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10 Best Comedy & Drama Movies Like Pitch Perfect In 2024

Movies Like Pitch Perfect

Teen drama movies have been one of the most-watched movies of all time. Youth is the only time of life that people love to go to the theatres and watch all kinds of movies. These days the entertainment industry is growing at a rapid pace and movies of all genres are getting produced. There are movies related to the liking of nearly every person on the planet. One of the most loved genres of the movies is the teen drama section.  If you Loved Watching movies Like Pitch Perfect. You Would also love to watch these movies too.

There are lots of movies that people can watch in this drama since it is a vast pool. Not all the movies in this genre are for the people who like such movies though. There are lot of movies that are only for the people who do not keep their minds open and just want to be entertained. We can find lots of people who like to watch movies with a proper story and screenplay. There is a lot that the teen drama section has to offer and people can watch the movies that ace in this parameter to get entertained to the fullest.

The lead character of the movie aces in everything that she steps into and thus has a great record at the school. But her father has different plans for her and wants her to go to college. After a lot of revolts, both of these come to an agreement where the lead character has to stick to college for just a year and do an after-class activity too. There are some other movies too of the same genre as Pitch Perfect that can be watched to get entertained.

Here are some of the movies like Pitch Perfect that belong to the same genre and have quite a lot of fandom to their belonging: 

Bring It On

Bring It On

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If there is a classic in the genre of teen drama, then Bring it on has to be the one on it. This movie was released back in 2000 and has become one of the most-watched teen drama movies ever.

Bring It On movie has quite a big fan base as it was the kind that provided fun to watch experience to the teenagers and the college going youth.

This movie has excellent acting and the story matches with the things that teenagers and college goers have to face.

The main story of this movie is about the main character leading a cheerleading squad into winning a tournament.

Kristen Dunst plays the role of the lead character here and has to face a lot of problems while training the squad for the tournament and participating in the tournament.

The movie is all about sheer willpower and teen confidence. It is thus a great movie to watch for all the youngsters as it has all the drama and the entertainment that one may want and it also has a proper moral from the story.

For all the fans of Pitch Perfect, it is one of the movies that should not be missed.

Camp Rock

Camp Rock: Movie Like Pitch Perfect

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This movie was released back in 2008 and is pretty much one of the most loved musical teenage drama movies ever. If you are a fan of Demi Lavato and the Jonas Brothers, then this movie is pretty much the dream kind for you.

This movie stars these musicians and they have killed it even in the acting part. The movie has a fun story and the acting is at par with the top actors.

The screenplay is pretty amazing too and it is a movie that is strictly for teenagers. The movie shares a story of the guy in the main character going for a singing summer camp.

The main character one time overhears a girl singing really amazingly and sets out on a search for this girl. The real truth comes into play when he finds out that the girl singing is actually a kitchen worker and not a participant in the singing camp.

The story then revolves around these facts and has a pretty smooth screenplay. It is fun to watch the movie if you want to watch it on a lousy afternoon. It is completely soothing and can bring a smile to your face every once in a while.

Tenacious D in the pick of destiny

Tenacious D in the pick of destiny

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Tenacious D in the pick of destiny is a movie that can be watched by people of all genres. This movie is an epic comedy movie too apart from a drama-based movie.

Apart from having quite a fun story, this movie also has amazing music and the viewers can get entertained with the acting of the lead cast in it. The movie is pretty much a comedy-based drama movie set in a light tone. The movie has fun dialogues and one cannot stop laughing if he or she is watching this movie.

The main plot of this movie is about two lazy guitarists who have the dream of leading the greatest band in the world. In the quest for this main motive, these two set out to steal a guitar from a very highly secured rock music museum.

The hunt is for a legendary guitar along with its pick that guarantees the bearer to become the greatest in the world in terms of a rock and roll band. This movie portrays a lot of comedy in this hunt and the story is pretty much set to make the viewer laugh.

The acting of the lead characters is amazing and they have been able to execute the comedy perfectly. This movie is thus a great watch for people of every age and genre. It is filled with humor and a lot of fun elements. For all the fans of Pitch Perfect, this movie should be added to the list.


Bandslam: teenage drama movie like Pitch Perfect

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Teenager life is full of insecurities and the conquest of addressing them and getting a win over them. One of the biggest insecurities in teenagers is not being recognized by anyone. Bandslam is a movie that addressed such insecurities in a fun way along with a great story.

The movie has the main plot about a boy whose mind is completely occupied by the thoughts of music. All he wants from life is music and when his mom has to shift to New Jersey, he has to find a completely new group for his music ventures.

To his luck, he does find a like-minded boy in his junior year at a new school, and for some part of the movie; these two quench their thirst for music with one another. To their surprise though, they are approached by the ‘IT’ girl of the school to participate in the biggest band competition of the year, Bandslam.

The story moves ahead as the two boys agree to be a part of the band and how this trio sets out to do a very tough task.

The story has a lot of fun elements and the music is great too. It also has a lot of comedy moments and thus the movie is set in quite a light tone. Viewers get to have a smile for nearly the complete part of the movie and this is the best part about it.

The movie was released in 2009 and needs to be on the to-watch list for all the fans of Pitch Perfect.

10 things I hate about you

10 Things I Hate About You

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If a person is looking for the perfect teen life-based movie, then ‘10 things I hate about you‘ needs to be the first one on the list.

This is a movie that is set out from the adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Taming of the shrew”. The movie is based on the life of a teenager who does not like boys at all.

Let alone dating, she does not even befriend any guy and this turns out to be one of the biggest problems in the life of her younger sister.

Kat is the elder sister in the movie and she does not hang out with boys at all while Bianca, her younger sister, cannot make a boyfriend unless her elder sister has one too.

In the urge to make a boyfriend, Bianca sets her elder sister up with a boy and the movie then moves forward with all the things that happen after it.

This movie is a classic teen drama and is loved by people since 1999. The movie stars classic actors like Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles, and Joseph Levitt.

It is a great movie for teenagers and even after being so old, it does melt the hearts of the viewers. It is a great movie for all teenage drama lovers and if a person is a fan of Pitch Perfect, then this movie is a must-watch.

Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim: Alternative for Pitch Perfect

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Teenage drama is a genre that can have a lot of stories fit in. There just needs to be a teenager story that can be used and put into a dramatic sequence. But not all movies earn the same level as Pitch Perfect.

Scott Pilgrim turns out to be one of the movies that are completely fun to watch, have a comedy-based story, and yet are of the same level as Pitch Perfect. This movie can be called a complete package for all teenage drama lovers as this movie provides a great story along with quite a lot of comedy too.

The movie is based on the main character, Scott Pilgrim, who falls for a girl in the school that comes with quite a lot of history. The baggage of this girl consists of 7 ex-lovers who are still not over her and Scott has to fight each one of them to death in order to win Ramona.

This movie has a lot of plot twists and those twists inculcate quite a lot of comedy in them. The movie is directed by Edgar Wright who is famous for his other teen drama movies like “Baby Driver” and “Hot Fuzz”. The movie has a spectacular screenplay and the story is funny as well as dramatic too. It is thus a fun movie to watch if the viewer is a fan of teen drama and comedy movies.

Easy A

Easy A: teenage drama movie like Pitch Perfect

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Nearly every teenager from 2010 is a fan of Emma Stone for the fantastic performance that she gave in Easy A. This movie is a great plot for the kind of teenage drama that a high school girl has to go through.

In order to be acceptable, high school children have to do a lot of things and this movie is about one of those things that the students, especially girls, regret later.

The movie is about the main character, portrayed by Emma stone, saying that she lost her virginity to her best friend. To her bad luck, this rumor spreads in the whole school and she is termed as slut for this.

After this, Emma roams in the school with an A attached to her dress as a reference to the novel Scarlett Letter. The movie is a comedy based drama that shows how the main character dodges all of these issues and spends her high school life.

This movie is epic in terms of comedy, acting, and the main story too. It is a complete classic for teenagers and thus is fun to watch.

Jersey Boys

Jersey Boys

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Every person in the metropolitan and developed cities these days knows about the term Four Seasons. It is associated with the rock band that got quite a fame in America for the art that they published.

This movie is a depiction of the rise of this band also known as the Jersey boys. The movie shows exactly how the band rose to life and what all things happened before the band finally got the fame that it needed.

The movie shows a group of 4 guys striving hard with the whole band to get the appreciation for their music that they deserved. This movie can show the tough times that the boys had to go through and it perfectly portrays the relationship between the four people with each other.

It is a great movie to watch because of the soft tone that it has and how it portrays the value of good friendship and togetherness in a group. It is thus a great movie for teenagers.

La La Land

La La Land: movie similar to Pitch Perfect

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There are quite a few movies that have been able to get not just one, or two or three Oscars but a whole lot of six of them. La La Land turns out to be one of the movies that have done a fantastic job of winning the most prestigious award in the field of movies.

This movie is a musical love drama, that portrays falling in love without the intention to and shows a very beautiful relationship between two people. The movie stars Ryan Gosling and Emma stone and has a smooth and soothing storyline.

The movie is perfectly directed and the acting is at another level. The chemistry between the two actors is simply amazing. The main story is about an actress falling in love with a pianist and how the unorthodox couple makes it work out.

The movie has a great screenplay and because of the amazing cinematography and music, it has been able to win the hearts of such a large audience. This movie was released in 2016 and is currently one of the best made love drama musical movies in the world. It is one of the most loved movies like Pitch Perfect.

The Producers

The Producers: Drama movie like Pitch Perfect

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This movie has been able to bag 4 Golden Globes awards for the amazing story and the screenplay that it has. This movie is about a man called Max Bialystock who was once the King of Broadway but with his downfall, his shows are suffering quite a lot.

However, The situation has fallen to such a level that his shows close on the opening night itself and it has sent him into a spiral. He is one day visited by his accountant and along with him, he plans to raise much more money than required for the next show.

The movie then moves forward with twists and turns and has a lot of drama. The movie was released in 2005 and the amazing performance by Nathan Lane and Will Ferrel has made this movie evergreen. It is a movie that needs to be watched by the fans of Pitch Perfect.


The list above is everything one may need as a list of movies to watch after seeing Pitch Perfect. These movies have all the drama, emotions, and comedy that one may want to watch in a teen drama based movie.

This list comprises of great movies and is the perfect compilation for anyone who loves to watch drama movies. It can be concluded that this list is a complete guide about the movies that Pitch Perfect fans would absolutely love. 

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