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10 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Channel in 2021


We are living at the peak of the digital era. As such, regardless of whether you work full time, what profession you are in, and what your field of expertise is, you can pursue your passion via digital media. Being online, you can not only fulfill your passion, but also earn an extra income as a side hustle. Nowadays, most social media platforms support monetization, in the form of ads, sponsored posts or a partner program.

Out of a number of social platforms, YouTube is the oldest favorite among digital content creators. With YouTube’s monetization program, thousands of creators are earning by doing what they like. However, like everything else in the world, earning from YouTube is not as easy as it sounds. To monetize YouTube videos, your channel must have real and active subscribers and a minimum number of watch hours.

Now, this could take years to build even if the content you deliver is top quality. But, do not let this stop you from making some extra bucks from your YouTube videos right away. Check out the following the best sites to buy YouTube channels that will make your videos eligible for monetization straight away:

Here is the list of 10 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Channel:

Audience Gain

Audience Gain - best sites to buy youtube channel

Audience Gain is one of the top providers of YouTube marketing services. Here, you can buy YouTube channels that are eligible to make money instantly. These channels are tested for quality by their team of experts. As such, they do not cause any copyright claims or community strikes. When you buy a YouTube channel from Audience Gain, you will also get a free Google AdSense account based on your country. Further, these channels fully support changing of niche and also, AdSense account niche to suit the type of content that you create.

A monetized YouTube channel from this provider comes at a one time price of $619 with super fast delivery. Their services are also backed by support to devise a strategy to quickly surpass your competitors on YouTube. If you do not want to buy a monetized channel created by someone else, you can also make your own channel eligible for monetization. You can buy 1000+ subscribers and 4000+ watch hours to get the recognition for your content. With Audience Gain, you are truly signing up for an effective YouTube marketing strategy.

Eazy SMM

Eazy SMM - best sites to buy youtube channel

One of the best sites to buy YouTube channels, Eazy SMM is the premium digital marketing specialist that you need. It offers monetized YouTube channels with real and active subscribers in a niche that suits your content. This YouTube marketing provider builds YouTube channels themselves from scratch. These channels become eligible for monetization through social media and exchange networks to get real viewers and subscribers on YouTube. In this way they fulfill YouTube’s requirements of 1000+ subscribers and 4000+ watch hours through authentic promotions.

From here, you can buy YouTube channel that is eligible for monetization at a fixed, one time price of $339. All these channels come with a popular niche such as VLOG, entertainment, education etc.. However, you can modify it to suit the USP of your content. With 100% genuine and high quality content and audience, Eazy SMM provides YouTube channels that fully comply with the platform’s terms of service. This means that you need not worry about community strikes or copyright issues. After placing an order, you will get your monetized YouTube channel in just up to 12 to 48 hours.


PlayerUp - best sites to buy youtube channel

PlayerUp is one of the most sought after, and trusted sites when it comes to buying quality YouTube channels. Unlike other YouTube marketing services, PlayerUp does not deliver YouTube channels that they build themselves. Instead, it is like a marketplace where real YouTube creators post their channels for sale. Therefore, one advantage when you buy YouTube channels from PlayerUp is that the channels are fully credible and authentic. This means that they would have active subscribers and legitimate views.

At PlayerUp, you can use multiple filters to buy YouTube channels that precisely match your requirements. Some of these filters include, number of subscribers, niche, monetization status, whether the seller is an original owner, user feedback and many more. With these advanced filters, you can get exactly the type of channel and the target audience that you are aiming for. Prices to buy YouTube channels at PlayerUp depend on the seller and channel specifications. Hence, they vary from channel to channel. So, you will really have to explore their website to get the one that suits both, your budget and your content.


Trustiu - best sites to buy youtube channel

Another YouTube channels marketplace, Trustiu is where you should head for safest digital bargains. From YouTube channels with just a few subscribers to the channels that generate a revenue of thousands of dollars monthly. At Trustiu, you can buy it all at competitive prices. Further, they provide a range of niches of YouTube channels that you can choose from. Be it gaming, fashion and beauty or entertainment, this provider sells YouTube channels for all niches of content.

What makes Trustiu unique is that it offers YouTube channels in different languages as well. So, you can buy YouTube channels in Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish as well among others. You can also filter among a vast variety to pick out the most relevant YouTube channel based on start date, monthly revenue, price, language, monetization status and so on. Prices for buying YouTube channels from Trustiu vary depending upon the seller and are comparatively more expensive than other YouTube marketplaces.


Fameswap - best sites to buy youtube channel

Do you want to buy YouTube channels that are trustworthy and worth spending your money on? Then, without a doubt, head to the most preferred YouTube marketplace. Here, you can buy YouTube channels to make your content reach across to an existing, authentic YouTube community. Further, this audience is a global fanbase that gives worldwide visibility to your YouTube videos. Whether you are a YouTube creator or a media agency who wants to use YouTube for branding purposes, Fameswap has you covered.

From this marketplace, you can buy YouTube channels based on the number of subscribers, and price. You can also see featured channels and recently added channels on their website. Further, they provide YouTube channels in various niches – fashion, sports, entertainment, and even faceless brands at affordable costs. All the YouTube channels that you buy from Fameswap will have real and active subscribers, who will continue to increase your watch hours. Moreover, with Fameswap, you can make use of a secure messaging platform to directly contact the seller and even negotiate.

Accs Market
best sites to buy youtube channel

A quick and secure social media marketplace, Accs Market is a trustworthy way to buy YouTube channels. Here, you can get genuine YouTube channels created by actual YouTubers which are now available for sale. It allows you to securely set up a deal between a seller and yourself to get a YouTube channel with real subscribers. As such, the prices here vary from channel to channel and seller to seller. Be it movies and music, gaming, celebrities or lifestyle, here you can buy YouTube channels that perfectly match your content type.

Moreover, you can use a range of filters to find the best match. You can filter YouTube channels by subject, number of subscribers, price, creation date, income generated and more. You can also select whether the YouTube channel has monetization enabled, has a verified identity or has verified listings. With safe transaction methods and rapid delivery, Accs Market is the ultimate destination if you are on the lookout to buy YouTube channels that make a difference to your presence on social media.


Lenos - best sites to buy youtube channel

Start making money right away by buying monetized enabled YouTube channels from Lenos. With this provider, you can get niche optimized YouTube channels with 2000+ subscribers and 4000+ watch hours. Further, apart from the YouTube channel, you also get access to numerous add-on features. These include, a channel website, original niche related videos, quality banners and graphics as well as organic promotions. Also, these YouTube channels will already be AdSense enabled.

From Lenos, you can buy a monetized YouTube channel at a price of $669. After making a purchase, you will become the primary owner of the channel. Then, you can choose to post your own content or get free content for YouTube included in the Lenos package. Totally safe and secure, Lenos takes about 2 to 3 weeks to get approval for monetization after you pay for the services. Plus, if the channel does not get approved, you will get a complete refund.

Eazy Viral

Eazy Viral - best sites to buy youtube channel

Just as its name suggests, Eazy Viral is the easy way for you to go viral on YouTube. They offer packages to buy multiple YouTube channels that are monetized. These channels are already approved for monetization and so, you will not be required to follow any additional steps to get approval. It comes with an included Google AdSense account and supports easy niche changing. Further, the channels are 100% legit and there is absolutely zero possibility of violating YouTube’s terms of service.

From Eazy Viral, you can buy a monetized YouTube channel at $290. You can even buy more than one monetized channel with prices going up to $1100. All the subscribers and viewers on your channel will be real looking YouTube users and will actively engage with your videos. Hence, they will also ensure that your further videos become eligible for earning, besides generating passive income from the content that is already there. After purchasing a channel, you will be its sole owner. Therefore, you can start making money right away through ads, or by selling merchandise.

Static King

Static King - 10 best sites to buy youtube channel

Static King is one the best places to buy YouTube monetization services. If you are someone who wants to live off completely by creating content on YouTube, you must surely try this provider. It brings authentic YouTube traffic from actual YouTube users to promote a channel. This traffic then, becomes your regular viewers and makes your videos eligible to earn through ads, etc..  Further, this traffic will come to the channel from a worldwide audience. So, your content could get global visibility.

The price for buying YouTube channels from Static King is $616. These channels will already have the minimum number of subscribers and watch hours necessary for enabling monetization. After completing your order, your YouTube channel will get delivered in 10 to 30 days. From Static King’s YouTube monetization services, you can boost your content’s organic reach right away and generate revenue for funding your business.

YouTube Fame

YouTube Fame - top 10 sites to buy youtube channel

One of the best providers of YouTube monetization services, YouTube fame is the one stop platform for becoming famous and making money from YouTube. However, they require you to upload 60 minutes worth of YouTube video content, in order to be able to purchase monetization. If you do have videos to upload on your YouTube channel, you can buy YouTube monetization in the form of 4000 + watch hours and 1000 + subscribers from this provider.

YouTube monetization packages from YouTube Fame come at a price of $136. This package is ideal for YouTubers who are just beginning their YouTube journey and are on a limited budget. After purchasing this package, your YouTube content will instantly become eligible for making money. After buying a package, you will get your YouTube channel within 15 to 20 days. With a dedicated subscribers base, and authentic engagement, YouTube Fame does precisely what it claims. That is, helping you to fame on YouTube.


So, what are you waiting for? Get your own YouTube channel from some of the best sites to buy YouTube channels and start making money right away. Buying YouTube channels ensures that all your content gets its due attention right from the start. When you buy a YouTube channel that is enabled for monetization, you get access to a dedicated subscribers base who eventually become your regular viewers. With these subscribers to back your content, your channel will expand organically in reach. Therefore, it will only be a matter of time when you become popular on the platform. Meanwhile, you can continue to make extra bucks in order to keep pursuing your passion on YouTube.

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