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17 Best Spotify Bots for Plays, Likes & Followers (2024)


Spotify is one of the top platforms for streaming music. Many people across the globe agree that Spotify is the platform for upcoming as well as established artists. Gaining popularity on Spotify can help you become a top mainstream artist in the music industry. The impact of Spotify cannot be undermined. Gaining popularity is made easier through the use of Spotify bots.

These bots help you to get past any hurdle you face when you are trying to become famous on the platform. Spotify boys can help you improve plays, have more followers, and much more. Many famous artists use these services to give themselves an edge over their competition. Among all of the different bots available, we have tried to find you the best ones.

We have listed down some of the Best Spotify Bots You Can Use


Viralyft - spotify bots

There are many companies that you can go to when you want to get good social media management services. Spotify bots are easy to purchase but you have to be sure about the site you use to buy these services. Hen you go to buy these services you want to use only the best companies in the business. Among all of these companies, Viralyft provides great results. They are a company that knows Spotify and the various related services inside out.

They have been delivering the best services over the years and are one of the top options when it comes to buying Spotify bots. The company has one of the most comprehensive lists of services in the industry. Their website allows you to buy services to help you with everything related to Spotify.

They have categorized the uses of all of their bots. This helps you to choose the best ones for your particular needs. Viralyft knows what are the different aspects of Spotify that artists want an improvement and their bots are designed to deliver their services as quickly as possible and without any complication.

You can buy any services you want from their website within minutes. The company has different levels of quality for its products. Yi can choose to use the regular quality bots or upgrade to the more premium version. This helps you to get the best services for your account and meet your targets. This company has been trusted by artists around the world. Their packages for various social media sites ensure you have their help through all segments of your journey in the music industry.


ViewsExpert - spotify bots

ViewsExpert has some of the highest quality Spotify bot. Their bots are so good that you cannot differentiate between a real play or follow compared to the ones done by the bot. Their services ensure you do not get caught by Spotify. The company understands that you need credibility to have a lasting music career.

Thus they ensure none of their services harm your credibility. You can become one of the highest-rated music artists on Spotify with their services. They have bots for plays and followers. Both of these bots are great at helping you make an impact in your career and get the best results.


 SocialPros - spotify bots

Professional services for Spotify are not far away when you have the support of SocialPros. This company has been delivering amazing services to their clients for a long time. They have tons of clients who appreciate their services and have left them with good reviews.

Due to their Spotify bots, they have a huge list of clients who keep coming to them whenever they need help with their accounts. Their Spotify bots have made them one of the most used companies. They have good price ranges which facilitate all budgets. You can accelerate your career in the music industry by using their services.


UseViral - spotify bots

Only a few companies have managed to perfect their bot to the level at which this company has taken it. There are only a few companies that provide you with such a well-built bot. This bot is one of the most advanced ones in the industry. The company has spent several years making and perfecting this bot. Their bot ensures that their clients get the desired results every time. They have a catalog of all the items you could want when it comes to Spotify.

It use separate bots to help improve the different aspects of Spotify as it gives better results. They have gradually become one of the most used services in the business. The company strives to keep improving its offerings and get the best outcomes. You overcome any difficulties which you are facing when trying to grow on Spotify. The Spotify bots offered by the company help you to establish yourself on Spotify and improve your career in the music industry.

Their services are excellent when you want to beat the algorithm. With their Spotify bots, you do not have to worry whether your song gets picked up by the algorithm.  They have various bots available for you to purchase and assign to your account. The bots have different prices as well.

They have kept affordable prices which ensure you get good services at a price that you can afford. There is hardly anything which this company cannot help you with. You can boost your presence on Spotify by using their services. You are assured to have results that please you and satisfy your need for a Spotify bot. They are a company who have the required facilities to help you achieve any target you set for yourself on Spotify.


FollowerUp - spotify bots

We wouldn’t be wrong to call this company the masters of Spotify services. This company is one of the most versatile ones on the market. They have bots and services for all social media platforms. You will even find services for social media platforms that you did not know existed. They have had a keen focus on developing their bots for music promotion. Due to this their Spotify bots and Soundcloud bots are some of the best that are out there.

This company can help you create and expand your presence on Spotify at a rapid pace. Their bots are great at the jobs they do. They like to ensure their customers get the best service. The company has customer support which is always ready to help you out with any issues or problems that you might be facing. Their services make it easy for you to see considerable progress in your music career. You just have to select the bot and your order quantity.

The rest of the work is carried out by their team. They ensure that your services reach you within the delivery time promised by them. They are a company that has been relied upon by thousands of artists and managers in the world. You should try out their services and see the amazing results firsthand.


Venium - spotify bots

The internet is filled with tons of sites that sell you Spotify bots. One major problem with those companies is that many of them fail to deliver upon the promises which they make. These companies will be sure to disappoint you. Venium on the other hand is a company that delivers on all of the promises made them. They sell Spotify boots and other social media services through their website. The company has some of the most affordable packages in the business.

Throughout its many years of operation, the company has been maintaining the commitments they have made to its clients. They have high-quality standards and all of the Spotify bots they sell to meet those standards. They aim to provide their customers with nothing but the best for their Spotify accounts. This company understands the needs of each Spotify account are different and thus they have created bots with various order quantities.

They provide a safe experience to all of their customers and help them boost their stats. After using the services of this company you will have better rankings on Spotify and your account will have more popularity. This company will not disappoint you if you allow them to work with your Spotify account.


PlaysWiz - spotify bots

There might be times as an artist when you might be stuck in your career. Many artists face such a blockade at the beginning of their careers and decide to quit. While this phase can be a very annoying one, we have a solution to it. Using the services of PlaysWiz can help you navigate through this. They are one of the top names when it comes to digital marketing and services for music sites.

They have spent a lot of their resources developing amazing Spotify bots which give you amazing results. Many artists have used their services to get past this initial phase and advance their music careers to the next level. While their services are effective the cost of their Spotify bots remains low. Their services will give you good value for money and meet the expectations you have from their Spotify bots.

Social Viral

Social Viral - spotify bots

Social Viral is a company that will meet any challenge which you throw at them. They are experts when it comes to growing your accounts using Spotify bots. Their bots are active 24/7 and deliver promising results. You just have to select the bot which you feel is suitable for your account and your account starts to receive the boost. Social Viral has been along for a long time and has all the qualities of a good social media services company.

They have multiple packages at multiple price points. This helps you to choose the order quantity which is suitable for your account and affordable for you. Their Spotify bots can understand the complexity of each account and help them reach new milestones.


StreamDigic - spotify bots

StreamDigic has been a company that deeply cares about the services they provide to its customers. They have services and bots fr all social media platforms but focus on Spotify and other streaming services. Their Spotify bots increase your visibility on the platform. You will find more people finding your music and checking it out.

Many a time Spotify prevents you from reaching the masses. The Spotify bots provided by this company help you to take your songs to your target audience. They will boost your stats which will increase your reach on the platform. Their services will be beneficial for your music career and you should check them out.

Sides Media

Sides Media - spotify bots

With Spotify bots starting as low as $3. This company has everything you need to establish your music career through Spotify. The company has tried to offer its clients some of the most affordable options in this range. Their company has tried to get their customer some of the most affordable pots in the industry.

Their prices ensure you do not go broke while trying to boost your Spotify account. They have bots for monthly listeners, follows, playlist follows, and plays. This company can help you set a course towards success with the use of their Spotify bot.


Somiibo - spotify bots

Somiibo is one of the Spotify bots which takes control of the needs of your account. They are an automation bot that can add any service you want to your account. What makes them popular is their ability to get a new audience. They will ensure your music reaches people who are interested in it.

These Spotify bots have been very popular in the music industry. You should use them to check their effectiveness for yourself. They will help you reach your goals on Spotify and in the music industry. With their bot, your growth gets automated. You do not have to worry about your growth as the entire job is taken up by their bot.


Jasaseo - spotify bots

Jasaseo is a company that the majority of people know about. This company has a huge range of services but their Spotify bot take the crown. The company only gives you the best results. They have done their research into the music industry and have developed a bot that can take you to the next stage in your career. They probably have the largest range of services which has led to increased demand from their clients. You can visit their website to find the multiple bots they have for you.



Socioblend is a great company to help expand your fanbase. This company has been dealing with services for many social media sites and has recently started providing services for Spotify. Their Spotify services have found a great reception among their clients.

You can use their Spotify bot to select the number of plays, artist followers, playlist likes, and other things you want for your account. They take into account the user trends and have used them to make their bot better. This means you get a seamless experience when you purchase services from them.

Artist Booster

Artist Booster

Artist Booster is a company that was made to help artists all over the world gain an advantage in their field. They solely work with artists to improve their standings in the music industry. They combine their experience along with the efficiency of their Spotify bots to create a complete package.

You will be stunned by their services. They ensure that only top-quality services are provided to them. They want to help their clients become successful and their Spotify bots help them do this.


SongLifty helps you with music promotions on Spotify through their Spotify bots. This company has the unique feature of geo-targeting. You can choose the regions from which you get your plays and followers when using their bot. This is a great way to get a larger number of your targeted audience to your Spotify account.

Among all of the companies that are out there, SongLifty has been delivering consistent results. They also have a customer service team that is always helping you with any queries you have. overall, they are an excellent company for Spotify promotions and can help you advance your career.

AIO Stream

Founded in 2017, this company helps you gain organic plays, followers, and more. This company was created to have an all-in-one tool for the music streaming platforms. Whatever platform you choose, they have bots that can help you gain recognition in them.

The majority of their customers have preferred to use their services over that of their competitors. You can inspect their services by downloading their application. This company has taken the effectiveness of Spotify bot to a completely new level. You should try out their services as they aim to surprise you in a good way.


The list we have created contains the best options you will find in the industry. Many companies make huge claims but hardly manage to deliver upon them. These companies have a great reputation for delivering great services to their customers time and time again.

These companies keep trying to improve their bots and other services to retain their position as the top companies in this segment. Once you place an order with these companies, you can expect it to be delivered within the given timeframe and without causing you any issues.

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