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10 Best Places to Buy Tidal Plays & Followers in 2023

Buy Tidal Plays & Followers

A music artist, Tidal is one of the best platforms to gain exposure and take your music to the next level. Tidal offers several unique features as compared to other mainstream music streaming platforms then buy Tidal plays. Owing to its stellar services, Tidal has gained a lot of prominence over the last couple of years. This s why several artists have now started relying on these platforms to get their music heard worldwide.

If you want to gain an edge over the competition and get signed up by relevant agencies, consider investing in Tidal promotion services. These services are designed to help artists get their music heard by a vast audience while saving time and money.

Here is a list of  10 Best Places to Buy Tidal Plays & Followers.

Streaming Famous

Streaming Famous - buy tidal plays

With more than 9500 happy artists, Streaming Famous is undoubtedly one of the best sites to buy real Tidal plays. They provide a platform boost for artists to get noticed by millions of listeners that are actually interested. They go the extra mile to provide targeted results as per the genre of the artist.

This not only helps in more engagements but also ensures lasting results with higher popularity. Once you sign up with their services, you’ll be provided with a dedicated account manager. They help in seeing through that their customers are satisfied with the results.

All their plays are 100% monetizable, helping artists make money off their passion. Users can either choose from their curated packages or go for custom plans. As soon as you complete the transaction, their order processing would start within an hour.

Since the target audience research takes time, one can expect complete delivery in 12-24 hours. Their plans are proceeding keeping in mind the limited budget of new artists. One can get started and buy authentic tidal plays for as low as $5.95.


Crescitaly - buy tidal plays

To help users stand out from the crowd, Crescitaly is here to help users buy Tidal plays that provide long-time benefits. This is a genuine and one of the most reliable SMM panels out there. With more than 4k total users 200k total orders, their team knows their play around thousands of services.

Their methods are tried and tested, to ensure genuine growth on Tidal from real accounts only. Through their dashboard, one can have easy access to their favorite services. The process is transparent, clean, and very user-friendly. To make sure that they’re always on top of all the latest trends, their platform also comes up with weekly updates.

The tool understands the importance of time, and hence completes all orders within a matter of minutes. This way, users can become stress-free about their promotions and work on seamless content creation. Even their customer support is direct and prompt, as their team is only a text away on WhatsApp and a ticketing system.

SMM Portal

SMM Portal - buy tidal plays

If you want to get signed with a record or sell more records. You can count on the SMM portal to buy Tidal plays. They provide services that are designed to help clients increase their music’s popularity and gain a wider audience. Their team has sufficient expertise and experience to give the right assistance for different clients’ requirements.

Their services are accustomed to the personal taste of each client, giving their fame an extra boost. Users can choose between buying packages for increasing tidal video plays, tidal playlist plays, or both. One can even get overnight success, considering that the tool lets one buy over 1 million plays in one go.

Those who choose to go for bigger plans also get an additional discount. This time-tested service provides a timely delivery for all orders, regardless of the order size. Besides this, one can also invest to buy tidal followers and likes. With their services, one can get their music heard by thousands of people starting at $135.

Best SMMBest SMM - buy tidal plays

Best SMM panel has more than 6 years of experience in marketing for different distress. Their platform is a one-stop destination for those looking to increase engagements on different social media streaming services. All their services are scrutinized and updated at regular intervals to provide users with the best experience.

One can simply create an account, make a deposit, select services, and see the engagements flowing in. This tool is known for services that are SEO-friendly, less time-consuming with a user-friendly interface. They also offer a host of features such as mass order feature or drop feed feature.

One of the reasons why Best SMM has become a go-to tool is because of its affordable services. .Users can choose between buying Tidal playlist plays or Tidal WW video plays. To get started, their plans start at 6.21 and $12.42 respectively. Users can place an order as big as 1 billion plays in one go and get results overnight.


Marketerum - buy tidal plays

Marketerum is another renowned go-to tool for those looking to buy high-quality Tidal plays.  This one-stop destination comes with an array of marketing services, including Tidal metrics. Their marketing techniques are 100% safe and up to date with the Tidal policies and algorithms.

They also come with an automatic refill button enabled and a cancel button enabled. To maintain a more natural look, all their results come gradually with its drip-feed feature. The order processing starts within a day, helping users gain traction within a day.

The average playtime for their results varies from 60 seconds to 120 seconds. The average order speed is 1-3k plays per day until the order is completed. Users can order a billion Tidal plays in one go to run a successful campaign. Besides this, they also offer location-based targeted results for those looking for USA plays. Their plans are pocket-friendly, starting at $8.41.

Cheap SMM junior

Cheap SMM junior - buy tidal plays

Although Cheap SMM Junior only started providing services in 2-19, it has earned a reliable reputation from users all across the globe. Just as suggested by its name, it is one of the most affordable places to buy Tidal plays besides other services. Their team offers help for branding campaigns, higher engagements, and ads.

They also assist users in creating high-quality campaigns for their clients. With more than 1k active services, they have successfully completed over a million orders. Their team is highly active and starts processing the order within minutes of the transaction. Their dashboard to quite simple to operate on, and users can build their expertise to maximize traction on their content.

Users can choose between video plays, playlist plays, or even location-based plays. And in case of any queries, their team is available round the clock to offer support. They have several clients vouching for their high-quality services. In addition to this, users can also earn money through referrals with their reseller panel.

Social Bar

Social Bar - buy tidal plays


Social Bar is a one-stop-shop where users can buy Tidal plays and much more. They offer solutions for all social media platforms, from Facebook to Discord. All their plethora of services come with high-quality results that provide lasting benefits.

This trusted partner provides reliable and trustworthy services that have the ability to help clients gain worldwide exposure. They have worked with different agencies, bloggers, and brands to know what can work for you. Their team takes care of staying up to date and employing the latest techniques to ensure high engagements and traction.

Their order processing starts instantly, and the delivery time depends on the order size. A majority of their orders get delivered within a couple of hours of placing the order. Their results are real and active and come with a free refill policy. Besides this, they also offer non-drop protection to maintain clients’ credibility. In case of any queries, one can raise a ticket and get the issue resolved instantly.

Go2Top Panel

Go2Top Panel

Go2Top Panel is a leading platform that provides users with endless digital marketing services. From SEO to PPC management, they have a vast team with diverse experience to help clients grow in all areas. They provide a number of social media marketing services, with special emphasis on music streaming services.

This makes it one of the most trusted tools to buy Tidal plays, followers, and likes. Their team has years of experience in different kinds of promotion and can help one gain popularity through Tidal. All their methods are completely organic, increasing credibility and real engagements. Since all their results are authentic and active, it can help users increase their fan base.

Their various tactics have passed the test of time, with unbelievable results for clients. The delivery starts within 24 hours, with a speed of 60-120 seconds of playtime. Their results come with a drop-protection with lifelong plays, followers, and likes.  Interested artists may gain popularity on Tidal starting at only 5.40.

Artist Push

Artist Push



Artist Push is an exclusive service designed for budding musicians worldwide. In a span of 5 years, they have helped several musicians command countless deals, events, engagements, and more. Their team has also conducted over 10 music festivals to help artists get more exposure.

They promote packages that are diverse and include blog posts, music projects, and music videos as well. Their tactics are completely safe, legal, and effective. In this fast-moving world, Artist Push takes care of delivering the results on time. One can see an instant effect in their plays, right after the plan is activated. Their teamwork is hard to deliver only real traffic, without any risk of bots.

Hence, they employ only organic methods to help clients get their desired results. Since their team consists of experienced professionals, you can expect to gain long-lasting benefits. This is also one of the cheapest sites to buy Tidal plays. To get authentic results, get started for only $5.

Promo Sound Group

Promo Sound Group


Promo Sound Group specializes heavily in streaming services like boosting Tidal plays. They have highly focused professional playlist push services that consist of advanced targeting options. With their services, artists get much more than simple playlists or video plays.

Instead, they help creators get an audience who is interested in the music of a similar genre. Their services are also designed to help artists push the Tidal charts by popularizing playlists. There are endless artists who have earned a good amount of royalty by availing of their services.

Since all their methods are organic, users can be assured of safety and security. It also helps in generating lasting results with overall benefits. Their plans are curated keeping in mind the limited budget of newbie artists. Their prices are competitive, quite frankly unbeatable. To get started, all one needs is an investment of $3.


There are countless services that allow users to get Tidal plays, along with other benefits. This list consists of the most trusted and reliable sites that have helped artists earn royalties, get signed up by records, and more. Try and test these tools to find the right match as per your objectives and budgets. Let these experts take care of marketing while you focus on creating music!

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