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Social Sensei Reveiw – Instagram Influencer Marketing Agency (2021)

Social Sensei Reveiw

Social media marketing has seen a great deal of popularity with the dawn of increased user accounts. And the popular Instagram app is no stranger to this. But getting dedicated followers who engage and attribute to your success is no cakewalk.

Despite creating good content, posting frequently, and trying to engage the audience, a few accounts do not get the fan following they deserve. While Instagram strategies and techniques definitely work, frozen accounts deserve a bit more than mere strategy. But going beyond strategies do not in any way mean getting automated following or bot followings.

A few ways have proven to be quite effective in giving your account the best engagement of all time, and tools or companies that deliver organic, real followers are one of the best ways.

So, here is a review of one such company, Social Sensei, which has been in quite the limelight due to its claims of getting you organic, real followers without any hook or crook.

Social Sensei got recognition for both its excessive bad reviews and then a rebranded product that is seen to work in a positive direction.

The rebranded product’s email campaign got a lot of enthused responses. The shortly narrated, tempting and captivating email, eagerly drew in people who were willing enough to give Social Sensei a second chance, and, here is why they do not regret it: –

Behind the Scenes

Social Sensei - Behind the Scenes

When people initially came in contact with Social Sensei, there guaranteed followers per month that too on a cost of minimal $0.12 seemed too good to be true. There are various different plans that can be chosen on the basis of need.

So as you decide to opt for their services by the end of this review, you will get the option of Global followers, USA, or an audience targeted exclusively on the grounds of an enterprise.

The follower rates after you sign up for the Social Sensei promotion skyrocket in a matter of days, even though the initial expectations are always too less than what you will get, and the retention rate is actually not much far from 80%. Hence, you get the most interested and engaging audience left behind to help further you maximize your business.

So, if you get about 3000 followers after choosing the Silver 3k plan, you get a guaranteed count of 2250 engaging followers that will stay, connect! But luckily, the Social Sensei Influencer Program is adept at its work that you will definitely get more followers than you thought, and hence more will stay back to be added to your success story.

Social Sensei Instagram Influencer Program

Social Sensei Instagram Influencer Program

The product works very efficiently and helps you get what you desire, and organically, too. But how does that happen?

The product is, actually, a series of steps that at end redirects to the first step, so you have a circle of events. You begin with paying for the product and giving your username. Fortunately, giving your password is not required! Hence, you will need not worry about your account getting hacked, banned, or any such issues.

Then all you gotta do is sit back and relax—no extra work required from your side.

As you finish giving your username, Social Sensei tracks a famous Instagram Influencer that works with the company and holds a giveaway. The Influencer then asks his/her followers to follow all the accounts they follow, one of which will be your account or simply your account as criteria to enter in the giveaway. So, as the giveaway continues, you get more and more people to follow you.

Here comes the retention rate. On the ending of the giveaway, many people tend to check the accounts that they were made to follow and then unfollow the ones that they deem not interesting. Here you will need to use some tactics to make the followers stay.

Firstly, track the country of the influencer that gave a shout out to your account. Naturally, most of the followers that come from this campaign will be from that country. Hence, begin modeling your account to look more relevant to the people of that country. Add highlights, stories, and posts in the language of the country or anything that might appeal and make the retention rate even higher. With a bit of work, you can beat all odds and get the most out of your Influencer program.

You get the Worth of Your Money

Social Sensei - Worth of Your Money

Social Sensei comes in many plans like the Silver 3k, Gold 5k, and Platinum 10k, delivering 3000, 500, and 1000 followers without fail. The price ranges from $299 to $999 per month. You can also choose between global, US low quality, and US high-quality followers. Then there is an option for enterprises where you get followers that are dedicated and lucrative.

Final thoughts:

The initial Social Sensei program was quite a disaster, but this one really surpassed all expectations. You get fast replies for your queries and a personal account manager to help you throughout the program!

With the new program, you get the worth of each penny and get Instagram followers to aid you along your journey of what you love doing. Thus, the new Social Sensei Influencer program is definitely recommended.

Social Sensei shows that hard work paired with smart work is the key to success!

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