockbuster” and the movie was waited with bated breath. What is in store KABALI?

Rajnikant - Kabali

KABALI is no great shakes as a story. The story is a simple revenge saga that has an underworld premise. With perhaps the “Biggest” star on board writer/director Ranjith carves out an incoherent script. His fight not to be overawed by the image of the super star and instead etch his signature comes out a cropper. The director’s concentrated efforts to pulverize the “appeal” of Rajinikanth works in patches, but the lack of a strong script and a tight narration backfires. The director’s short of experience is very evident in handling this genre. Though his focus on details and presentation is appreciable, the dialogues and scene constructions hang in vain.

The intermittent flashbacks hamper the flow and the situation where the first flashback is unraveled is absolutely silly.  There are hardly scenes that evoke a strong response. The subtlety that was anyway expected does not work as it is bereft of a strong foundation.

Rajinikanth, clearly looks like a (c)aged “Lion” in the movie. He begins with a roar and goes out in the end with a whimper. His controlled aggression and nuances in a light script looks totally out of place. Though he does bring out his old school act in a few scenes they are very scarce. At many places he just looks like an aged man going through his motions. Yet the movie entirely rests on his charisma. Radhika apte does her bit honestly. Dhansika is cool as the daughter and the others hardly have any strong presence in the script. Attakathi Dinesh dishes out a few amuses with his antics which are hardly laughable. The villains are caricatures out of a comedy channel.

The technical aspects in the movie get the nod. The cinematography sways according to the director’s requirements in keeping things low profile. The music except “Neruppu da” is a cool breeze. The back ground score as demanded gets the silent soft treatment. The costumes are well cut and the art direction pretty impressive.

Ranjith’s conflict with the image of Rajinikanth pulls KABALI down. It is worth wondering why name the movie “KABALI” when there are hardly any “KABALI” moments.  It could well have been “Tamil Nesan” which happens to be another character in the movie. The dialogues are barely functional and Rajinikanth hardly talks. Even the much talked about “Magilchi” is as cold as you can get.

Ranjith would have deserved a bigger applause had he refused the offer from Rajinikanth, instead in trying to balance a more Ranjith and less Rajinikanth movie he fails to do justice to both. Sadly Rajnith lets Rajinikanth and himself down in “KABALI. . Ironically it’s the less Rajinikanth that works in the movie. If only the movie had half the “Nerruppu” of the teaser… Save for the first few minutes ‘KABALI” just about tries hard to remain warm.

KABALI – unDONe !!

KABALI Movie Review & Rating by Shreesha: 2.75/5

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