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Instazood Review – Is it Safe Tool for Social Media Marketing?

Instazood Review

These days, there are loads of Instagram bots promising quick growth of followers and sky-high interaction numbers. While all of these methods pledge marketing performance for Instagram instantly, Instazood is adopting a more conservative approach.

Without utilizing bots and false accounts, Instazood aims to offer stable organic development and real performance.

If you’re interested in knowing whether Instazood is a secure and successful method to expand your Instagram fans, keep reading! We’ll go through the main features of Instazood, as well as some of the pros and cons that come from using this device.

Finally, I’m going to send you my final thoughts as to whether or not to use Instazood to expand your Instagram followers.

Key Features

Instazood provides a variety of fascinating apps that aim to make things simpler and quicker to handle and expand your account.

Here are some of the main features of the Instazood:

100% Bot Automation

Instazood enables your Instagram account to be completely automated. This Instagram bot will like stories, leave feedback and follow up on your behalf on other profiles.

Instagram stories can also be shared by people who use hashtags and geolocations specific to your page. Instazood also lets you uninstall users who are unfollowing.

You will optimize your experiences with 100 percent automation, and increasing the number of views your Instagram profile gets.

Post Scheduling

Instazood: Post Scheduling

Post planning and maintenance is another main function that Instazood provides. This functionality helps you to upload videos, attach captions, and schedule different times for your posts to go live.

Instazood will upload to your Instagram page directly, and you don’t have to think about keeping up with the updates. This is a wonderful benefit for busy company owners and advertisers who do not have the opportunity to write every single day.

The post scheduling function of Instazood helps you to arrange an infinite amount of posts and you can prepare your calendar on social media ahead for weeks.

Comments Manager

Instazood ‘s comment tracker allows you to register your feedback and have them in one easy spot. This function helps you to mark important comments so you won’t fail to respond to them later. This method even lets you remove and address comments, and label them as read.

Auto Direct Message

Instazood  Auto Direct Message

Auto-direct communication service from Instazood helps you to deliver messages to followers as well as to non-followers. With this app, you can submit messages of welcome to your new followers to give them a little more details about your brand, or guide them to your website.

Using this tool, you can attach pictures to your messages too. The auto-direct message feature of Instazood lets you submit up to 120 messages in a day.

Hashtag Targeting

Instazood utilizes tailored hashtags to classify users most likely to associate and connect with your profile. This interface helps you to interact with people who are already involved in your niche. This is the strongest accounts in which to connect, as they would be most inclined to communicate in your profile.

Location Targeting

You may opt to only communicate with accounts around you, or in different cities and countries with the location targeting feature. This functionality is perfect for brick and mortar companies wanting to connect with customers who may access their place physically.

Sleek Dashboard

Instazood has a slick dashboard that helps you to keep track of one location of your contacts and analytics. Up to 100 Instagram profiles may be linked to the Dashboard.

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Customer Support

Users of Instazood benefit from connections to customer service to assist with technological problems. While their customer service department is not accessible 24/7 when you call them they get back to you within 24 hours.

Getting Started

Instazood configuration was pretty easy and quick. Any each of their programs I signed up for a 3-day free trial. Because Instazood is cloud-based, no more updates or software is needed. What you need to do is sign up, then view the dashboard from your web browser.

Instazood’s Pricing and Plans

Unlike other related devices, Instazood has no separate plans which include a variety of apps. Alternatively, Instazood provides unique apps to every of its.

It may be both a favor and a burden for Instagram advertisers. When you’re just involved in utilizing one or two apps from Instazood so it’s good not to have to compensate for the ones you ‘re not going to use.

Unless you’re involved in one of any of its apps, though, otherwise you’ll end up charging a fairly heavy price for using Instazood.

Here’s a rundown on how much you should expect to pay for each feature on Instazood:

Instagram Bot:

Instazood: Instagram Bot

You will use Instazood’s Bot apps for $9.99 a month. For this program, you will automate accounts that track and evolve, including updates and leave comments. You would also have access to the operation filters at Instazood.

Comment Tracker:

Instazood: Comment Tracker

You will attach Instazood ‘s comment tracker to your package for a mere $9.99 a month. This feature helps you to label relevant comments, remove comments and address comments.

Direct Message:

The direct messaging service is the most costly feature of Instazood, at $14.99 a month. This app lets you submit instant messages of welcome to your new followers.

You can also send out general messages to followers as well as non-followers. The app lets you send up to 120 messages a day and add pictures to your posts.

Post Manager:

The ultimate function of Instazood is its Post Manager tool. You will build, plan, and uninstall posts for a monthly price of $9.99. I will sincerely suggest that you save your money on this app.

There are lots of free post schedulers and equally priced scheduling devices available that provide more functionality (more on this later!).


  • No Downloads: If you’ve read some of my other reviews then you know I dislike installing extra apps to use an Instagram automation tool. I also like the fact that you can use Instazood in every web browser and that it is cloud-based. There are a few related resources where additional functionality is needed. Yet, the app is also not compliant with Mac OS or ios devices.
  • Unlimited Accounts: Another great part about Instazood is the fact you can use this device to customize as many Instagram pages as you like. This functionality is perfect for multi-client advertisers and agencies. It’s also perfect for businesses that have several accounts with different divisions or places. This allows handling several accounts at once simpler, without needing to sign in and out.
  • Automatic Reduction of Speed: If you know something about Instagram bots, so you already realize it’s dangerous to use those devices. Instagram has restrictions on how many communications you perform. When you consistently violate those limits, it may penalize your account. Instazood has the potential to dynamically that the velocity of contact to mitigate this chance. This suggests it is winding down the development activities in order to avoid hitting Instagram’s limits.


  • Non-Inclusive Pricing Structure: For me the greatest drawback of Instazood is that you have to account for each of the functionality separately. You’ll spend around $45 a month to use each of Instazood ‘s key apps. I do not believe that is a reasonable deal as someone who has checked quite a number of these programs. Instagram automation platforms are cheaper and equally priced and provide more sophisticated functionality.
  • No Authentic Reviews: Another warning flag for me is that their web portal contains no legitimate comments or connections to actual users using the company. When studying automation software for Instagram, I like to have the ability to show actual users that have used the app. Reviews for Instazood contain titles but no business names or usernames for Instagram. It makes the comments somewhat inauthentic for me. This doesn’t mean the method doesn’t work, it’s only riskier to try out without real social data.
  • Customer Support: It’s awesome that Instazood provides consumer service, but they don’t have a customer support department in real-time. Their primary mode of communication is an email form, which guarantees to get back to you within 24 hours. That’s great if the problems aren’t immediate so if you require professional help in real-time, that ‘s certainly an annoyance.
  • No Manual Interactions: When you want 100 percent efficiency, that might not be a con to you. However, by utilizing the Instagram growth resources, I like to retain some credibility and power of my profile. The recommendation section of Instazood on their website recommends you withdraw from manual experiences when utilizing this device.

The explanation for this is that it improves the risk of reaching the contact caps of Instagram. I genuinely love interacting with my viewers and in the long run, it wouldn’t work for me.

In Conclusion:

Ultimately, Instazood seems to be a fairly healthy device. Should you decide to test the growth automation functionality, I wouldn’t be stopping you from doing so.

The only premium feature Instazood provides to me is its Auto Direct Message tool. The other aspects of Instagram Automation Tools are fairly common. Plus, the Post Scheduler provides plenty of suitable alternatives

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