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Top 5 Wholesale Liquidation Groups on Facebook (2022)

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The liquidation business is an important concept. People in the trade business, marketing, and commercial world rely on these goods to stock their stores. It is the process of clearing out old assets and discharging liabilities in concluding the affairs of a business, estate, etc. It is the process of converting securities or commodities into cash. Liquidation not only provides timely cash to the organization for short term and long term use but also facilitates the use of other resources.

Today, in the days of social media many companies and websites are helping users to access and gain liquidity of their assets. These sites have great options and various options to help the users to solve their excess inventory issues. Facebook, which is regarded as the largest platform for connecting people from different parts of the world consists of many groups to help the users gain valuable sourcing information!

There are certain groups along with pages which deal with this kind of management. Today, in this article we discuss a number of  Wholesale groups that help the users find exclusive liquidation deals. They provide exclusive offers and deals that enable re-sellers to make huge profits. These groups are described as the best when it comes to Wholesale Liquidation.

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Here’s The List Of Top 5 Wholesale Liquidation Groups On Facebook:

1. The Liquidation Group (TLG)


TLG is a private sourcing group used by the largest retailers in the world who are looking to offload specialized truckloads and deals which are not available for public disclosure. This opens big opportunities for retailers and online sellers who want to expand their business with unique merchandise.

TLG is home to new suppliers and buyers every day. Here, the retailers liquidate the goods and provide the best-priced deals. These deals are very rare and are available on this group only. The seldom deals along with proper management of other stuff define the importance of this group.  While many groups are full of middlemen- TLG is host to many truckloads that you cannot find elsewhere. Offerings such as- Electronics, Home Goods, Appliances, Toys and more.

The companies in this group are of the highest caliber, so you aren’t talking to middlemen but rather the main supply source for the items, this means you are getting the lowest prices. The companies are big and their offerings are of the best quality.

2. Shopify Dropship

The Shopify community has given entrepreneurs a special platform to display and offer their products to the users. Many big suppliers and online store owners are a part of this group. The recognition of the group is famous. The group works on the basis of professionalism. There is no spam or fake messages and offers.

These things gain the overall trust of the users and make an efficient group. This group is geared towards independent Shopify store owners who are looking to make quality relationships with suppliers all over the world. Everything from drop-shipping relationships to premium merchandise by the pallet.

There are over 23,000 active members across countless countries, this is a great place to learn and expand your business online. The growing, as well as the established suppliers, have made this group a must try and has raised the efficiency of their working.

3. Ebay Thrifting Sourcing Resellers Group thrifting sourcing resellers group

Brilliant and efficient companies, along with extremely attentive buyers make this group very different and efficient in its own way. Ebay has always been a platform of selling and reselling.

This group gives the total opportunity to you to discover the best deals. Also, creating your business by means of this website is a perfect idea. You can learn and earn simultaneously. From establishing an eBay store to sourcing products, this group covers all thing resale.

It’s a great resource for beginners looking to get tips and tricks on the industry and also to find special one-off liquidation deals such as small lots of clothing, toys, electronics and more. The wide range of products offered attracts the buyers. The members of the group are polite and courteous with no spam. Boasting 13,000+ members, it’s definitely one to checkout.

4. Shopify Ninjas

Shopify Ninjas Group

With 80,000+ members, Shopify Ninjas serve as a perfect platform for reselling. The group is a great source for liquidation. The group is highly active and has pure content and offers.

The members are generally well-recognized sellers. You can come into contact with big suppliers. You can check out brilliant deals and offers and can certainly buy stuff. The suppliers and professionally and are registered, therefore there is no source of faking or spamming any deal.

While not purely a “product sourcing” group; it can be a treasure trove of liquidation deals if you know where to look. Everything from shopify tips and tricks, to refining your drop shipping systems, this is a great place to expand your relationships with suppliers from across the world.

5. Product Sourcing 101

Product sourcing Group

Product Sourcing provides huge amount of resellers along with many recognized sellers. They give wholesale inventory to the buyers to choose from.

The group is professional and only to-the-point content is posted on it. It has more than 20,000 members. This group is one of the original liquidation groups; however its age doesn’t mean it’s the best, the problem with this group is that many if not all of the companies featured may have paid some form of a “sponsorship fee” to be featured which makes us wonder if they are simply paid ad’s or actual quality liquidation companies.

We also found too many middlemen and not enough direct sources. This problem needs to be solved if the group wants to increase the members. The cause of confusion should be eradicated.

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So, these were the top five groups on Facebook that provides great sources of buying from the top sellers. These groups serve as a great platform to get the right products from the right sources. The reselling serves as a great source of liquidation. Also, an individual can definitely get into proper business using these pages to his/her advantage.


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