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MobiFirst Review 2021: Is it a Best Tool for Mobile Site-Builder?

MobiFirst Review

Starting from 2019, Google now considers the mobile version, instead of the desktop one of a website for indexing and search rankings. This is because most of the users today use their mobile devices to carry out a Google search.

If there is one thing that the Google algorithm cares about, it is usability. Whenever a user enters a search query, Google will display the sites that load the fastest, provide the best ease of access, and of course, have optimized content.

What this basically means is that whether your website appears higher or lower in search engines is now also determined by whether it is mobile optimized or not, among other factors.

Other search engines too, determine website ranking and indexing by the website’s functioning on mobile devices. These include factors such as whether the website loads fast on mobile devices, whether its appearance is optimized for mobile devices, user interface, and response time.

Mobile-first website developer software enables users to make mobile-optimized websites that outperform being just mobile-friendly. Not only do mobile-first websites get more traffic than the rest, but also, such websites get the best favors out of the Google algorithm.

What is MobiFirst?

MobiFirst is one of the best mobile-first website developer software and a mobile-first e-commerce solution. It helps users create and design unlimited websites, web pages, e-commerce storefronts, and more that are optimized for mobile devices.

Also, it allows free hosting with MobiFirst for a one-time fee. It comes with several expert solutions for making a stellar mobile optimized website. These include pre-designed templates for businesses, widget-based development, e-commerce plug-ins that you can integrate and customize to build your website. Users can even build their desired website from scratch from the wide range of tools that it offers.

Websites that are built using MobiFirst display some of the fastest loading times. Besides this, it also offers tools such as SEO, blog creation, website cloning, unlimited bandwidth and storage, and more to make the Google algorithm love your website.

MobiFirst allows users to build mobile-first websites both, for personal and commercial purposes. You can use this mobile-first website developer to create websites for your clients and keep the profits yourself for yourself. Read on to know why MobiFirst is your number one destination to create the best in class mobile optimized websites.

MobiFirst Features and Tools

MobiFirst Features

The MobiFirst website developer comes loaded with features to help you make websites that are a favorite with Google.

Some of the most useful features of this mobile-first website builder are listed as follows:

1. Free E-commerce Storefront

MobiFirst comes with a mobile-first designed e-commerce solution for businesses and that too, for free. With this, users can add unlimited products with no limits on bandwidth either!

The e-commerce store can further be integrated with PayPal or Stripe to receive direct payments. Using the e-commerce storefront by MobiFirst, users can record sales, generate invoices, get email notifications all in one platform. Plus, you can get the e-commerce storefront totally free as a limited period offer, which is active now!

2. Free Hosting

With MobiFirst, you can create an unlimited number of websites, web pages or e-commerce sites and host them for free. The even better news is that all of this is included in a one-time fee.

Plus, MobiFirst hosts websites with a closed source platform, providing you with top-class security against cyber attacks or hacking threats.

3. CSS Editing

Like other well-known website developers like WordPress, MobiFirst allows users to fully customize their websites according to their design aesthetic. Users can customize everything starting from header and footer to backgrounds and fonts. They can also enable custom CSS editing. You can also select from the wide range of customizable in-house styles that MobiFirst offers.

4. Local Business Templates

Whether you are a fashion retailer, a food delivery company, or are in the real estate business, MobiFirst has inbuilt templates to host an ideal website for your business. This site builder comes with 70 + themes that cover more than a dozen niches, all of which are customizable. Moreover, you can also switch between themes without losing any of the work done so far.

5. Multiple Device Views

This is one of the unique features provided by MobiFirst. It allows users to see exactly how their website will appear across devices. You can now determine and then, modify what content appears on your website and where on each device – a mobile, desktop or tablet. In this way, you get complete control over how users will see your website on mobile devices.

6. Wide Choice in Widget Selection

MobiFirst provides a widget-based website development interface. This means that there are pre-existing customizable widgets that you can rearrange, design, and modify to suit your website’s requirements. These can be both, content or design widgets. They regularly add more to their widget collection, which means that the list of options you get is endless.

7. Cloning of Widgets or Complete Sites

This is one of the most useful features of MobiFirst. Let’s assume that you are building a new website or a new section in your existing website, with some similar content or design elements.

Normally, to do so, you will recreate the original elements from your site from scratch. But with MobiFirst, you can say goodbye to that time-consuming process.

With this website developer, you can simply duplicate the elements that you want onto your new website or web page. You can not only clone widgets but also duplicate full websites and then, customize their themes. Imagine how much of your time will that save!

8. Personal As Well As Commercial Usage

As mentioned above, users can create websites for personal use or for their clients as well as using MobiFirst. Users can build multiple websites and that, at a one-time fee. It also offers several tools under the commercial license such as Customer Relationship Management Systems, Proposals and Invoices, Agency Website Templates, and more at a fixed one-time price.

9. Regular Updates

As you might be well aware that Google, as well as other search engines, regularly update their algorithms. This is done to make the user experience better and more optimized. And MobiFirst knows it. Therefore, it constantly upgrades its systems to optimize the designing and building of websites as per the Google algorithm.

10. Other Tools

Besides speed, there are many other factors that determine search engine rankings, such as SEO. MobiFirst is extensively equipped to make your website SEO friendly. It also supports multiple languages including French, German, and Italian.

Further, it allows you the option to add a customizable, full-fledged blog to any web page or site. With these website development tools, MobiFirst ensures that your website hits the top charts.

MobiFirst Plans

MobiFirst offers two basic packages that you can select from.

These are as follows:

1. Personal

In this plan, you can build an unlimited number of personal websites, get the highest site speed, use your own domain names, get unlimited hosting, and do much more. It also comes included with SSL certification, inbuilt Auto-Responder, multiple device views, and up to 30 design templates. The price for this package is $47.

2. Commercial

In this plan, you can build an unlimited number of personal websites as well as sites for commercial purposes. Besides all the features included in the Personal plan, you also get access to a commercial license. Also, there are 70 + customizable themes or design templates included in this plan. The price for this package is $67.

Why MobiFirst?

MobiFirst is one of its kind mobile-first website developers equipped with mobile fast technology. This website developer takes care of Google’s mobile-first indexing update.

With MobiFirst, you are not just building mobile-friendly websites, but those that outperform on smartphones in terms of user experience. If these are not reasons enough to convince you to try out MobiFirst, then we have more.

Some of them are listed below:

1. Solutions for Every Business

What other website builders offer in parts, MobiFirst combines it all onto a single platform. It is the best choice for creating mobile-optimized websites for all types of businesses. Whether you run a pet shop, or want to build an online food ordering system; whether yours is a real estate business or you are a white label reseller, MobiFirst is likely to have a solution for you.

2. Fastest Loading Speed

Websites made using MobiFirst have the fastest loading times as compared to others in the industry. Google ranks those sites higher which have a loading speed of fewer than 3 seconds. With the mobile fast technology of MobiFirst, you can now achieve that. This in turn, will boost your Google search rankings.

3. Seamless Integration

If you already have a website, you can seamlessly integrate it with MobiFirst. No matter what kind of website, MobiFirst integrates easily with all of them. Integrating your website with MobiFirst makes you eligible for using the extensive suite of tools that it offers.

4. Flexible Customization

With dozens of styles and themes, content and design widgets, and flexible, editable elements, there is no one convention to follow while building websites with MobiFirst. This website developer offers complete liberty in designing and modifying pre-existing elements on the website. You can even build your unique website completely from scratch.

5. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If at the end of the day, you are not fully satisfied with the services you avail from MobiFirst, you can get all your money back. MobiFirst offers a complete money-back guarantee up to 30 days of purchasing a plan. This is applicable for both Personal and Commercial packages.


So what are you waiting for? Get ahead of the crowd by using this unique mobile-first website developer and take your business to the next level. When you build websites using MobiFirst, you are signing up for stellar site speed, performance, functionality. And ultimately, for providing your visitors with a seamless user experience. Now, what more is Google actually looking for?

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