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10 Best Movies Like The Eternal Sunshine Of Spotless Mind

Movies Like The Eternal Sunshine Of Spotless Mind

The eternal sunshine of the spotless mind is one of those movies that can come into the radar of a movie fan no matter what his or her genre is. It is a movie that provides a wholesome experience to the watcher and surprises him or her at the same time. This movie is created with the perfect blend of cinematography, acting, and story writing. The movie falls into the genre of romantic drama but there is much more to it than the genre tells. The movie also ventures off into suspense and thrill because of the storyline that it has. Watching a movie of this sort can be really helpful for a viewer who wants to get over the negative thoughts of a toxic relationship or wants to move on and have faith in love again. 

The movie is based on a couple that has been together for quite a long time but things have not been good lately. There are a lot of intense situations between the couple and they hate the idea of the relationship coming to an end. The movie has been able to portray realistic relationship issues no matter what timeline you are from. The main character of the movie is the man in this couple and the whole movie gives an idea about what all goes inside the mind of a man in such a long and romantically involved relationship.

Things start to take a turn when the couple decides to take a shortcut to get back together by going through the therapy of forgetting everything about each other and giving this relationship a fresh start. Talking further about the movie would spoil it for others but the movie is worth watching for all the teenagers and the adults who are into a romantic genre and the suspense too.

If you are already a fan of this movie then there is a whole bunch of other movies in the same category that can rattle your mind and make you get entertained and find a new perspective at the same time. Movies with a similar level of casting, story writing, screenplay, direction, and acting can be worth the watch for all the viewers. Thus the whole list of movies that one can try watching is ahead in this content. One can go through the list and find out if any of the movies suit him or her. 

Here is the list of the 10 Best Movies Like The Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind In 2022.



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Adaptation is not any other movie for the viewers who want to watch a romantic movie. It has a completely mind-twisting plot but leaves the viewers on a good note. The movie has great direction and the story moves with the pace that catches up with the mind of the viewer and lets the person get a whole new perspective. Some people may even call this movie weird halfway through but the things clear out towards the end. 

This Nicolas Cage starrer has been one of the most underrated movies of all time. The movie is about taking a look inside the mind of Charlie Kaufman who imagines a twin brother and has a hard time dealing with a bunch of things. The main character portrays some of the issues faced by the writer in real life and the story is about having a hard time adapting a book into a movie. The movie has a great screenplay and can be watched because of the cast itself. 

Lost In Translation

Lost In Translation - Movies Like The Eternal Sunshine Of Spotless Mind

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This movie is one of the gems in the romantic genre because it is subtle and portrays real life romantic situations and how the couple has to deal with various things. It is not any other usual couple story but has more depth to it than it shows on the surface. The movie is about the romantic entanglement of two people with a wide age gap and how things turn out between them. The movie has a subtle approach and has great cinematography too. This movie is portrayed partly in Tokyo too as it has a wide range of sceneries in the whole runtime. As said earlier, the movie is not so normal and has many small yet complex situations portrayed that a couple in real life faces too. 

It is starred Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson and they both portray this movie as one of the highlights of their whole career. Bill Murray plays the role of a movie star who is suffering from a mid-life crisis while Scarlett plays a teenager who has no idea about what to do with her life. The movie goes ahead with the two getting involved romantically and finding themselves in a dilemma. One of the key highlights about this movie is that it has a small exploration of the director’s romantic relationship with a fellow director. 

Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine - Movies Like The Eternal Sunshine Of Spotless Mind

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When it comes to the romantic genre, Ryan Gosling has been able to deliver a lot of masterpieces in Hollywood. No doubt that his acting has been phenomenal but the way his placement has been done into the movies is on another level too. Similarly, Blue Valentine turns out to be one of those jewels that Ryan is a part of. It is a movie that swiftly revolves around the romantic genre. It is not like another romantic happy movie from the era, it is a different yet more relatable kind of movie. The Movie revolves around the failures of a relationship and how once a hopeful relationship may come to an end. This movie is able to give a whole new perspective to the audience. 

The movie portrays a once completely happy and hopeful couple now coming to a conclusion that their relationship is failing and is on a downfall. It shows the real scenario of a relationship and things become awfully real at times. This movie has been able to jump between characters’ time periods as a couple to show how once they were in this perfect relationship and how things took a turn later on. The movie has excellent scriptwriting, direction, screenplay, and the best acting from both the lead roles. It is one of the masterpieces to watch if you are into the eternal sunshine of a spotless mind. 



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It is one of the strangest yet connecting kinds of the movie for the viewers to watch if they are into the genre of the eternal sunshine of spotless mind. This movie is an animated depiction of how a person is unable to connect with anyone around him and loses all his hopes. The movie more realistically shares the real time issues of finding the person for you. The movie has been excellently placed and it has been one of the most realistic motion dramas around the globe. Seeing the time it was released, it also speaks a lot ahead of its time in terms of the animation skills displayed. 

This movie is based on a customer service expert who is unable to connect with any person that he meets or is around him. He sees the world in black and white inside his mind and finds it hard to be able to share things with anyone. The movie has been filled with ironies too and the character shifts its perspective when he finds the right person. This movie shows the value of patience and the right person to just crack open a shell and reside right in. The movie is beautiful yet boggles the mind of the viewer. It is able to connect with the audience and change the perspective in a lot of ways.

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The Science of Sleep 

The Science of Sleep 

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Another mind-blowing movie from the director of the eternal sunshine of spotless mind turns out to be the science of sleep. This movie is on the lighter and more on the fictional tone when it comes to the portrayal of something real. The movie speaks to the audience of a newer perspective in a movie and thus has been able to make the viewers happy at the end. The director has done a fantabulous job incorrectly pacing the movie and showing a fine connection between the real world and the dreams of a person. The movie can also be judged to be somewhat quirky in terms of the story that it has. 

The main story of this movie is about the dreams of a couple and the way those dreams interact with the real life of that couple. The movie speaks softly to the audience and delivers a smile throughout. If someone wants to keep finding reality in a movie at all times, then this is not the movie for the person as it takes off the audience to some fictional things and then delivers a romantic yet innovative creation. It is not a movie like those contemporary romantic drama kind and it is the most special thing about this movie. It is definitely worth watching if you want to spend time watching something that soothes your mind and heart. 

The One I Love 

The One I Love 

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Being released in 2014, The One I Love mixes Sci-Fi with romance and actually delivers quite a great movie for the audience. It has been able to gather a lot of critic appreciation and has become one of the worth watching movies. The movie works out to be extremely new in the genre and shows things that actually seem real even when the movie comes from a fictional genre. The star cast of this movie has done a wonderful job in acing the roles and living the characters as the movie required. It is thus a great piece of art for the cinema. 

Mark Duplass and Elizabeth Moss starring The One I Love is about a failing marriage that gives its final try to revive things and find the love that they once had. The couple takes a vacation and goes to a strange estate to revive the fling that they once had, only to find out some drama of the estate and things taking some twists. The movie keeps on running with the interest of the viewers at peak all the time. The one twist of the movie takes away the minds of the characters in a blow and the audience is left stunned similarly. It is one of those movies that give shocks with their twists and the lives of the characters never stay the same. It is thus a great movie to watch on a weekend. 

500 Days of Summer 

500 Days of Summer - Movies Like The Eternal Sunshine Of Spotless Mind

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The novel-based love story has become a heartthrob of all the teenagers and young adults ever since the launch. The book was already the best seller because of the smooth romantic love story and the idea in it. The movie became a sensation because of the great acting and because of the excellent way the story from the book was adapted for the movie. It is not just a normal romantic movie but portrays the bad side of heartbreak and gives the viewers a complete experience of what a real life love story seems like. It surely does not portray a happy ending but has the perks of being in the category of worth watching for all the romantic genre lovers. 

The movie portrays this young boy falling head over heels for the girl named Summer and things go on smoothly and the relationship buds at its pace. But the things do not go at the same pace and the relationship goes on to have a hard breakup and it sends the guy into a depressed phase. The movie is more a portrayal of how things turn out in real life and this is definitely worth it for the viewers. 


Her (2013) - Movies Like The Eternal Sunshine Of Spotless Mind

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If you are a fan of new ways for romantic movies to blow your mind then Her turns out to be the movie just for you. With the most amazing star cast of Joaquin Phoenix and the voice casting of Scarlett Johansson, the movie actually portrays a weird yet amazing romantic story. The movie has been of the Sci-Fi yet romantic genre and is one of the most beautiful artworks of director Spike Jonze. The movie is not at all typical in any sense and it is the best thing about this movie for the audience and the critics. It is a great way to find out what love can really be like. 

The movie shows a guy who falls in love with artificial intelligence that resides in his own devices. Samantha, voiced by Scarlett, turns out to be this heart throbbing AI for the main character that makes him do different things in love. The relationship not being real at any point in time still shows a lot to the audience and even connects with them. It is a great movie for the viewers if they want to watch a romance that is beyond imagination for this time period. 

Stranger than Fiction 

Stranger than Fiction  - Movies Like The Eternal Sunshine Of Spotless Mind

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As the name of the movie suggests, Stranger than Fiction makes the users dive into the world of fiction along with the main character of the movie and delivers a wholesome experience to the viewers. This movie is able to give an idea about how fiction can connect with the real world and you can actually question the reality based on it. The movie is one of the best performances of the lead role Will Ferrell. Against his own genre of character portrayal, he actually does an amazing job giving life to the main character of the movie and gives his personal best at it. 

The movie shows a boring IRS auditor who finds it hard to deal with his own relationship. Things take a sharp turn when he finds himself disconnecting from reality and thinks that he is part of a book and more of a character in it. This makes his relationship even more complex. The movie also delivers a lot of laughs because of the comedy in it and the screenplay is done amazingly. The movie is thus great to watch if you want to see a quirky yet entertaining movie. 


Synecdoche - Movies Like The Eternal Sunshine Of Spotless Mind

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This movie is not typically like The Eternal sunshine of spotless mind, but it does get into the genre of strange yet amazing to watch. The movie can make you watch it again and again without losing the fun to get a wholesome idea of the concept used in it. The movie cannot be defined with real parts or fictional parts as it moves with a very thin line between the two. It is kind of like a science fiction movie. Overall, it is a great job by the director and the main cast. 

It portrays a New York theatre director who is struggling in his life at a later stage. The movie goes ahead with the character making the whole of New York in a large warehouse for his play. The movie works over some of the relationships and spans over various time periods. It is thus exciting to watch and gives a new idea about a lot of things. 


For all the people who want to watch movies that are like The Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind, this list is a wholesome experience. Readers can take out time to watch these movies and realize how they have expanded their mindset and gotten a lot of new perspectives. The list has been created after a lot of effort and delivers the best quality content for the viewers to go see. It can be concluded that these movies are for all the fans who want to watch something other than the normal romantic drama movies. 

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