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15 Best Sci-fi Shows Like Altered Carbon To Watch In 2024

Shows like Altered Carbon

Altered carbon that premiered on Netflix made a huge hit as soon as it came out. This is because this was one of those series that conceptualized the distant future and the perks and the disadvantages too. Also with an underlying plot of mystery, shows like altered carbon is perfectly seasoned with all the ingredients of success. This is why altered carbon is now 3 seasons strong and has had a lot of plot twists with it.

If you’re completely caught up with the show and are left with the feeling of wanting more, then you’re at the right place. Today we are going to tell you about the 15 best shows like altered carbon that are equally interesting if not more and hence will have a huge impact on the type of entertainment you consume.

Here is the list of the 15 Best Shows Like Altered Carbon.


Babylon Movie Poster

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Babylon was initially thought of like a rip of the very popular series called the star trek released the same year. However, things turned out to be very different. Soon the viewers were thrown into a war including both earth and the shadows, which took over the entire Cineverse of the time.

Babylon was a huge commercial success, which brought into reality a lot of concepts that were missing in both star wars and star trek. By the time Babylon 5 aired, people were already interested yet exhausted by all the space odyssey movies of the time and hence it did not gain as much popularity.

However, the show was a great work of fiction nonetheless, that took you on a journey through the galaxy and beyond. This is why we highly recommend watching Babylon if you liked shows like altered carbon.


Picard Movie Poster

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Another one of the most popular shows about the universe and its nature is Picard. With the same guy that you would recognize as professor X from X-Men, Patrick Stewart does a wonderful job at keeping evil forces at bay. For those of you who haven’t watched the series yet, the show revolves around a dying man, named Picard who is supposed to be the savior of the galaxy and has done so for a lot of years.

But considering his age, he has to make a final journey across the galaxy to correct some wrongdoings, which will help him set his faults straight. However, he cannot trust the Starfleet to carry him safely across the darkness, which is why he gathers his own team for the same. Throughout the journey, he discovers a lot of his origin and how he came to be, which makes the show even more interesting.

And as every show’s ending, Picard does save the universe from hellbent alien races, which will give you that huge chunk of entertainment you were looking for. Unlike star wars and star trek, Picard has a very dystopian view of the universe, which is what gives it a unique element.

Time Trax

Time Trax Movie Poster

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Now, for the people who like the concept of time travel and its consequences, time Trax is a great show to watch. This show came around the time Babylon 5 was released but did not see a lot of critical or financial success as such. However, it still remains one of the best escapists show of the era, if you really get into it. The story revolves around 100 fugitives who escape jail through a time machine. This is why an inspector is sent in their pursuit 200 years back.

Most of the villains are as normal as the 20th-century individuals, but some have developed abnormal powers, which is what makes this show interesting. The detective has his AI partner and has to find these fugitives at any cost, without damaging the construct of the reality of that timeline. A very interesting show for anyone who liked shows like altered carbon and hence is a must-watch. We’re sure you will love the thrill and the little intricacies of this content.


Farscape Movie Poster

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Farscape is yet another popular show on the internet. This show has a lot of similarities and dissimilarities with the science fiction shows of the time but is also unique in its own way. Having an element of the “outsider” and the good and bad being ambiguous, Farscape is a must-watch. In this show, you will encounter an astronaut that falls into a wormhole that takes him to a galaxy run by authoritarian peacekeepers.

A lot of the things that happen there are very different from how things take palace on earth, which is what gives this movie a very fresh flavor. Also, there is a touch of romance in the film when the astronaut finds another human (humanlike) roaming around the universe and happens to go through a plot point.

Well, anyhow, the show is great enough to call for a movie which is more than enough to say that fans like Farscape. This is why we highly recommend watching the series if you have recently finished altering carbon.


Defiance Movie Poster

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Defiance is a very vague concept of the corners of space. In the distant future, where there is coexistence with alien species is present. This is where the main character named josh comes in. he has to maintain law and order in a lawless city and also has to investigate her adopted daughter’s connection to an alien cult.

Meanwhile, the inspector also has to keep the two richest families of the city from killing each other and hence has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment. With elements of humor, mystery, and even sci-fi, defiance is a good show to watch after altered carbon. This is because the concept is fresh and a lot is happening so you won’t be bored. If you liked shows like altered carbon, then you will definitely like defiance as well.

Black mirror

Black Mirror Movie Poster

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One of the most dystopian shows about the effects of technology on the world, the black mirror is an anthology series that will have you shook. With each episode being a standalone story, black mirror finds a very interesting way to keep the things connected seamlessly throughout.

This is done by a great narrative, screenplay, and direction, all of which make black mirror an epic show to watch. The show does get dark, so we would definitely not recommend it if you cannot take this level of ominous behavior.

But if you like shows with a dark inclination, then Black Mirror is the show for you. Also, you may find this show slightly depressing, so beware before watching it. But if you like such a piece of content, then we’re sure, you will love Black Mirror all the way. This is why we highly recommend watching black mirror.

The expanse

The Expanse Movie Poster

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Considered as one of the best science fiction shows of modern cinema, the expanse is a must-watch show if you liked altered carbon. This show revolves around the cold war between earth, mars, and space-born belters. However, the story takes an interesting turn when there is an introduction of an alien substance that both parties want to use for their benefit.

However, coming up with the fifth season is the best time to start catching up with the show, especially if you have missed out on the previous seasons. The expanse has been airing on amazon prime since it was canceled but is definitely a must-watch for people who like being imaginative about the space and hence have liked a train of series in that direction. This is why we highly suggest watching the expanse.


Westworld Movie Poster

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Well, if there is any show that brings out the reality of human nature better than a black mirror, it is definitely Westworld. Even though it’s a sequel to an existing story otherwise, Westworld is a great show to watch.

The story revolves around an amusement park in the distant future, which is populated by androids that are virtually indistinguishable from normal humans. The people who visit the Westworld are allowed to do as they please with the androids and hence reveal the true nature of human behavior.

Westworld hit its real popularity mark when people saw the sequel which was much better than the first part and has been one of the best performing sequels in the Cineverse. Overall, if you’re looking for a show that questions the concept of good and bad, then Westworld is the show we’d recommend to you. Overall, if you’re looking for a show that is interesting enough to keep you on the edge of your seats, Westworld is the one we’d recommend.

Lost in space

Lost in Space Movie Poster

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One of the best science fiction shows on Netflix at this moment, lost in space is a show that revolves around the concept of moving out of the earth and colonizing different galaxies. Lost in space is a show that features a particular Robinson family that is looking to colonize the Alpha Centauri solar system.

On their way to the destination, they are retaliated by a killer alien robot that sends them to a planet that is very difficult to survive on, they must find their way out of it before they die and have to start from scratch as a civilization, lost in space is now at its third season and will take you on with full interest if you like the shows along the same line. With great visualization and VFX, this definitely is a must-watch show.

The Orville

The Orville Movie Poster

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If you want to watch a funny science fiction show, then this is the name that comes to our heads. The Orville is essentially a show that is supposed to be a parody/ tribute to the very popular series called the star trek. In this show, the main character is a semi-washed-up prodigy who is given another chance at greatness.

This show takes you on similar adventures as star trek, but with much more humor added to the mix. If you’re looking for such a series, then the Orville is a show we’d highly recommend you to watch. With people who share the taste in altered carbon, the Orville is a great show to watch.

The 100

The 100  Movie Poster

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After hunger games, a lot of shows came out based on youth and teenage life in general. One such show that takes this concept and takes it to space is “the 100”. As the name suggests, this show revolves around hundred fugitive teenagers that are sent to the ravaged earth to see if it is still inhabitable. With a lot of backstory and history about the fugitives and a ton of twists and turns in the movie, the 100 is a great show to watch.

Carrying the idea of a post-apocalyptic world and merging science fiction to it, the 100 is a must-watch series if you liked altered carbon. It sure is dark at some points, but that is exactly what adds flavors to this story. The 100 is a great show to watch if you like to take a peek into the post-apocalyptic world or are interested in the teenage life of distant future humans.

Doctor who

Doctor who Movie Poster

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One of the longest-running shows on the list, doctor who is a must-watch if you haven’t had a chance to consume this beautiful piece of content yet. Doctor Who is a show that was started in the late sixties and ran for 26 years straight.

But was revived once again and now is currently on its 12th season. This show revolves around doctor who and his ever-changing companions who are journeying across the galaxies for adventure. This is a show that we highly recommend watching if you have any love for science fiction, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

Brave new world

Brave new world Movie Poster

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A brave new world is one of the most recent shows that has come out on Netflix and has taken the science fiction verse with a storm. Brave new world is a show that revolves around the concept of a collective subconscious which has a lot to do with how people lead their lives. In an attempt to create the perfect world a group of people comes up with an idea of an AI, that starts building a world of its own.

Named Indra, this AI has created a world with a very clear hierarchy which is also put to a test by a virus created by Indra itself. With a very similar concept to altered carbon about the classist view of the distant future, brave new world is a must-watch show.

The show uncovers how people revolt against classes even when they are not supposed to as they are provoked by a human, which is apparently called a savage in their world. Overall, this is a great show to open up your mind about the possibilities of the universe.

Stranger things

Stranger Things Movie Poster

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Stranger things is a show that is based on the nineties timeline which reveals a lot of US vs USSR action. Even though the show does not come out and say this explicitly, but there are underlying plot points that do hint in that direction.

This show revolves around a bunch of mutated children with a supposed superpower, among which Eleven is the prominent one. This show starts off with the disappearance of a kid named Will in another dimension, where eleven helps his friends find Will. this show has seen great popularity amongst the teenagers as this is one of the worst nightmares. So if you’re interested, we highly recommend catching up with this show.

Orphan black

Orphan Black Movie Poster

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If you liked the existential questions raised in altered carbon, then this show will definitely interest you. Orphan Black is a show that has been aired for 5 seasons and revolves around a con artist that takes up the identity of a woman that looks exactly like her.

However, she soon realizes that she is a clone with a lot of clones spread elsewhere in the world. Finding the other clones, the group intends to find their origins, which makes up for seemingly interesting content for 5 seasons. If you liked the introduction, we highly recommend you to watch the entire series as it only gets interesting from that point. Much like altered carbon, this show will leave you in awe and hence is a great show to watch. 


The above-mentioned 15 shows are the best shows like altered carbon that we highly recommend you to watch. If you’re interested in how the cine verse perceives the objective reality, then these are the shows that we recommend you to watch. Obviously, you will find a lot of resemblance with the theme of altered carbon, with each show having its own uniqueness. Overall, the shows mentioned on the list are great nonetheless. Till then, keep scrolling!

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