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10 Best Life Size Hulk Statues For Hulk Lovers To Buy In 2021

Life-Size Hulk Statues

Are you an Avengers fan looking to buy a life-size Hulk statue? Then we have the perfect list for you. We have scoured the internet and compiled a list of ten websites that are selling life-size statues of the incredible Hulk.

A few of these sell the Avengers Incredible Hulk statue which embodies the Hulk from the Marvel movies. Since the piece varies drastically we have decided to include all of these in the list. We hope you find what you are looking for and purchase the perfect Hulk statue for your collection.

Here is the Best list of Life-Size Hulk Statues To Buy In 2021:

The Incredible Hulk Life-size Bust

This piece of collectible is manufactured by the brand Sideshow. This is a perfect bust for those who are fans of the Hulk. Anyone will become jealous once they see this impressive collection piece.

It is a life-size bust which is quite comparable to the actual Hulk from the Marvel universe. Yes! The make of this is to specification and is of 1:1 scale. This bust is about 26 inches tall and captures the angriest and meanest look of this beast.

The craftsmanship is amazing as each and every cracks and crevice look quite good. Every detail looks good because the artist has taken his time to create something which any Hulk-lover will cherish.

Multiple different green tones give the bust a realistic look. It seems as if the Hulk is ready to pounce on some puny enemies. If you have a Marvel display that is missing a Hulk piece then this is a decent investment.

But you can also gift this to your Marvel-buff friends or relatives. If you are looking to purchase this mean-looking hulk bust then go to sideshow.com. The price of this bust is $980.

Avengers Hulk Life-size Statue Oxmox

The Avengers is a movie that received a bunch of positive reviews. If a bust is not enough you can purchase the life-statue of the incredible Hulk. The reference for this statue is the Hulk from the Avengers movie franchise.

Mark Ruffalo was awesome in his portrayal of the green beast and this statue is able to capture the awesomeness. You will just love this statue. It is expensive as you have to pay 8990.90 Euro to own this statue. But you can understand that the craftsmanship is really good. The skin tone and the texture looks amazing. It feels that the Hulk is ready to smash some stuff.

The make of this statue is of fiberglass of high quality and did we mention that this is quite a tall statue. It falls just 20cm short of being 3 meters tall. So, you get to own a 110″ statue of the Marvel character we love so much. It is around 170Kg and comes in two boxes. Once you purchase the statue it ships within 3 to 7 days.

Life-size Hulk Statue from the Avengers by s9shop.com

Life-size Hulk Statue from the Avengers

This is a similar statue to the previous entry on the list. If you are looking to buy a life-size Hulk statue that follows the design of the Hulk from the Avengers movies then you should definitely give this one a consideration.

The statue is around 280 centimeters in height and weighs 374 pounds. You can purchase it at s9shop.com for $7397 excluding the shipping cost. We really like the paint job on this one. The fiberglass gives the statue a good texture. The paint is really on point giving the skin a realistic sort of look.

Rare Life-size Incredible Hulk Statue by lmtreasures.com

It is time for another design for the incredible Hulk statue. This is another life-size statue that anyone who loves Hulk will be enthusiastic about. You can go to lmtreasures.com to purchase this statue.

One thing to remember before you purchase this statue is that it is pre-owned. But it is in great condition. If you are a Hulk fanatic then you will remember the 2008 movie of the incredible Hulk. This statue was never released to the public as it was only used for the promotion of that movie.

Marvel is a company that often gives the official licenses to make such statues for movie promotion. This Hulk statue is one such statue. The design and craftsmanship of this are amazing.

This is a really intimidating looking statue that stands an amazing 8 feet tall. Yup! The company wants the experience to be as authentic as possible. The main material of the statue is fiberglass resin. There can be a bit of paint issue as there are a few scratches but nothing to mellow the experience. You can own this awesome statue for $8500.

CD-007 Life-size Hulk Statue

CD-007 Life-size Hulk Statue

This next collectible is something you can purchase on mydinosaurs.com. This is a tall and muscular statue that has an angry expression on its face. To ensure that you get good value for your money the company uses high-quality materials.

The main materials which are the core of this statue are highly dense fiberglass and a steel frame of high-quality. But of course, it isn’t fair to have just a muscular structure. You need to have the iconic green skin. The skin tone on this statue comes from good-quality car paint.

When you order this statue you get a bunch of stuff to install it. There is an installation manual present to help you along the way. Relevant tools, accessories, spare parts, and repair materials are present as well.

The statue is quite sturdy and will not have any problem in extreme cold or hot weather. It is waterproof, sun-proof, and snow-proof. It can take over two weeks of lead time once you order the statue. The price is $1k to $5k.

The Avengers – Hulk 1:1 Scale Life-size Statue

The Avengers is one of the most popular superhero movies. Marvel fans all over the world love this movie and are a great fan of the characters. One of the most iconic of these is the Incredible Hulk which the actor Mark Ruffalo portrays.

If you too are a fan of the character from this movie and are a collector of Marvel stuff then this life-size statue can be a good fit for your collection. The craftsmanship on this statue is just plain awesome. It is a muscular figure with a grimace facial expression. It makes you remember the scene in the movie where Hulk goes berserk on those aliens.

The website which sells this statue is popcultcha.com. It is one of the largest Australian companies which sells Marvel collectibles and other Marvel stuff. Muckle Mannequins is the manufacturer of the statue.

The price for this statue is $10,999 you can email [email protected] or call +61 3 5240 7979 if you are purchasing from outside Australia.

The Incredible Hulk Life-size Statue by Superepic.com

The Hulk is an iconic Marvel character. Owning a Life-size Statue of this awesome character can be a dream come true for many Marvel fanatics. This next life-size Hulk statue is something you can buy from superepic.com.

It is quite expensive but if you are a Marvel collector and have the budget for it this can be a good addition to your collection. You can purchase this statue for 14,990 €.

One of the best things about this statue is that the pose is of Hulk getting ready to do the iconic Hulk Smash. Yup! Both his fists are up in the air. His mouth is open angrily and the legs are bent. In a moment he will jump and do the iconic move to decimate the enemy.

This particular iteration of the Hulk is not something from the movies. It is something you will see in the early renditions of the character in the comic books. Marvel officially licenses the creation of the statue. It comes in 9 parts.

Incredible Hulk Life-size Custom Statue

eBay is one of the popular online retail stores. You can find a bunch of things there. So, why not buy a life-size Hulk statue. Yes! We bring you this custom Life-size Hulk statue that you can order on eBay.

This angry looking muscular Hulk has been crafted by hand. The artists are from the Philippines and their skill shows in the awesomeness of this piece. If you are a Marvel collector then this statue can be the perfect eye-catching piece for your home or business. People might flock to see the statue and may end up buying something. Who knows? It is the Incredible Hulk after all.

The paint job on this statue is good. It uses car-paint so you can leave the statue outside and there won’t be any problem due to sun or water. When you order this item it will come to you in parts. You can easily assemble it. It is around 7 feet tall and weighs between 50 to 70 kilos. Fiberglass resins make up the core material of the statue. You can purchase this piece for $7500.

Hulk Life-size Statue by monstersinmotion.com

If you are in the market looking to buy a life-size Hulk statue with a nice pose then you can give this one some consideration. This dark-green statue of the Hulk is ready to punch the life out of all the puny enemies.

With a grimacing expression on his face and his hands cocked to deliver a punch the Hulk is ready to take on anyone. This statue is high and has various details which makes it a decent item. If you are looking to increase your collection of Marvel items then this can be a good addition.

The full height of this statue is 240cm and the material is fiberglass. The product comes with different parts that you can assemble to get the statue ready for display. You get 5 boxes on for each part. The current price of the product on monstersinmotion.com is $4799. You have to pay $800 extra to get a truck to ship this product to you.

The Avengers Hulk Life-size Statue by secretcompassonline.com

One of the best movie representations of the green beast is in the Avengers movie franchise. We see the incredible Hulk in an amazing form as well as get a good look at the genius, Bruce Banner. Kudos, to Mark Ruffalo for bringing the character to life. You can buy a life-size Hulk statue from secretcompassonline.com.

This statue mimics the character design of the Incredible Hulk from the Avengers movies. It is similar to the other similar options on the list but the price is different. The statue stands 110″ tall and you have to preorder it.

Once you have ordered the statue the company will contact the manufacturer and have it made for you. You cannot return this item. It costs $6,649. To purchase this directly contact the company to get a shipping quote.

Final Verdict

Buying life-size statues are quite expensive and are not for everyone. If you are a hardcore collector of Marvel or other comic book stuff then you can go for it. We have put in as many different options as possible.

Each of the options varies in price. If you are looking to buy the Avengers-style Hulk there are 3 to 4 options to choose from. They all provide the same dimensions and look but at varying prices. There are other non-movie varieties as well. We hope the statue you buy is a good addition to your collection and turns a lot of head.

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