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QQtube Review: Best Tool For Promoting Your Youtube Channel


If you are from one of those generations who saw the rise of internet from just a dial-in screen and very basic outlook to what it is today then you have a good idea about the impact YouTube has had on the online world. It is one of the most popular free video streaming and sharing platform. It was a game-changer when it came out.

Earlier, you could not make money off YouTube even if you had millions of views but now the platform has evolved and now many people earn their livelihood from this.

Currently, people earn money via Google ads if they monetize their videos and also many popular YouTubers are able to get sponsorship and brand deals to promote a certain service or product in their videos. This has made this platform one of the most competitive social media platforms as every day thousands of people try to make videos which can go viral or at least get a decent amount of views.

This has given rise to various companies who provide services to help you boost your growth on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many more and one of these companies is Qqtube which deals exclusively with YouTube.


Qqtube is one of the foremost social media service providers working with YouTube. They have been around for 7 years so maybe not much in terms of age but they have a lot of experience working with customers and providing them with possible ways to build a strong YouTube profile. Over the course of their inception the company has kept on changing itself and evolving with the changing needs and they are always looking to try new things to benefit their clients.

When you opt for their services they directly provide you with the services and there’s no middleman involved which makes the experience smoother and direct. They are always trying to provide a good quality service which is affordable and is delivered without much delay. They understand that social media platforms like YouTube are saturating so it is hard to get above the crowd. So, they try their best to provide you with the service standard you need.

Features of Qqtube

Features of Qqtube

When you are looking for a good social media service provider you need to look at the main features of the provider. This is what sets one company apart from the competitors along with the pricing of the services. The features should be useful as well as should be built with the customers in mind. You don’t want to work with a service provider which is difficult to interact with and is hard to reach. Qqtube has certain good features too which makes them unique in certain aspects. Let’s look into them.

  • YouTube Views: One of the most important things required to get yourself noticed on YouTube is the number of views that your video garners. It tells YouTube that people are watching your videos and thus it will be fruitful for them to make sure your video ranks higher. Qqtube understands this concept and has designed its services around this. They claim to offer the best quality YouTube views that you can get and also they have been delivering their own for some time now. This is very important as you should always choose an established provider who knows what it is that you need rather than some other inexperienced or unknown provider.
  • Variety of Services: Now, we all know that to get ahead in YouTube you have to have a good amount of views on your videos but there are other things that are very if not equally important as well. These being likes, shares, and of course, subscribers. You need a good amount of likes in your videos to make sure people know that your videos are good. Of course, there is no substitute for creative, innovative, entertaining and informative content but of course, people do tend to gravitate towards YouTubers who have that as well as a good number of views and likes on their videos. This is similar to subscribers. We recently had a sort of beef between T-Series and PewDiePie about who gets to become the most subscribed YouTuber. So, yeah pretty big deal. Qqtube also provides shares so that your video is shared across various social media platforms.
  • Website partnerships: As a company or service provider you have to make sure the transaction of business is smooth and if you need help doing that you should better get it rather than having choppy service. So, Qqtube works with some of the best companies to ensure that the delivery of their services is smoother and faster.
  • Good refund policy: Customer satisfaction is one of the most important pillars of a successful business. If your clients are not satisfied with your service then there will be negative propaganda and soon your I’ll loose your existing as well as potential clients. One of the best methods to guarantee customer satisfaction is to have a solid refund policy. The clients should feel at ease while using your services and should always be able to rely on you when things go back. A good refund policy helps a lot with that.
  • Customer Support: In the previous point we saw how a good refund policy can impact your business positively. Another important part of a good company or service provider is good customer support. You don’t want your customers to be at a loss when they have a problem. They should always be able to contact you if anything goes wrong or if they have a query. Qqtube guarantees 24-hour customer support along with their sincere promise to do everything in their capacity to solve the problems related to their services.

Services provided by Qqtube

Services provided by Qqtube

Now, let us look at the various services provided by Qqtube along with pricing..

  • Buy Fast YouTube views: This service allows you to buy YouTube views for your videos to get noticed. The price is $2.20 per 1000 views. So, if you need more views you have to pay the same amount and get the 1000 views. They have a good speed for the delivery of this service with around 10,000 to 20,000 views delivered per day.
  • Buy YouTube likes: Buying YouTube likes is another great way to get your video noticed and bring it to the forefront. The price of likes is $32 per 1000 likes. These are delivered at a rate of 50-500+ per day.
  • Buy YouTube subscribers: If you need to boost your YouTube cred and make more people interested in what you do and notice you then bumping up your subscriber count is a good idea. This service costs $44 per 1000 subscribers. The delivery is a slow steady rate of 50-100+ subscribers per day.
  • Buy YouTube shares: To get more views on your videos and bring more people to your channel you need buzz across as many social media platforms as possible. You can buy 1000 shares for $3.60. The speed of delivery for this service is 100,000+ per day.
  • Comment Likes: If you want likes for your comments the price is $30 for 1000 comment likes. The speed of delivery is 1000+ per day.
  • Buy SoundCloud plays: This is a good service for people who want to get some buzz on SoundCloud. You have to pay $0.10 for 1000 SoundCloud plays.

Qqtube Review

So, discussed a lot about the features of and services provided by Qqtube. Now, let’s see if it is worth it or not. One of the best things about Qqtube is their website. It is very minimal and you can easily work your way around the website. The packages are very simple to understand and there’s not a lot of them. It is just simple 1000 units.

They also have put up a sign claiming you can get free 1000 YouTube views for free without any credit card registration so that can be interesting to try out. But there are certain downsides too. There is not a single package deal which one can buy to get everything in one package.

You have to buy different packages for different services. Also, there are certain bad reviews regarding their claim of 24 hours service. They sometimes take time to reach back to you in case of any query or problem so if you need immediate support things might not work out for your always. If you are in dilemma you can check out other YouTube service providers on our site.

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