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8 Best Life-size Yoda Statue to Buy for a Star War Fan in 2021

Best Life-size Yoda Statue

Star Wars is one of the most popular science fiction movie franchises of all time. George Lucas was able to create an amazing concoction of interesting plotlines and awesome characters that there will be fans of the franchise for generations to come.

One of the most notable characters from the movie is the Jedi Master Yoda. He is an iconic and one of the most easily recognizable characters of pop culture.

If you have always wanted to own a life-size Yoda statue then these sites can be of help. You can find different designs and poses of the enigmatic and powerful green Jedi Master. So, let’s take a look at the options.

Here Is The List Of the Best Life-size Yoda Statue:

Star Wars Life-Size Yoda movie Replica 1994 Illusive Concepts Limited

Star Wars Yoda movie Replica 1994 Illusive Concepts Limited

Yoda is a badass Jedi Knight who has been alive for over 900 years. He is a force-sensitive being who is quite an expert in the ways of the force. Yoda is quite good at fighting with the saber as well. He was a general of the General Republic during the Clone Wars. Since he is over 9 centuries old he has a lot of experience and wisdom.

Even though he looks weak physically, he is very much respected by all his peers and other knights for his strength and wisdom. He trained generations of Jedi Knights in the ways of the force. Later, he also becomes the Grand Master of the Jedi Order.

Many of the popular and powerful Jedi Knights have been mentored by Yoda. He has been the mentor of Obi-Wan Kenobi who later becomes the mentor of Anakin Skywalker. Even Luke Skywalker, the protagonist of the original trilogy, receives training under him.

You can buy the life-size replica of this legendary Jedi Knight from eBay. The statue follows most of the details and the skin texture looks very decent. The statue also has the robe that Yoda wears in the movies. It was made in 1994 and is previously-owned. The price of this statue is $629.94.

Yoda Bronze Statue

Yoda Bronze Statue

The mysterious green being, Yoda, is one of the most popular symbols of the Star Wars Franchise. Even people who did not watch even a single movie but are into the pop culture will know of Yoda. He is such an iconic character that there will be a reference made to him here or there. When you look at Yoda, it is very easy to underestimate him.

He is short and kind of funny looking. Even the way he speaks is funny – “Do or Do not. There is no Try.” Go ahead. Try and decipher it. But even though his appearance isn’t much, almost every Jedi Knight respects him. This is because Yoda is extremely strong and has huge wisdom. The latter part is mainly due to his age.

Yoda is over 900 years old. He has been training Jedi Knights for over 800 years. We see him train young Jedi Knights before they get a mentor. You know when it’s pop culture stuff, Sideshow Collectibles has to have something amazing. So, it is not a surprise when you find out that they also sell a life-size Yoda statue.

This is a bronze statue that is 31 inches in height. It has all the details from the wrinkles to the worn-out robe. Lawrence Noble is a popular Yoda sculptor. This statue is manufactured by Noble studios. It is a durable and amazing statue that will add great value to your collections. The cost of this statue is $8500.

Life-size Yoda Statue

Yoda Statue

This Is Why I’m Broke is a perfect website to go broke at. Well, if you are going to end up broke by spending too much anyway why not buy a bunch of cool stuff while at it. Also, once you land on this website it is very easy to give in to your temptations.

You can find a wide selection of awesome pop culture items, gift items, statues and sculptures, and various other unique items. Here you will find a life-size Yoda statue as well. This is a very realistic statue and it seems as if Yoda is standing right in front of you. So, if you want one of the most popular, iconic, and legendary Jedi Knights in your house you can check this out.

Every detail in the statue looks quite decent. Since this is an older version of Yoda we can see the sparse white hair on his head. The main material of the statue is urethane. The artist has been very intricate with the design and all the extra accents just add to the realistic appearance.

We see this enigmatic character wearing his iconic robe and holding a staff in his hand. This is a cheaper statue and can fit in your budget. It costs $556.74 and is a functional puppet that is completely handmade. The stock is very limited so buy it before it’s gone.

Star Wars Yoda Life-Size Figure Limited Edition

Star Wars Yoda Figure

For years, this mysterious, stoic, and powerful being has been training (now legendary) knights. Now, it is your turn to bring the Jedi Grand Master to your home. If you are a fan of the Star Wars franchise this statue can be an amazing addition to your collection. Maybe you are just starting out as a pop culture item collector. Even then buying a life-size Yoda is an amazing debut piece.

Yes, the budget is a bit high but if you are really into all this stuff this can be a good purchase. Yoda is a really popular character and his popularity goes well beyond the franchise. He is short in stature but makes up the difference thousand times over by possessing a wealth of knowledge and wisdom and is a very powerful user of the force.

This is a 32 inches tall statue. We see Yoda standing atop a base holding his staff with a mysterious expression. He seems to be contemplating the mysteries of the force. The base is not bland and has some designs on it which resemble the Dagobah critter. We also see him wearing his iconic old robe.

This true-to-life statue is amazingly able to capture the details from the original Yoda puppet. This statue costs $2499.99 and is a limited edition life-size Yoda statue. If you are a Star Wars fan then this can be a good option.

Star Wars Yoda Life-Size Statue w/ Lightsaber

Star Wars Yoda

Now, a lot of you may be looking for something different than just a standing Yoda. You might be wanting a dynamic battle pose or Yoda holding a lightsaber. The next statue can fulfill both of those desires.

When it comes to life-size statues we often mention LM Treasures. It is a nice online store where you can purchase some really amazing and cool stuff. There are animal statues, statues which go with certain themes like fairy tales or knights, and you can even buy pieces of décor or furniture. Now, you can also buy a life-size Yoda statue.

Here, we see Yoda holding a green lightsaber in his left hand and is posing as if he is going to use the force with his right hand. Yoda is wearing a white robe over a dark-brown clothing item. He resembles the older version in the movies. So, we see white hair on his head and wrinkles as well. Yoda is standing on top of a black base that has a Star Wars plaque.

This is a completely authorized product and is made from the original digital files for the character. The lightsaber is removable. The materials that the sculptor used are latex and Polyurethane foam. You can purchase the statue for $899 and only a few of them are available in stock. So, hurry up!

Star Wars: Yoda Life-Size Figure with FREE US Shipping

Star Wars: Yoda Life-Size Figure with FREE US Shipping

Owning a Yoda statue is one of the most awesome things for any Star Wars fan. This is because this character is a badass Jedi Master. He is over 900 years old and has been mentoring young Jedi Knights before they get a master. Yoda is also very respected by everyone because he is very powerful and is very strong when it comes to using force.

For around 800 years he has taught some of the most popular and legendary Jedi Knights, training them in the ways of the force. Even Darth Vader’s mentor Obi-Wan Kenobi was a student of Yoda.

In the original movies, most things about Yoda are a special effect. Frank Oz is one of the main minds behind it. He is the one who designs the Yoda puppet that is used in the movie. This particular statue tries its best to capture that design. It nails most of the details and looks very realistic. A worn-out robe is provided which adds another layer of realism.

We see Yoda holding a staff and resting his hands on it. Since this statue resembles the old Yoda we can see the old hair on his head very close to what we see in the movies. The cost of this Life-size Yoda statue is $2439. You get free shipping in the US. This statue is 2 feet 8 inches tall.

Star Wars Yoda Life-size Statue by Rubie’s

Star Wars Yoda Life-size Statue by Rubie's

Yoda belongs to an unknown species. In the movies, we learn that he has been alive for over 9 centuries. But no one has any idea about what alien race he belongs to. There is no data on him on the species database. Yoda’s stoic and enigmatic nature makes him more mysterious.

He is a very short individual but when it comes to strength he is one of the best in the universe. Yoda is a very powerful Jedi Master and has been the mentor to many Jedi Knights many of whom have become legendary. He mentors Count Dooku, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, etc. Obi-Wan later becomes the mentor of Anakin Skywalker.

Yoda is generally seen wearing an old, white robe. He has a green lightsaber. He has white hair on his head and his skin is completely green and wrinkly. The color of his eyes is golden-green. You can buy the life-size Yoda statue by Rubie’s from life-size-universe.com.

It consists of materials like latex and polyurethane foam. The statue is wearing a white robe, sleeveless, pants, top, and belt. It has a lightsaber in his left hand. It is standing atop a base with a plaque of Star Wars on it. The statue is 50 inches in height and costs 1490.90 euros.

Collector’s Edition Life-Size Yoda Statue Star Wars Classic

Collector’s Edition Life-Size Yoda Statue Star Wars Classic

Halloween Hallway is a nice online store to purchase a variety of items like costumes, masks, wigs, props, weapons etc. If you are looking for something authentic which comes directly from the source then you can check out this statue. This is a life-size Yoda statue you can buy from halloweenhallway.com.

It is made from Lucasfilm production mold so you know that the structure and design of this product are very authentic. Every detail on this statue is very realistic. The skin texture and wrinkles add more to the realistic vibe of the statue.

We also see some white soft hair on the head of the statue. There is a white robe and other items of clothing on this statue and Yoda is holding a lightsaber. Yoda is a powerful Jedi Master who has been training Jedi Knights for 800 years.

He was the master of Luke Skywalker in the original trilogy. Yoda is a powerful user of the force. He belongs to an unknown alien species and has green skin and golden-green eyes. Yoda has three digits on each of his limbs. This is a resin statue that costs $901.


Owning a life-size Yoda statue is a dream come true for many Star Wars fans. This list depicts a variety of life-size Yoda statues that you can purchase. We have also included a bronze statue if you are looking to purchase a metal figure.

Since most of these statues have a high piece we hope you get the entertainment and satisfaction that you are looking for from this purchase. If you are a fan of Marvel movies then you can check out the article on the life-size Hulk statue. Happy Shopping!

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