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100+ Absolute Best Online Shopping & E-Commerce Sites in China

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E-shopping has drastically changed the lives of people. Earlier, if theres something you needed to buy, it meant researching prices, asking friends for their review, going all the way to the store, and then purchasing it at a heavily marked up price.

However, this has now changed. Thanks to the cheapest online shopping sites in China, a customer can not only purchase goods from the convenience of their home but also get to read reviews and opinions of other users of the product. Moreover, these online shopping stores offer heavy discounts on products as compared to their market prices.

Moreover, e-shopping sites are not merely restricted to their location or country. Therefore, a person sitting in the United States or anywhere else in the world can order goods off some of the top e-commerce sites in China. Online shopping sites like Ali Express have become extremely popular even amongst overseas customers thanks to their wide range of products and extremely cheap prices.

Be it clothes, electronics, furniture, watches or anything under the sun: chances are that there will be a dedicated online shopping site selling these products. Tons of these sites provide options like customer returns and replacement even if you live overseas. Moreover, these top online shopping sites from China also offer international shipping and delivery using China Post which is quite cheap.

Now you might wonder: how do I go about finding these online shopping websites? Well, we decided to put together this list just for you.

Here you’ll find a list of the e-commerce sites of China organized by category so that all the information you need is right here in one place.

Here’s the list of the absolute best online shopping sites in China:

Multi Product Websites 

Housing everything on one portal, multi-product websites are a blessing in disguise. While reducing the hassle of walking from aisle to aisle or store to store, these online sites also make the entire process of shopping way cheaper and easier than it would be otherwise.

We’re here to make things even easier! Here’s a list of China’s top multi-product shopping sites.

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Electronics and Gadgets  

Electronics and gadgets are an essentially integral part of the contemporary lifestyle. This is an upcoming industry that is growing at an exponential rate and an undeniable dependence on these gadgets has taken over our generation.

Online shopping portals only make it much easier to purchase these products, and we’ve curated a compilation of top Chinese online shopping sites list just for you.

Electronics and Gadgets 

Automobile and Related Products  

Save yourself the pressure of going from store to store looking for accessories that meet your requirements.

Order automobile products and accessories from one of these top Chinese shopping sites and avail greater options to satisfy your needs at great prices!

Automobile & Related Products

Refurbished and Overstocked Products 

Fashion & Accessories 

Directly or indirectly, fashion plays an obvious role in our day to day life. Accessories, accordingly, go hand in hand with fashion.  Fittingly, the fashion industry has been booming recently and with it, the demand for these products has grown proportionately.

We’ve made a list of the top 100 Chinese sites that offer you the best prices.

Fashion Accessories

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Though the public conception of beauty has changed over the years, the demand for beauty essentials hasn’t.

Make things easier for yourself and order your required items on the move with the help of these top shopping sites that offer you a great variety of products at reasonable prices. Look drop dead gorgeous and own it!

Beauty Products

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Only for Girls 

Listen up, ladies! Here’s your chance to order whatever you wish for, but at your own leisure and in the comfort of your own home. Shop from one of these top shopping sites and avail great offers, apart from the discretion you need.

Girls Accessories

Kids & Babies 

Having a baby, toddler or a kid calls for timely meals, regular naps and so on. Shop all your kid’s essentials online to make the whole process of parenthood a lot smoother.

Choose from this list of top Chinese shopping sites and stay ahead of the parenting game.

Kids & Babies

Health and Fitness 

Relieve yourself of the worries of having to walk from pharmacy to pharmacy, looking for medicines. Make your own gym at home to save yourself the travel to one.

Shop from one of these top Chinese shopping sites and not only avail great offers on your purchases, but give yourself more options to choose from!

Health and Fitness

Event booking 

Wish to watch that favourite musical concert without waiting in line for hours to get a ticket?

Don’t want to miss that party downtown because you couldn’t find tickets in time? Log on to one of these top websites and buy tickets to all your favourite events on one click!

Event Booking Tickets


Tired of agencies that promise you a good trip at a great price and let you down on gargantuan proportions?

Book your trips from one of these shopping sites and avail the options of last minute booking, reasonable prices, and easiest navigation.

Travelling Bus

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Office & Supplies 

Impress everyone at your office by buying them one the best quality supplies from one of these top Chinese shopping sites. In the process, not only reduce costs but also avail greater options to choose from.

Now, you can also make customised supplies such as posters and visiting cards.

Office & Supplies

Home & Kitchen 

To turn your house into a home, lifestyle essentials are a pre-requisite. Kitchen supplies are yet another addition to that, and it is but a fact that finding the perfect kind of home supplies is quite the tedious process in physical stores.

Shop from one of these top 100 Chinese shopping sites and avail great offers apart from finding everything possible under one roof.

Home & Kitchen


Want to give your house a look of sheer elegance and rustic aura?

Shop at one of these top Chinese shopping sites and find hand crafted items that meet your specific requirements at great prices. Give your home the upgrade it deserves.


  • Buding.com

Pets & All 

For people who love their pets beyond any other human, here’s your chance to show the world how much you actually love your little friend.

Buy them the best quality food and grooming supplies, choose from this list of top Chinese shopping websites that we’ve made for you and make things so much easier!


Books & All 

Right from children to the youth and adults, everyone reads books. They are, after all, man’s second best friend (after the dog).

Here’s good news for the bookworms out there. We’ve compiled a list of Chinese top online shopping sites and you can now find your favourite books for the lowest prices.



Sports are an innate part of our life in one way or another, and for some, more than the others. We’re here with a reason for our sporty audience to rejoice.

Go through this list of top Chinese shopping sites that offer you great deals on sports gear and buy yourself (or others) products of only the finest quality.

Sports Football on Ground


Be it someone’s birthday or anniversary, or even something as trivial as them acing a test they thought they’d fail, gifts are one’s genuine way of expressing happiness for the other.

These Chinese online shopping sites that we’ve made a list of for you will save you the trouble of going to a store and walking around for hours to find a suitable gift. Now sit in the comfort of your own home and pick out gifts for the ones you love!


Groceries & Food 

Online grocery shopping is a godsend gift for every family that is a regular at their neighbourhood grocery store. This considerably new idea has been widely accepted and is thoroughly enjoyed by the customers.

These websites save them from the whole process of picking out fresh fruits and vegetables from rotten ones, for example, when all they have to do now is scroll down and choose whatever they require. To make things easier for you, we’ve made a list of the top 100 Chinese sites that offer groceries and food.

Groceries & Food 


As you can see, these top e-shopping sites from China cover a wide gamut of categories. Most important thing to remember is that the websites on this list are safe and reputed.

Many time, people tend to be concerned about using their credit cards on an unverified website. However, with websites on this list you have nothing to worry about.

Please remember that when you order items from overseas, you might be required to pay customs duties on them. This is especially true if your product is an electronic item or is of a high value. Therefore, please check the applicable customs laws before ordering your shipments.

Lastly, always read the review of the seller written by other buyers before purchasing a product online. These reviews give a perfect idea of how good the product is and this can go a long way in helping you make a decision.

Now that you have this list, do remember to share it with your friends. Happy Shopping!

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