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100+ Best Online Shopping (E-Commerce) Sites in Asia (2021)


Online shopping has changed the way of customary monotonous shopping. It has become popular amongst the youngsters. And rightly so, because it takes care of the tech- savvy needs of the young generation where everything gets done within seconds, just by tapping the phone screen or a laptop.

You can order anything you want from the best online shopping sites in Asia, be it apparels, kitchen accessories, groceries, or electronics sitting at the comfort of your home. Isn’t it great? Booking tickets for a movie or a concert is just a tap away. Everything has become easier and simpler than before. Thanks to the advancement in technology which has made everything possible.

Online Shopping has vast benefits that should be taken into account. It is a time saving and fuel-saving process. Why to burn your petrol to visit a physical store when you can order everything online within no time? Buy yourself those pair of shoes you’ve always wanted to at discounted rate. Tired of cooking meal tonight? Go ahead and order dinner online from your favorite restaurant. Your sumptuous meal is just a click away.

It is technology driven. All the shopping sites have user-friendly online shopping apps in Asia for the convenience of the user. Using an app is simpler and easier. The apps are designed in a manner that even a layman can use it. The best thing about an app is you don’t have to enter your personal details every time you place an order.

Gone are the days when shopping used to be quite an investment of time, money, and effort each time you had to buy clothes, gadgets, cosmetics and other requirements! The advent of the Internet has simplified life and has made online shopping a boon for those who run busy schedules and do not have the time to hop from one brick ‘n mortar store to another.

The best online shopping sites in the world unveil a variety of brands, each with several product options for the customer to make well-informed choices. Even small e-retailers specializing in a single line of product make shopping convenient when you are weighing your options for this product and find them displayed with elaborate product information on such online stores.

Owing to the presence of several mega stores online and each vying for customer attention and engagement, it is usually a win-win situation for the buyer. They gain exposure to tonnes of products on the World Wide Web and also get them at the best prices. Cash-offs, discounts, and limited period deals keep running on the famous world e-commerce sites from time to time to increase buyer engagement.

Have a look at these sites for shopping online:

Multi Products Website 

You can choose from the list of online shopping sites in Asia for purchasing household products, clothes, electronic gadgets, books, baby products, cosmetics, stationary at just one place. We can say that a multi-products website is just like a hypermarket where you will find all the things at one particular place. Check out the list of the websites given below.

It takes no rocket science to guess what multi product websites must be for they are the virtual supermarkets that promise to provide the buyer everything under one roof.

From clothes to jewellery, stationery to books, utensils to crockery, home décor items to office supplies, grocery to electronics, and toys to everyday tools, you can find all of these categorised in various departments on these online hypermarkets.

Shopping is convenient, saves you time and money, and you get all the ordered items right at your doorstep.

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Electronics and Gadgets 

Electronics and Gadgets 

Top ecommerce websites in Asia are dedicated to selling electronics and gadgets such as refrigerators, washing machines, television sets, smartphones, audio systems etc.

They offer electronic products at a relatively cheaper rate because a physical store isn’t required for the operation of these sites. Here’s the list of the websites we have created for you.

These are the e-commerce giants that make the best of gadgets and electronics available to you at exciting prices. You don’t need to step out of home to purchase a home appliance like a refrigerator, microwave, washing machine, grill toaster, or television or personal use gadgets like smartphone, tablet, laptop, or Bluetooth headphones.

Many of these online electronic stores provide in-depth detail of features and aim to provide an enriching user experience. Compare prices and features of products before zeroing-in on a purchase. 

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Automobile and Related products 

Automobile & Related Products

Usually, it’s easy for you to lay your hands on high-quality automobile products and accessories in the best online shopping sites in the world meant for automobiles.

With an overwhelming number of models and makes of cars available today, you can avoid running from pillar to post looking for specific parts or aesthetically appealing accessories. Get them delivered on your physical address and cut the hassle! 

Shop for the automobile spare parts and accessories including camera, seat covers from the famous Asia ecommerce sites to cater to all requirements of your vehicle. Browse through the list included below.

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Refurbished and Overstock Products

It may sometimes happen that a manufacturer makes an incorrect estimation of the demand or his calculations do not go as planned. This can create situations of product surplus and there are online stores that offer these overstock products at attractive discounts just to turn them over through sales.

Refurbished products, which are generally electronics, often work in the favour of gizmo freaks. When you are looking for electronics in a brand new condition with probably just the box seal opened yet at unbelievable prices, you can turn to these stores.

Second hand products or those that may have been returned by the customer owing to different reasons also come in the bracket of refurbished products. These are restored to a new condition and go through stringent measures of quality check before they are made available for purchase again. 

Some sites have refurbished, second- hand goods such as smartphones, laptops, consumer goods like Television sets, washing machines and refrigerators made available at discounted prices.

Looking for a smartphone you always wanted to buy but its cost deterred you? You could buy it at a low price from the websites given below.

Fashion accessories 

Fashion Accessories

In the current times when fashion changes by the minute, it becomes essential to keep your fashion accessories up-to-date as well. Popular online stores stock the latest designs that have become a rage with teenagers and youngsters.

The best brands have become affordable, thanks to price-offs and limited period offers that run from time to time for the lucky to benefit from.

Go for those beautiful earrings and a bracelet to flaunt your stylish dress for the perfect dinner date with your partner. Buy yourself a sling purse and a pair of bellies to complement with it. You can buy more such fashion accessories from the list of sites stated below.


Beauty Products

Girls love to shop for beauty and skin care products that can make them look gorgeous not just on special occasions but even on ordinary days.

The beauty segment offers some top ecommerce websites in the world that get a lot of targeted traffic and conversions because they stock the best of brands that are known to carry great results.

Now you needn’t worry about running out of stock of your favourite shampoo or cream because you can order them in advance on the beauty portals.

Cosmetics can make you look more beautiful by hiding those undesirable dark circles and spots on your face. Find everything including lipsticks, blushers, concealers, from the most trusted brands like MAC, Revlon, Maybelline, Chambor on the beauty sites listed below.

Only for Girls 

Girls Accessories

Buy yourself those seductive strapless, backless lingerie at affordable prices to flaunt your evening gowns. Find the size and comfort you want in your innerwear from these sites mentioned below.

Often, girls need to shop for something they don’t prefer to disclose to anyone. There are stores online that understand their need for privacy and let them order lingerie, bridal wear, and sanitary items from the comfort of their homes.

What’s more, they come packaged in a discreet fashion and only you know what is inside. 


Kids and Babies

Kids & Babies

When you have growing kids at home, you may often need to revamp their wardrobe or stock stationery requirements. Make sure you have some of the good online shopping apps in the world installed on your handheld device, allowing you to make purchases on the move.

Since you shop more frequently for your little ones, mobile apps instantly let you know of sale and other offers so that you get good value for money.

Exclusive online baby stores offer the best baby products that care for your baby and are devoid of harmful chemicals. The best thing about shopping baby products online is that you get discounts that are not usually provided by the physical stores.

Isn’t it economical when you can find everything your baby needs at one place? Get baby shampoos, soaps, towels, clothes, feeding bottles, baby food at the sites dedicated only for the babies and kids. Check out this exhaustive list of websites especially created for you.

Health and Fitness 

Health and Fitness

With online stores catering to the health and fitness needs of people, you can order medicines, health drinks, protein mixes, multivitamins, exercising equipment, and self-diagnosis devices right at your doorstep.

Now you don’t need to visit the physical stores that you can’t even be sure have the product you came all the way for.

Get the medicines, protein shakes, nutritional refreshments from an online store at discounted prices. At times, you may need to submit a prescription. Find the list of websites we’ve made for you to order medicines online within the confines of your home.

Event booking 

Event Booking Tickets

The event segment is most sought after by people who are always looking to savour enriching experiences, be in the form of musical concerts, live events, movies, excursions, plays, parties, treks, or sports matches. The enterprising ones may even want to go all the way to attend coveted events in other cities. Online event booking sites or apps are the best way to beat the queues and book your passes or tickets.

Avoid last minute booking hassles by booking tickets for your favorite concert or a movie through a website or an app within minutes. It is convenient to use. You also have an option of selecting your seat. Book your tickets through these sites.


Travelling Bus

Travel portals simplify your travel needs by helping you book your air and train tickets with ease even for last minute travel. The tickets are, of course, subject to availability and if you are lucky you may be able to make your bookings at a reasonable cost.

Many of these travel sites are able to handle bookings for your entire trip from the moment you need to start from home till you are dropped at your doorstep. Just a few clicks and you are good to go!

Planning for an outing with family? Give your family the most recreational holiday to the exotic destinations anywhere in Asia by booking tickets online within minutes. Travel wherever you want to by booking tickets through the websites given below.

Office Supplies 

Office & Supplies

Stock all your office supplies by ordering them online on trusted portals where you can select the best ones that fit your budget and everyday needs. There are online stores also catering to customising items that are a part of your corporate identity such as visiting cards, banners, and office uniform. 

Want to start a new business? Get all the office supplies from pins, printing paper, glue to visiting cards, banners at just one place.

Moreover you can also order personalized gifts such as coffee mugs, laptop bags, and printed t-shirts for your employees and that too, at reasonable prices. Check out these websites for your office supplies.

Home and Kitchen 

Home & Kitchen

Redecorate your home with the best furniture, bathroom fittings and accessories, home décor items including lamps, diffusers and scented candles. It gives a rich look and feel to your home. Have a look at these websites for your home and kitchen supplies.

Have a theme or colour in mind for your home’s décor? Often, you will be able to browse through the most stunning items of home décor online and you would probably not find them in the physical outlets.

Making available a huge collection of every conceivable item under one virtual roof, home décor sites are the best way to shop and beautify your home. 



Handicrafts can completely change the décor of your home. Want to add a touch of ethnicity and culture to your home? Then, you should definitely give a look to these websites where you will find unique handicrafts from all over Asia to beautify your home.

Handcrafted items usually stand out in a crowd for they exude simplicity and look plain beautiful. If you have a taste for handmade things that will go with the ethnic flavours you love, you can find them online. Reducing the world to a global marketplace, online handicraft stores make available handmade creations from different countries and ethnicities.

Pets & All 


No matter which pet you have at home, you can give it the best food, accessories like belts, mattress to meet its basic requirements. You can also read informational blogs to take better care of your loved pets. Check out the websites below.

Love your little poodle or handsome Alsatian more than anyone else in your life? That’s even more a reason for it deserving the best care and pampering! Virtual pet stores render the convenience of refilling your pet supplies on a routine basis. Online stores have made it easy to lay your hands on wholesome and exotic foods and grooming supplies.

Books & All 


Love the smell of the brand new book? If you are a voracious reader, your thirst for reading may never diminish. Check out the latest collection of magazines and books from varied genres, fiction, literature, sports, biographies, science and technology from these online book stores.

Books are a man’s best friend and online book stores have given every reason for rejoicing to bookworms. You can also lay your hands on second hand books at throwaway prices on some of the stores.


Sports Football on Ground

Love sports? Get the latest sports equipment, cricket ball, badminton racket and apparels including gloves, tees, shorts from the online store at affordable prices to rekindle your love and passion for sports.

Log on to specialised sporting gear stores to pick the ones the sports fan at your home has always wanted to own. Make sure you check the offerings from different brands to figure out the products that match your specific requirements.



Want to buy a gift for your loved one? Look nowhere. Gift your loved one a bouquet of flowers, box of assorted chocolates, designer mugs, or an exotic cake from an exclusive online store. Check out the various gifting options from these websites.

Gift stores have cut down barriers to spread immense love by making it quick and easy for you to send gifts online to your loved ones. Your loved ones may be miles apart and when it’s not possible to handpick a bouquet, cake, or soft toy for them, you can surprise them by getting these customised gifts through an online store. These stores make gifts available for all occasions and seasons.

Groceries and Food 

Groceries & Food 

Going out to get groceries seems to be a daunting task especially when you have kids at home. No need to walk out of your home to buy food and groceries now onwards. You can stock your monthly groceries from cereals, sprouts, fruits and vegetables, bread, cheese, and canned juices from an online store. It gets delivered to the specified address within a day. Have a peek into these websites to stock your daily essentials.

Online grocery stores have simplified lives, particularly of working people, since they help them order their month’s entire lot of groceries and get them delivered home. Keep a watch on coupons and offers to accrue unbelievable savings on your spend.

Online food delivery is equally a rage with the best of portals tying up with restaurants in your city or town to serve your favourite delicacies piping hot, just the way you like it!


The e-commerce has gained importance in the recent times due to the innumerable benefits it can offer to its customers. It facilitates easy and secured transactions. A layman needn’t worry about the fraudulent activities which takes place in the Internet world. Everything has been taken care of by the ecommerce by implementing the security procedures to prevent hacking of your credit/debit card details.

However, a customer needs to be mindful of his activities while shopping online. Beware of giving away your credit/debit card details to the sites you are unaware of. You can always opt for cash on delivery if you are a first time shopper on that particular site to check if it is genuine.

While using an app or a website, check the reviews of the products you wish to buy. Sometimes there are fraudulent sellers who wants to sell you the defective or second hand products. Glimpse through the reviews section to verify the authenticity of the sellers.

Open the package to check if the right products are delivered to you. If not, you can return the package within the given time-limit. Make sure you return or exchange it as soon as possible. Some of the sites offer 15 days return policy while some of them offer 30 day return/exchange policy.

Always check the terms and conditions on the website before purchasing anything.

Enjoy shopping!

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