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10 Best Movies Like Me Before You To Enjoy Weekends In 2024

Movies Like Me Before You

Me Before You is one of the best romantic movies that are available. The movie takes the concept of love and applies it to an unusual scenario. The movie shows us the bond of love that develops between an unusual couple. Emilia Clarke plays the role of Louisa who has to take care of an ill man. Sam Claflin plays the role of the man. He has an attitude that causes him to dislike everyone around him.

Both of them have a rocky start with things not exactly going their way. This makes way for a blossoming relationship of love between both the individuals. We have curated a list where we talk about all of those movies that are similar to Me Before You. this list will help you find the movies you should watch after finishing Me Before You. we hope that the suggestions we have provided will help you to find movies that suit your taste. In general, if you have liked Me Before You, the movies on the list should be to your liking.

Here is the list of the 10 best Movies Like Me Before You to watch in 2023.

The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault In Our Stars - Movies Like Me Before You

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The Fault in Our Stars is the movie adaptation of a book by the same name. The writings of John Green in that book had managed to captivate the minds of people with the amazing story he had written. This story has been brought out to its full glory in the movie.

The movie has managed to do complete justice to the book as they have kept the plot original and have not deviated much from the original storyline which is seen to happen many times in the Hollywood adaptations of movies. The movie manages to take the love between individuals to new levels as we are shown love through a different lens.

In the movie, you will see how people fall in love despite their flaws and how this love binds them together for life. The movie talks about two special individuals who fall in love with each other. We are shown how Hazel and Augustus fall in love with each other. Both of them are special in their separate ways. Hazel has to always be connected to her oxygen tank and Augustus has a prosthetic leg.

Their unusual love relationship takes the audience through a whirlwind of emotions. The Fault in Our Stars is a sad movie that shows you the value of love while breaking your heart one piece at a time. This teen love story manages to take the audience through a journey where the natural chemistry of the actors makes them forget that they are watching just a movie. A captivating story along with great acting by the actors has made this movie a masterpiece that will ignite your faith in love while making you cry at the same time.

The Notebook

The Notebook - Movies Like Me Before You

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The Notebook is another great adaptation of a novel. The novel was written by Nicholas Sparks. Romantic movies try to follow a similar plot to not do radical things different from the past movies in this genre. This movie does not conform to those. This movie has managed to use simplicity to its advantage. The base plot of the story is very simple.

They have not tried to make it overly complicated by introducing many dimensions and angles to the main storyline. This linear storyline allows for the emotions of the movie to shine. You can understand and feel all of the emotions being carried out by the actors. This lets you get immersed into the movie and feel every emotion to the degree to which they are being portrayed.

The chemistry between the actors often becomes the most important aspect of a romantic movie. The chemistry between them can either make or break the movie. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams both have amazing chemistry which makes them a great pairing in the movie. The movie shows us the love story that develops between Noah and Alice. Both of them have fallen for each other despite having social backgrounds which are quite different from one another.

Alice has to go to college at the insistence of her family and as a result, has to leave Noah behind. After seven long years, both of them meet again and their chemistry is reignited. Alice has to face the tough choice of whether she stays with him or goes on to marry her current fiance. This emotional movie is one you should watch given the terrific acting and emotions which are displayed in the movie.

Love and Other Drugs

Love and Other Drugs - Movies Like Me Before You

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While both of the movies in this list till now have been romantic movies that have reshaped the genre, Love and Other Drugs tend to conform to it. The movie does not have a storyline that has changed the genre or been a rebel to it. The storyline resembles many of the other romantic movies in this genre.

However, superb direction by Edward Zwick along with good performances from Jake Gyllenhall and Anna Hathaway has allowed this movie to make it to this list. Though the storyline is basic, it is well written. It ticks all of the boxes of a classic romantic movie.

Magie and Jamie are the couples in focus in this movie. Maggie is seen as a free spirit who loves to wander and explore with her life. She does not let relationships or other issues slow her down or tie her to a particular pace. All of this changes when she meets Jamie. Both of them quickly fall in love. The movie focuses on both of them trying to deal with all of the issues they face as a couple.

They work together to ensure that no obstacles can cause tension between them or affect their relationship. You see them trying to manage their evolving relationship and all of the baggage that comes along with it. The movie is a great watch that reminds us of the importance of working with each other to overcome difficult situations in a relationship.

A Walk to Remember

A Walk To Remember 

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Romantic tragedies are some of the toughest movies to watch. They make you go through an emotional rollercoaster throughout the movie and more often than not break your heart in the end. A Walk to Remember is seen as one of the classics in the romantic tragedy genre. The movie will make you feel every inch of emotion they want to convey through the performances of the actors. The m not make the plot of the movie overly complicated but use the emotions shown by the actors to create an impact.

A Walk to Remember is the story of a boy called Landon and a girl named Jamie. Landon makes an inappropriate joke on one of his classmates. This leads to his classmate ending up in the hospital. For this misdemeanor, he is given a punishment that involves spending time taking part in after-school activities. He meets Jamie over there.

The movie will allow you to experience a ton of emotions with every scene it shows to you. You will become affectionate towards the characters and the emotions shown by them will gave a deep impact on you.  This movie does make it to all of the lists of significant romantic tragedy movies with the ending of the movie surprising many people.

The Life of Adele

The Life of Adele

The Best of Me looks at love from a new angle. The movie does not limit itself to the traditional forms of love that are accepted by society. We have a concept of what love between two individuals should be and this movie has managed to break those stereotypes.

The movie focuses on a very real problem that exists in society. The acceptance of members of the LGBT community is the main focus of the movie. The movie shows us that love can be in various forms. It aims to showcase these different forms of love and show the challenges faced by them compared to others.

The story is about the life of a girl who is in the stage of discovery of her sexual preference. She figures out that she does not feel attracted to men. She does not like meeting boys and does not understand where to proceed from there.

Soon she meets a girl and they fall deeply in love. The concept of two girls having a relationship is something society does not approve of and as a result, she has to face numerous challenges. A difficult family along with other relatives makes their path of love difficult. The movie takes us through the journey of how they try to survive all of these problems which society throws at them and try to preserve their relationship.

Love Story

Love Story 

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A relatively simple plot along with great acting is the recipe for making great romantic tragedies. The concept of the boy and the girl falling in love while being of different social backgrounds is one of the most common concepts used in love movies.

Sometimes this concept feels so overused that we refrain from watching movies that contain these elements. Love Story is one of those movies that has managed to execute this genre of movies perfectly. They have taken the route of two strangers falling in love despite their social backgrounds. Despite choosing one of the most common plotlines in this genre, the movie has managed to surpass expectations.

We closely follow the story of our two lovebirds, Oliver and Jennifer. Oliver is a hardware law student and Jennifer is studying music. Both of them fall for each other despite the major differences in their backgrounds and societal class. Their upbringing is very different with Oliver being from a wealthy family while Jennifer belongs to a working-class household. They go against all odds and their family to try and live a life together. Soon tragedy befalls them. The movie gives the audience the hope of everything going in the correct directing just before snatching it away from them.

One Day

One day - Movies Like Me Before You

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The movie is based on the popular novel by David Nicholls. The story falls in the genre of romance. The characters have been made relatable to keep the audience hooked to their story. The movie uses time as one of the main forms of showing the love that develops and blossoms between the two characters. The story starts as a friendship between two young adults. As time passes this bond of friendship evolves into something beautiful. This movie has the power to connect you to the characters which will lead to your sharing in their joys and sorrows.

The main story revolves around Emma and Dexter. Both of them meet each other on the night of their graduation. They are not seen together after that. The audience is shown the lives of the two characters every time the anniversary of their graduation occurs. Both of them have started to change in their ways and their lives have become different from each other. The occurrence of some sudden events makes them meet against the flow of time. Hathaway and Sturgess can perform their roles brilliantly with both of them managing to bring out the essence of the characters to the full effect.

The Fundamentals of Caring

The Fundamentals of Caring - Movies Like Me Before You

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With all of the emotionally heavy romantic tragedies we have mentioned on the list we had to provide a light-hearted comedy as well. The Fundamentals of Caring has all of the basic elements performed well which makes it a great comedy.

While it is a comedy it deals with grave topics. The movie has its way of dealing with loss and sorrow. The director has managed to take comedy and tragedy which are two genres opposite to one another and weave them into a single movie. This is not a regular comedy movie as it deals with some of the most painful topics while keeping a light-hearted nature in other scenes.

Paul Rudd sets the benchmark extremely high with the performance that he puts put on the movie. Rudd plays the role of a retired writer turned caregiver. He has become the caregiver for disabled teens. Rudd suddenly decides to go on a spontaneous road trip with the teens and the trips are what this movie covers.

The movie shows us the efforts made by the characters to build friendship cling onto a sense of hope. Emotionally heavy concepts are dealt with in their way in the movie. The movie will put you through a spectrum of emotions and is a great watch.

The Vow

The Vow - Movies Like Me Before You

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The Vow is a movie that desks with a sudden tragedy. After a few years of marriage, tragedy strikes Leo and Paige. Paige has undergone memory loss and it prevents her from recognizing her husband Leo. the memory loss has taken her 5 years back and she does not have any recollection of Leo. she can only recollect her memories from the time before when she had met Leo.

To add fuel to the fire, Leo has to deal with her difficult parents along with her ex-fiance. All of these people try to get Leo and Paige separated from one another and use all of the methods available to try and get them apart. Leo has to work his way through all of this mess. When trying to reignite the love they had for one another. The movie shows you the lengths he goes to make Paige fall in love with him again.

Sweet November

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Sweet November is one of those movies which makes you feel that the movie is taking place in real life. The entire movie is covered in thespian of a month. It manages to show how meaningful interactions with the correct people can change your life in a short time. It is an all in all romantic movie. The movie tries to emphasize that with the right person your life can have drastic changes within a short timeframe.

We see the story of Nelson unfold in the movie. Nelson has had a romantic relationship with a woman for a month. He decides to stray away from his hectic, monotonous corporate life for a month and pursue a relationship with the girl. The girl is one of the most beautiful people in the movie. She is sweet and unconventional in her ways of life. The show is a romantic comedy which will make you believe that the correct person can change your life for the better.


Me Before You leaves you wanting for more. The genre that this movie belongs to is filled with many others. The list we mentioned above will help you to sieve through this genre and find the movies that are similar to Me Before you.

All of these movies mentioned by us have their unique way of putting forward love. They have different tragedies which the actors face. While some of them overcome it others do not. Going through the movies on the list is a good way to fill in the void that craves more romantic movies.

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