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13 Best Liquidation Stores In UK with Best Deals In 2024

Liquidation Stores in UK

Since the onset of the pandemic it has been hard for wholesalers to clear their products out, but not to worry, the liquidation services we’re going to mention today are going to help you do so. However, for the ones that don’t understand how liquidation works, here’s a quick recap for you. Liquidation means, buying off the entire leftover products of a company at a much lesser price than retail and then selling them in their stores. This is a great way for any company to liquidate its assets.

Now, if you are someone who’s living in the UK then you need to know some of the liquidation services that have made an impact in the area, so today we’re going to tell you about, 13 best liquidation stores in the UK, that can help you out with the liquidation of your assets. So without further ado, Let’s Begin,

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Here is the List of 13 Best Liquidation Stores in UK-:

Marthill international

Marthill International-liquidation stores

If you’re looking for a mixture of different types of products, ranging from home decor, clothing, to furniture and other accessories, at the fraction of their retail prices, then marthill is the way to go. Based in Nottingham, Marthil international is an established brand in the world of liquidation stores and has been operating for years.

If you are a wholesaler then this place is your haven. Even if you are just looking for products at the fraction of their costs, then you can also buy in small quantities or truckloads. But we’re sure, this UK liquidation store is one of the best in the UK. So if you are looking for a good UK liquidation store to buy cheap goods from, then marthill international is the way to go.

Wholesale clearance

Wholesale Clearance UK-liquidation stores

Wholesale clearance is the largest online UK liquidation store. They specialize in liquidation stocks, finding bankrupt companies to buy goods from, and selling surplus productions. Their website sells off all types of products ranging from, toys to jewelry, and even electronic goods. They usually sell in one-off job lots, however, if you want to order in below wholesale consignments, then they can fulfill those orders as well. Speaking of fulfilling orders, wholesale clearance charges no membership fees and ships across the UK for as low as £2.99.

The best part is, they can fulfill even bulk orders quickly, which makes them efficient as a liquidation store. Also, coming to reliability, this company has a turnover of 2.5 million and also has an association with big companies like Groupon, and QVC. so if you have any wholesale requirements, then wholesale clearance is the way to go.

Daniel Thomson group

Daniel Thomson group

Daniel Thomson group is one of the oldest liquidation stores in the UK. they have been in this industry for over 25 years, which means they’re credible and quick to serve. They are a wholesale unit provider that specializes in buying liquidation stocks, surplus production, excess units, and so on. They supply to all kinds of market links including, wholesalers, retailers market raiders, online businesses, ebayers, and even car boot retailers.

Their network is spread across the UK, which is what makes them highly reliable in the market. Hey can clear out bulk orders pretty quick, and any order for that matter. However, for really quick delivery, you have to order above £250, but that isn’t much if you are a reseller. Daniel Thomson group is perfect for online retailers and marketers, because of how quickly they deliver across the UK. if you are looking for a great liquidation service that has been around for a while and knows what it’s doing, then daniel Thomson group is the way we point.

Top-down trading

Top-down trading

Top-down trading is another big name in the liquidation store industry in the UK. they have an exclusive range of products from big brands like Nike, converse, timberland, and more. They have a lot of ex-chainstore clothing items and can fulfill orders of any size. They can help you with pallets of 100-500 pieces and going as high as 10,000 pieces and 30-40 ft containers fully packed with clothing items as well. All you have to do is just order.

They have a specialization in selecting their liquidation stocks, surplus and excess production units and hence are perfect for all types of traders in the market. Be it a wholesaler or even a retail trader, top-down trading is a great place to buy fashion items at a fraction of their costs. However, you have to keep in mind that their minimum order value is £300 and they also give discounts on orders worth over £10,000.

Wholesale clearance stock

Wholesale clearance stock

Wholesale clearance stock is a UK liquidation store based in manchester, that specializes in buying and selling great liquidation stocks and surplus products. They are trusted by thousands of online retailers, pound shops, and local retailers and hence have been relevant for quite some time now. Wholesale clearance stock is the perfect place to buy goods in high volume for a fraction of their prices.

Also, one good thing about, wholesale clearance stock is that they don’t charge any delivery fees for orders from the UK which makes them the perfect liquidation store for you. If you are living in the UK and are looking for a cheap place t buy goods in high volume from, then wholesale clearance stock is the way to go.

Gem wholesale

Gem Wholesale UK

Gem wholesale is the OG of the liquidation store industry. With more than 40 years of experience under its belt, gem wholesale is also considered as the original liquidation store of the UK. they have a connection with some of the best high street brands for clothing, toys, homeware, etc.

Which makes them a haven for wholesalers. Since they also have a ton of ex-chain store items you can order from them without even worrying about them being able to fulfill your order. Even after staying in the market for 40 years, gem wholesale is still growing at a fast pace and has already acquired an 80,000 sq feet warehouse in Buckley.

Their website requires a minimum order of £300  however, they guarantee fast delivery within 2-3 days and hence are great to invest into. Gem wholesale is perfect for all kinds of traders and hence has stayed relevant in the market for so long.


Merkandi Wholesale UK

Merkandi is one of the largest international liquidation stores based in the UK. they have more than 75,000 buyers in more than 150 countries which is what makes them so great at what they do. They have steal deals on their website that feature liquidation stocks, surplus, clearance lots, and much more.

They guarantee to give you up to 90 percent discount on retail prices and hence have seen such great success. With thousands of trusted customer base and high-quality products on offer, they are one of the best liquidation stores in the UK and hence are included in this list. Also, one thing to note is that they charge about £109 for yearly membership fees, but their services are worth it hence you can buy anything you want in as much quantity as you like.


BritDeals UK-liquidation stores

Britdeals is also one of the biggest liquidation stores based in the UK. they have more than 100,000 products varied across 30 different categories. Their inventory is huge and hence they can fulfill as many bulk orders as you want. They have a great taste in choosing bankrupt companies to buy liquidation stocks from and selling them off at a reasonable price as well. They do charge a shipping fee, but that is not much and is only reasonable to ask.

However, their delivery speed is great as they deliver within 2-3 days of the order placement, regardless of the order size. Also, their products are in “giftable” condition, unless mentioned otherwise in the manifest. They have high customer ratings and testimonials to support their service quality claims and hence one of the most successful liquidation stores in the UK. so if you’re looking for a good liquidation store that is based in the UK, then BritDeals is a great place to check out.


I-bidder-liquidation stores

I-bidder is a great place for people in the UK to buy, clearance stock, liquidation stocks, surplus or disposal items for a fraction of their prices. I-bidder has a network of auction houses that collectively sell more than 2 million products each year. Such high numbers only go lengths to describe how good their service is and how much they’re liked by the people. However, we insist you check on the quality details of the product to purchase as they may differ from auction house to auction house and auctioneer as well.

However, before you can buy anything from i-bidder, your profile needs to be verified by the auctioneer. Heir product quality is mostly great and hence you don’t have to worry about the products being defective. You can also demand additional photographs of the lot and ask as many questions as you like. Once you’ve bought a certain lot for yourself, you can either use the distribution service of the auction house or use your distribution service. I-bidder is a great place to shop if you’re a trader of any kind and hence is included in the list of best liquidation stores in the UK.

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Wholesalescout-liquidation stores

Wholesalescout is another one of the most recognized liquidation stores based in the UK. they are well known for completing bulk orders quickly and have high-quality lots, which makes them stand out in their category. The best thing about their service is that they have more than 1000 suppliers around the world, who master in finding liquidation stocks and excess production units.

This is why they get their hands on one of the finest quality products and high street brands. This is what makes them different from other liquidation stores and hence really popular as well. They have thousands of customers in the UK and are planning to go global as well. If you are looking for high-quality wholesale pallets and bulk lots, the wholesale scout is the perfect place for you.


UK Stock Supplies LTD-liquidation stores

UKstocksupplies.com is one of the best wholesale stores situated in the UK. They only buy liquidation stocks, clearance lots from high-end brands, which is what makes their products high quality and hence really popular amongst the wholesalers in the market. Their products range from baby goods, building stuff, cases, drinks, electrical items, and much more. You can also find clothing items on their website, which is what makes them an all-rounder in terms of inventory.

They also feature end-of-the-line products on their websites, which are brand new but are available at the fraction of their costs. They have a variety of payments option available and hence you don’t need to worry about not being able to find a method to pay up. the UKstocksuppliers.com is one of the best places to buy liquidation stocks from.


Wam Europe UK-liquidation stores

This liquidation store is not as big as the ones we have mentioned above but can get the job done. If you deal in IT products and tech stuff, then this website is perfect for you. The only way for you to contact them is via their email address and hence they might take up some time to get in touch with you. However, their products are high quality and feel almost brand new as well. For small to medium bulk orders,   Wameurope is a nice place to checkout.


B-Stock-liquidation stores

B-stock is a website that connects large retailers from the US, like Costco, Walmart, etc to global consumers. Since these are all wholesalers, the products you buy are not priced at retail, and hence you can crack a great deal if you want to. They are a great place to check out if you want to buy US-based products in the UK and sell them locally. B-stock can fulfill orders quickly even though they are shipping from an entirely different continent. B-stock is a great place to check out for good deals on liquidation stocks.


All of the websites mentioned above are the best liquidation stores based in the UK. if you ever wish to purchase products in bulk for your local store, then these websites will come in handy, as they supply high-quality products for really low prices. Since more and more companies are trying to liquidate their assets and let go of their excess products, liquidation services are the best places to buy wholesale pallets from, because then you can scale up your margin. Since not a lot of liquidation services provide you the best quality, the above-mentioned services are the ones that we recommend. 

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