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15 Best Crime Dramas Shows like Peaky Blinders (2024)

Best Shows like Peaky Blinders

We don’t blame you for getting restless while the next season of our favorite gangster show comes to life. In the meantime, you must be wondering whether there are shows like Peaky Blinders for you to enjoy. Well, fret on. We have fifteen of them.

Peaky Blinders is a show about the world of gangsters and crime. The Shelby Gang is at the centre of the story and they are all set building their empire in Birmingham. The setting of the story follows the period right after the Great War and the creators ensure they do justice to the narration, the costumes, the dialogues and the backdrops.

Viewers appreciate Peaky Blinders for not just its unique premise but also the brilliant performances. This might make you think it is very difficult to find any shows close to it, leave alone similar to it, in terms of quality and plot. We bring to you a list of 15 shows like Peaky Blinders that are equally lovable and gritty.

Here is the Best List of Shows like Peaky Blinders:



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Godless is one of the first names that come to mind when on the lookout for shows like Peaky Blinders. The story’s setting traces several decades back when compared to that of Peaky Blinders’. Yet, it is the gritty and violent portrayal of the vagaries of life in both shows seems to have a resounding impact.

For someone who is into period dramas, Godless is an intriguing watch. The show manages to capture beautifully the old times with the help of well-crafted sets and costumes. Besides, the actors’ grasping of the personalities of the characters they play is spellbinding.

Godless receives much applause also because of its portrayal of strong female characters because the story is set in a faraway land and a bygone era. The show is a must-watch for anyone who has loved Peaky Blinders. Unlike the British backdrop, the setting of Godless is in Western America. So, be prepared for some thrilling cowboy action and a seven-episode long spree.

The Making of the Mob

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In many ways, ‘Making of the Mob’ is the closest in rank when it comes to shows like Peaky Blinders. The recurrent themes of gangsters and their envious plots are fascinating to immerse yourself in.

The gang featuring in this show owns the credit for some even bigger scandals and treasures than their British counterparts. The fact that both the shows are based on real-life gangs adds biggies to their points table.

The Making of the Mob tells the story of a gang of Sicilian men who go on to build one of the most massive American-Italian criminal empires. The narrative style of the show is both drama and interview-based. This is what makes the show an even interesting watch.

Gradually, through its multiple seasons, the show charts the foundation and progress of the mafia gang led by Charles ‘Lucky’ Luciano. The X-factor of the show lies in the fact that it brings into picture insights from the former mob, the policemen, politicians and others involved on the ground. The thrilling premise gained such popularity that it aired a second season, ‘Chicago’ on demand.

Breaking Bad


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Vince Gilligan’s super hit action-packed drama has always been a rage, right from its premiere. Be it the intricate details with which the scenes have been designed, or the strong protagonist, everything about Breaking Bad is jaw-dropping.

Breaking Bad is perfectly befitting for a list of shows like Peaky Blinders, after all. Throughout the five seasons of the show, the plot and the characters kept the viewer hooked.

The show is one that talks about the life of the conventionally hated anti-hero. It managed to talk about both the dark and humane sides of the so-called baddies. This is something you don’t want to miss out on shows that are full of the typical good-versus-evil schemes.

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Animal Kingdom


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The Animal Kingdom is one of the most obvious choices when it comes to hunting for shows like Peaky Blinders. First and foremost, Animal Kingdom is based on a criminal family as well.

It follows the story of J who, after losing his parents, comes to stay with his distant relatives. Soon, viewers discover that this family of his deals in multiple criminal activities. Gradually, the orphan J is also drawn towards the world of crime and violence.

The Animal Kingdom has yet another point of similarity with Peaky Blinders. The protagonist is played by Finn Cole, who we see playing the role of Michael Gray in Peaky Blinders. Besides, the show has an equally interesting plot, twists and trysts for you to remain addicted to its fast-paced premise. Add the Animal Kingdom to your checklist if you are looking for shows like Peaky Blinders.



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The world of crime has its perks in the form of money but has its dangers to life as well. This is the story the widely popular ‘Ozark’ talks about. Marty Byrde is on an escape, with his family and himself to save, because he is trapped in an exposed money laundering scheme. Living perpetually in the dark shade of fear, the family comes to stay in Ozarks after leaving Chicago behind.

The premise of the show is grueling and so are the performances. There is no predicting what is going to happen in the very next moment on the show.

What is even more interesting is the fact that the heroes are criminals themselves; whether you like them or hate them is your choice. The criminal family must escape their killers at any cost. The chases and escapades are something that keeps your adrenaline rushing high.

Penny Dreadful


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Penny Dreadful is one of the most spectacular horror series to watch if you are looking for flavourful shows like Peaky Blinders. The setting of the story of ‘Penny Dreadful’ is Victorian England.

The story is laced with several recognizable characters from classic literature, like Dr. Frankenstein and Dorian Gray, which makes the premise even more interesting. Penny Dreadful makes one literally stick to the edge of their seats, thanks to the direction, background scores, and screenplay.

Viewers appreciate the show for being such a dark fantastical horror that captures a completely different era so beautifully. In these respects, it seems comparable to Peaky Blinders’ grueling theme.

The show already features three spectacular seasons and a spin-off to its credit. Just like a novel whose pages you cannot stop turning, Penny Dreadful offers such an interesting plot that can give you sleepless nights – binge-watching of course!

Bad Blood

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The internet does not boast of sufficient quality shows like Peaky Blinders, in its maze of love stories and humorous plots. Bad Blood happens to be an exception.

It is an extremely interesting tale of a mafia boss dwelling in Montreal, Canada. The show offers such details and insights from the lives of those involved in the underworld that you can barely wait for the next episode.

Vito Rizzuto has been finally released from prison, only to find his family and friends murdered. With an empire to build and several killings to be avenged, Rizzuto takes his enemies down one by one. The show stars Kim Coates, who is a popular face in this genre.

Bad Blood is replete with the portrayal of the dark lives of the mob. The depiction is very realistic and the performances are commendable. The show is a must-watch for anyone looking for a thrilling ride through the world of mafia and dons and everything dark.



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Netflix is laced with some of the most enjoyable shows on the internet today, isn’t it? Adding to its master list is Frontier, which is a tale set in the American-Canadian lands of the past. Another tryst with the dark phase humanity was witness to in the past; Frontier is set in the colonial times.

At the center of the story is a brooding anti-hero who must make his way out of the complexity and darkness around. Besides, who doesn’t want to see Jason Momoa at his machismo best? The show revolves around the fur-trade industry prevalent in Canada of the 1700s. Don’t get fooled here – the show still involves a lot of violence, grit, and drama.

With the theme of harming others to get to the top of the business being relevant even today, Frontier makes for a must-watch. If you are looking for shows like Peaky Blinders to indulge in, Frontier is an undoubted choice.

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Sons of Anarchy Sons of Anarchy.drama

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If you have loved Peaky Blinders, we assume a show full of suspense, twists, and cliffhangers is what sails you. Sons of Anarchy is going to be the perfect choice to add to your watch list in such a case.

Kurt Sutter’s Sons of Anarchy is a show about villains and their life stories. Despite all the illegal activities, the fights, and the frauds they are involved in, the show makes you realize how they do it all and much more for their families.

As the show proceeds, so does your adoration for the characters. At the center of the story is an outlaw biker’s club led by Jax Teller. The group deals in illegal businesses involving weapon trade, yet also protect their town against drug dealers.

Over time, Jax doesn’t feel like he is a fit in the group anymore, for he now questions the anarchy they maintain. For someone who has loved Peaky Blinders, the recurring themes of crime, treachery, and violence are going to resonate with Sons of anarchy.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

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If you have seen the posters, you might wonder whether the show deserves to be on the list of shows like Peaky Blinders. We recommend you watch the trailer immediately to answer that query.

Despite being a story of a glamorous private detective, ‘Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries’ has nothing delicate about it. The premise is strong and thrilling, the murders numerous and mysterious and the action intense and plausible.

The show is set in the same period as is Peaky Blinders if you are looking for similarities. The recurrent themes of crime and investigation also follow.

The Sopranos

The Sopranos

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The Sopranos is the story of Tony Soprano, who, like so many “villains” in real life is not that bad. In fact, the villain is who you root for in this show.

The show manages to blur between the good and the bad subtly, portraying the fact that even a mobster can be a loving, doting father, just like in reality. So much for anti-heroes, huh?

Tony Soprano is a mobster, involved in multiple illicit activities. He loves being the man people fear and the man who knows how to get things done.

At the same time, he never fails to stand by those who are loyal and dear to him. Packed with some stellar performances and a great script, this is one series you cannot afford to miss if you are into shows like Peaky Blinders.



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Taboo is probably one of the first names when thinking about shows like Peaky Blinders to watch. Tom Hardy is common to both the shows, which should make you immediately add this show to your playlist. Even if we keep him aside for a while, there is plenty of good reason to binge-watch this amazing show right now.

According to many viewers, Taboo is one of the most drool-worthy performances of Tom Hardy. The credit goes to his portrayal of a dark and brooding machismo who is indulged in violence, grit, and crime. It is particularly because of his explosive performance that we would recommend this gem of a show.

Taboo is a period drama that portrays the protagonist as a rough and rugged man who must fight the odds. The story is not as fast-paced as Peaky Blinders, we admit, but the characters and the rhetoric are things you cannot afford to miss. Watch Taboo if you have loved Peaky Blinders and you will not be disappointed.

Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul

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There are certainly multiple television shows to watch in the genre of criminal drama. Yet, nothing compares to the charm of Better Call Saul, spanning riveting situations and powerful characters. How intricately the show designs the lives of each character and beautifully interlinks them!

Besides, ff Breaking Bad features on this list of shows like Peaky Blinders, how can Better Call Saul to remain behind? The show that follows the story of Saul Goodman of Breaking Bad, is designed to offer a fresh peek into his life.

The plot captures his life before he turned lawyer for Walter White. The show brings on-screen some other memorable characters from Breaking Bad as well. This includes Mike Ehrmantraut, Tuco Salamanca and the notorious Gus Fring.

There is no reason to not love Better Call Saul if you have loved watching Peaky Blinders. As a prequel to the original Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul is the perfect choice to watch next. You can watch the first four seasons on Netflix.

Britain’s Underworld

Britain’s Underworld drama

Unlike all others on this list of shows like Peaky Blinders, Britain’s Underworld is not a drama. It is a documentary that aired on the National Geographic Channel more than a decade ago and is available as on online treat today.

Britain’s Underworld is not like any other documentary on crimes, mind you. This beautifully created show goes into the depths of the criminals, their stories, how they organized their crimes and why. Each episode is 45 minutes long and manages to capture some of the biggest names when it comes to Britain’s underworld.

While the Peaky Blinder’s Shelby Gang doesn’t find a mention, learning about similar gangsters, drug traffickers, robbers and thugs of the times gone by is interesting. Besides, not all of them have been completely vanquished. The show also portrays those who continue to haunt Britain to the day.


Aloof from the world of humor and mythology, some creators present beautiful out of real-life situations. There are some stellar shows on platforms like Netflix and Hulu that deal with crime, gangsters and dark historical periods. For those of us who incline toward such serious themes, Peaky Blinders is one of the best shows to relish in.

Yet, you might have either finished the series or could wish to embark on a different one before continuing with the next season. This is why we have tried compiling 15 of the best alternatives before you for Peaky Blinders. The gritty themes, stellar performances and brilliant direction are sure to blow your mind.

Besides, some of them are rooted in facts and real incidents. Let us know if you have any further recommendations to add to the list!

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