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List of 100+ Best Online Shopping (E-Commerce) Sites in Pakistan


.The internet has really revolutionized how we live out our day-to-day lives, especially when it comes to online shopping. It is unmatched with the amount of convenience factor it adds to our life. Why waste energy in roaming around searching for the perfect leather jacket when the entire shop’s catalogue is on your screen? Not to forget the huge amount of time you save.

So, we have brought together for you some of Pakistan’s best online shopping sites in each of the following categories. Read up, check out the websites, and shop your heart away to the best products there can possibly be!

Multi Product Websites 

Multi Products Websites

Ever walked into a store to buy soap but ended up buying sunglasses, a china set, and an iPod? We have an internet version of that kind of shop too. It is called a multi-product website.

Whatever you need, these websites are at your service.

Log on, browse, buy!

Electronics and Gadgets Electronics and Gadgets 

Newer gadgets with unbelievably enhanced features get launched within a blink of an eye these days. Don’t miss out on these inventions just because you do not want to step out of the house.

Have all the latest electronics at your fingertips and be up-to-date with this fast-paced world, especially in terms of technology.

Automobile and Related Products Automobile & Related Products

What is the one grown-up thing we watch our parents do and just cannot wait to do ourselves? Driving. Many of you have probably had a feel of the wheel whilst sitting on your parent’s lap and pretending to drive.

And the excitement does not change even when you grow up. Nothing like the adrenaline rush whilst shifting gears to zoom past a narrow, clumsy road. You still love driving and your car even more.

Head over to these websites to purchase everything related to automobiles.

Fashion Accessories Fashion Accessories

It is almost miraculous what a single accessory can do to your outfit. Fashionistas show what we are talking about and regular users of these sites can vouch for them.

Choose from chains, bracelets, brooches, and so many others to fire up your clothes and watch how you sizzle in them.

Beauty Beauty Products

We know that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but a simple kohl takes you from looking like you have been sleep-deprived for 17 days to well, like you are all set to take on the world.

Get all your cosmetic needs covered by the best brands out there on these websites mentioned below. Everything from lipsticks to concealers to bronzers can be found on these.

Only for Girls Girls Accessories

Hey girls, we know you have a list of wants when it comes to shopping which we try to get for you. So here, we have the best online shopping sites Pakistan has to offer with everything from clothes to jewelry to bags and shoes. All you need to do is click on what you need and it will reach your doorstep within days. As simple as that!

Kids & Babies Kids & Babies

We cannot resist going “aww” at the sight of kids and babies but only their parents know the real struggles of dealing with their grumpy, cranky, and adamant side. Parents go through a lot of trouble and deserve some convenience in their life after the many, many long and sleepless nights. This is why these websites exist.

They are parents’ one-stop shops for everything related to their kids and babies. Wish to order diapers in bulk, baby shoes, or some attractive toys, this is your place to go. Easy, time-saving, and extremely helpful, don’t you agree?

Health and Fitness Health and Fitness

Health and fitness is one of the most essential yet under-prioritized aspects of our lives. We want you to look after your health as much as possible in the midst of the hustle and bustle of your life. So, take out a few minutes of your day to browse through the options on these sites which you know would add a lot to your life, head to checkout, and voila!

From multi-vitamins to protein shakes, whatever you require, these top ecommerce websites in Pakistan will deliver them to your home.

Event booking 

Event Booking Tickets

Do you love attending various events happening in the city? These online sites will show you a guiding light. Keep an eye on these to know what is new in town that interests you.

And when you find one you would love to visit, book your tickets online and show up! Seminars, concerts, or musicals, whatever you need, these sites are at your service.

Travel Travelling Bus

Inspired by the millions of travel bloggers posting jaw-dropping pictures and informational content? Cursing your work every single morning when you see articles on people quitting their jobs to travel? Travel is exploring the very planet you live on whilst exploring yourself a little more. And yes, it is totally worth it!

These famous Pakistani ecommerce sites help make travelling easy for you, be it flight bookings, hotel bookings, or train bookings. They have it all covered for you. Find the most reasonable travel plans and holiday packages to suit your budget.

Office & Supplies Office & Supplies

Believe it or not, office essentials do affect the employees’ productivity. Wouldn’t uncomfortable chairs, clumsy tables, and faulty printers and scanners affect your ability to give it a 100% at work?

To make your office the most ideal workplace where you optimize your employees’ capacities, visit these websites and browse through their collections to identify and purchase all kinds of office and related products.

Add the comfort factor to your workplace and watch your employee’s productivity catapult to new heights.

Home & Kitchen Home & Kitchen

Home is where you forget all your worries as soon as you enter because of the peace of mind it gives you. If you want it to be “Home Sweet Home,” it must have elements of you. Your house must represent you in ways that make you comfortable and relaxed.

Thus, go crazy shopping by just tapping on those online shopping apps in Pakistan for the best home décor items that are the most “you.” We are talking cozy couch cushions, pretty curtains, and blankets you can’t resist snuggling into.

Handicrafts Handicrafts

Add a hint of culture and heritage to your home by opting for some unimaginably beautiful handicrafts. A little bit of color as well as a traditional look is what they will bring to your home aesthetics.

Pets & All Pets

These adorable little animals try to fill up every empty space in your life. What do they ask in return? Not much. Just a whole lot of love and care. So, do not hold back when it comes to pets.

Shower them with the love they are entitled to by buying pet related products on these few websites. Whatever your pets need, these sites will offer at the best rates and of the best quality.

Books & All Books

If you are one of those who are usually not seen outdoors because you are curled up into a ball reading the night away, this is the segment that would appeal most to you. If “Books are my best friends” is a statement you frequently use too, click on the following websites to find the best-sellers in the world.

Horror, autobiographies, or perhaps an encyclopedia, whatever interests you, you can purchase it off these websites and it will reach you in no time.

Sports  Sports Football on Ground

Whether you are trying out for the school/college sports team or just taking up sports as a pastime to relieve yourself from stress, this is your place to be. Get all sorts of sports related products here.

Have a whole world of sports at your fingertips and shop away.

Gifts Gifts

Gifting your colleague on her promotion or your dad on Father’s Day, head to this bunch to solve all your troubles involving gifts. We agree that finding the perfect gift is extremely difficult so these websites have decided to make your life a little easier.

Surf through their options and figure out what suits your budget and the receiver the best!

Groceries & Food Groceries & Food 

Buying groceries is one of the most tedious chores to do, isn’t it? Well, how about getting these done with a few clicks of buttons too? These few online websites make that totally possible.

Fill up your shopping cart with some carrots and peas, pay up, and get them delivered at the earliest.

Refurbished and Overstocked Products

These websites strive to make every shopper’s dream come true – to get the best products at a fraction of the price. How? Well, check these websites out to know.

This list of online shopping sites in Pakistan offers you a range of refurbished and overstocked items for you to look through.


Those were some of the best ecommerce websites Pakistan has to offer. So, what are you waiting for? Get on those websites listed above and start shopping already.

Surf. Purchase. Receive. Enjoy!

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