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10 Best Press Release Distribution Services Essential For All

Press Release Distribution Services

Before we dive into our list of the best press release distribution services, let’s try to explain what they exactly are in very brief. A press release service is a platform that sends your brand image through press releases to your intended target audience and various locations. Once your press release is distributed, it will show up in search rankings of most search engines, news sources, etc. This will give your brand more coverage as journalists can come across your press release when searching for releases connected to organizations and businesses. Now, with so many press release distribution services to choose from, how to settle on the best one? To help you make this decision,

we have curated this list of the best press release distribution services!



eReleases is one of the best worldwide press release services with over twenty years of experience serving advertisers all over the planet. This supplier has a wide range of journalists, businesses, and marketing channels well within its reach on a both – national and global level, which is the reason it’s one of our top picks.

eReleases press release conveyance offers three service bundles: Buzz Builder, Newsmaker, and PR Pro. The most basic plan is priced at $299 per press release, and it incorporates the dispersion of one press release to a set number of. More advanced bundles cost up to $499 per press release and give your news more extensive media coverage.

All eReleases bundles incorporate press release distribution services through PR Newswire and the Associated Press (AP) Newswire, the biggest and the most seasoned newswires. Likewise, this supplier will send your press release straight to columnists, reporters, and bloggers who are subscribers of eReleases. This implies your news is going to the right hands – to journalists who are generally intrigued by your marketed service or product. To keep a track of all the media that published your news, eReleases will also provide you with a WireWatch report.

EIN Presswire Review

EIN Presswire Review

In case you’re searching for a reasonably priced global press release distribution administration with a solid target audience, EIN Presswire is your best bet. The organization is essentially a part of the universally eminent online news monitoring company EIN News with a large number of viewers and many partner sites.

The least expensive plan that permits customers to convey a single press release costs $49.95. The restriction is that your statement should be limited to 700 words. It can then be put on the Presswire distribution framework. It’s indexed by all the significant search engines and advanced by the organization’s partners that are some of the best public release websites. Regardless of which bundle you pick, your delivery will incorporate a SEOed title and meta tags, along with a precise EIN Presswire distribution report. That way transparency is ensured and you can see what you are getting for your money.

The somewhat costlier Pro bundle of five official releases will cost you $249, with an almost negligible discount for every statement. Nonetheless, the Pro bundle subscribers’ base, and around 30 TV/radio broadcasts. Even though the organization incorporates nearly 30 broadcasters, the US press release dispersion cycle will ensure that your post discovers its direction to those stations that apply to your industry. Likewise, this bundle gives you the chance to use one picture for your post that can have a significant effect.

BrandPush Review


BrandPush is an Estonian organization set up in 2014. From that point forward, it has become one of the top press release conveyance services that offer global distribution of content. If you wish your release to rank higher on search, BrandPush will assist you with doing so by posting your release on its network. This is an incredible method to further develop your brand’s visibility and SEO. It can likewise assist you with acquiring your clients’ trust and drive sales.

You can pick among three BrandPush service packages: Starter, Plus, and Pro. The Starter bundle costs $195 per release. At that cost, your article will get distributed to partners of CBS, Fox, NBC, and USA Today, and in Google News. Moreover, you have ensured 200 news publications, an “As seen on” site Trust Badge, and a full report with live web links.

For the individuals who need an updated choice, this press release distribution services offers a Plus package priced at $229 and a Pro package priced at $259.



NewswireJet is still pretty new in the game but it has become rather famous through liberal offers and genuinely low costs. If you happen to be unfamiliar with the entire concept behind a press release, then NewswireJet gives you a short video presentation, clarifying each aspect of the cycle. NewswireJet has a very user-friendly interface that can be navigated even by beginners easily. That being said, the overall feel of the website is a bit clunky and bothersome.

With regards to NewswireJet service packages, the principal thing you need to choose is whether you want to go for a one-time payment plan or a month-to-month membership. A single news circulation service costs around $59. At this cost, you are ensured more than 250 Press release spots through significant search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing as well, along with numerous standard media sites. Once your release is completed, you’ll get a full report with live links so you can look at each one at whatever point you feel like it.

The two month-to-month memberships take into account 2 and 4 press releases each month with beginning costs of $110 and $200 respectively. The features offered are the same as those in the one-shot payment, so you can save some cash by going for monthly memberships.

24-7 Press Release Newswire

24-7 Press Release Newswire - Press Release Distribution Services

This is an accomplished organization that has been in the business for over 15 years. 24-7 Press Release Newswire is legitimately viewed as a standout amongst other press release services on account of a broad network of journalists, news sources, and a strong base of day in and day out newsfeed subscribers.

24-7 Press Release offers several packages to choose from all of which are explained in detail in their website’s pricing section. The most fundamental and least expensive one costs just $19 per release. The working of this service is not like a standard press release service. You make a press release and it gets transferred to the organization’s homepage along with one picture that you can choose. It offers great coverage for that cost since the site has more than 100,000 visitors, and your press release stays on the site until you decide to eliminate it.

You can track down the full distribution list on the site and discover precisely where your post will show up. Irrespective of the service bundle that you pick, you will get a definite report and access to analysis on how well your press release is performing.


iCrowdNewsWire - Press Release Distribution Services

iCrowdNewswire is a top-tier press release distribution organization and automated marketing stage that links its worldwide reach with exact geographic and demographic targeting. Established in 2015, the organization acquired footing only recently because of its incredible ReleaseLive distribution programming. Along with the standard press release distribution, iCrowdNewswire gives legal and real estate distribution administrations also. And since it is a marketing automation platform too, it also offers content and class action marketing.

One of iCrowdNewswire’s champion highlights is its intelligent audience targeting. Because of powerful publicizing innovation, you can target crowds by age, interests, country, ZIP code, or industry. This is limitlessly better than the mass-circulation plans offered on other sites. iCrowdNewswire assists you with reaching crème de la crème audiences like industry-trained professionals and investors. You will not be wasting any money and time on pointless clicks and engagement.

iCrowdNewswire offers you three plans to choose from – Basic priced at $250, Enhanced priced at $350, and Super Premium priced at $450.

Linking News

Linking News - Press Release Distribution Services

Linking News is broadly viewed as the best press release conveyance site on account of its huge network that incorporates over 32,000 distributions, 800,000 journalists, and more than 90 million social media influencers. With numbers, those high, does Linking News even need any special features? All things considered, in the field of journalism, the size and quality of your network speak for themselves.

The site is very sales-oriented yet in addition conveys a ton of valuable data. Directly from the homepage, you can look at the application process, see a list of channels where your release will be included, and get familiar with the organization’s practices.

The organization additionally offers white-label press releases. This implies that your press release shows up under your own independent brand name and doesn’t make reference to Linking News. This is an absolutely novel element as some of the top press release services frequently mention their own names for the releases. You can pick whether you need the white label alternative during the application process.

Linking News offers 5 different plans. The most basic plan costs 159$ and the most expensive diamond plan costs a bomb – $2,980! Rest assured it will be money well spent.


NewsWire - Press Release Distribution Services

With 10 years of administration to PR experts, Newswire is one of the top distribution organizations. It has tremendous experience in writing, editing, and delivering press releases. This organization dominates on account of its expert PR backing and easy-to-understand interface. You can smoothly embed logos, pictures, and videos that will make your story dazzling and head-turning.

Newswire offers quite a few distribution plans. All give both national and global circulation services, and you can submit various adaptations of releases for different audiences. Each time you present a press release, the platform will send you a precise report with a list of sites and news sources that are likely to publish your release.

The distribution of a single press release begins at $149 and goes up to $799. The base value covers a 500-word release with one featured picture. As the number of releases and audiences increases, so does the cost until you get to Digital Plus, which is a standout amongst other press release Newswire plans.


PRWeb - Press Release Distribution Services

Like PR Newswire, PRWeb is run by Cision. That implies this press release service is among the top rungs of the ladder in this field. PRWeb offers a variety of service bundles and payment options that allows you to have no word limit for your press release. The cost for one press release begins at $99 and goes up to $389. The final pricing depends on whether you choose the editing options and permanent storage on PRWeb.

PRWeb’s Basic plan incorporates sending your press release to significant web search tools, including Google, Yahoo! also, Bing. For established organizations that need more extensive coverage, the supplier offers the Advanced package. With the PRWeb Advanced package, your press release could be distributed to all significant web search tools, countless news sources, and designated industry outlets. This arrangement also makes your press release available to PRWeb’s subscribed journalists and bloggers.

Turnaround Time is a significant factor when looking at the sites that manage press releases. PRWeb acquires good grades around here: It distributes your release to papers and magazines within 24 to 48 hours after receiving it. If you are looking for an even lesser distribution time, you can go to PRWeb’s Web Influence and Web Power packages. These are considerably faster than their other plans.


GlobeNewswire-Press Release Distribution Services

GlobeNewswire offers the best press release distribution administrations to customers who are searching for worldwide coverage. In case you’re searching for quick online press release distribution to targeted audiences and locations, GlobeNewswire is an incredible decision. The organization offers an assortment of national and worldwide plans. Also, it sends news deliveries to subscribers in just 24 hours.

The US National package allows you to get out your release using major newswires and news sources, including Associated Press, CNBC, CNN, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, and Yahoo! Money. This press release package also distributes to news sources for any particular district in the US that you want.

Along with US dispersion, GlobeNewswire offers press release administrations across the globe. This supplier works together with the biggest European newswires – Agence France Presse, Baltic News Service, and numerous others. Your official statement could be dispersed all through Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa if you choose to. Most organizations don’t give multilingual circulation, but translation is a USP of GlobeNewswire administration.

This merchant gives a logical post-dissemination report as well. The report allows you to quantify the ROI of your press releases, check where your deliveries have been sent, and see the likely reach of your audience.

Their packages start at $100/release.


Keep in mind that using a press release service does not ensure that you WILL get media exposure and make it to the headlines. But what it does ensure is that you will reach your target audience and journalists, and that is a mean feat in itself. So make sure that you choose a service that will cater to all your needs, and your brand will be on its way to worldwide recognition!

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