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10 Best Places to Buy Monetized YouTube Channels

Places To Buy Monetized YouTube Channels

Do you wish to climb the coveted ladders of YouTube stardom then Buy Monetized YouTube Channels. Come back and ask yourself- do you know where to begin. Is the answer a big NO? We have got a solution for this! Creating a YouTube channel, well anyone can do that- so, creating a profitable YouTube channel- is nothing less than a Herculean task.

You had some chance for better organic growth ten years before. Now, the waves of competition will pull you to the sea! Well, let’s leave competition aside for some time. Organic growth on youtube involves the continuous creation of new content and employing massive marketing strategies. We have a question for you- do you have time for all these?

Again, if the answer is a big NO, you’re at the perfect place at the perfect time! You don’t have to run the race all by yourself. Just start mid-way with a baton passed on by someone. Is it possible? Yes! It is. There are a plethora of sites out there from where you can buy monetized YouTube channel and begin your journey to stardom. Waiting doesn’t make any sense now. Continue reading!

Here is the list of the Best Places to Buy Monetized YouTube Channels.


Fameswap - Buy Monetized YouTube Channels

One of the best places to buy monetized YouTube channels, each of their listing’s data is acquired directly from their social media services. That is, Fameswap verifies and monitors all postings. There’s no place for any fraud here, and everything is safe.

Worried about the hassle associated with the purchase? You can complete the entire process with just four simple steps. Firstly, you just have to browse through the accounts that they have for sale. Before every account is put up for sale, it is evaluated by the Fameswap staff. As a starting point for negotiations, the account holder may set their pricing.

Secondly, using a messaging system, you can safely discuss with the sellers on account context, history, and potential prospects. Thirdly, you have to make a purchase offer for an account at the price you are willing to pay. Following acceptance of the offer, the payment can be commenced via a dedicated escrow service offered by Fameswap.

Finally, Fameswap escrow will transfer payments to the seller, ensuring your account transfer. Furthermore, to provide you with secure encrypted transactions, Fameswap has partnered with multiple banks for Buy Monetized YouTube Channels business. Also, Fameswap needs its users to go through verification processes before they can perform any transactions, leaving no space for money fraud.

In addition to that, after you have completed payment to Fameswap, the cash will be held until you have verified the agreement. It is called the inspection period. After the sale is done, a specialized team at Fameswap will supply you with all pertinent information, allowing you to take over the account. Moreover, they will inform buyers and sellers via email after the entire procedure. Finally, Fameswap support is accessible 24×7 even after purchase. Contact them anytime you like!


Lenos - Buy Monetized YouTube Channels

Lenos, our first pick, is one of the greatest places out there to buy monetized YouTube channel and start earning instantly. Who wants a pathetic ranking even before starting? Here, there will be no spam, bouncy followers, foreign language videos, irrelevant videos, or cheap bots on Buy Monetized YouTube Channels.

Then what will you get here? You will get English channels offering high-quality videos with massive organic traffic, optimized for your niche! With actual subscribers and real views, you will also get the design of a custom logo and channel art. Moreover, you will get a customizable intro and outro.

What more? All channels will have one-of-a-kind videos featuring an English voice-over. Also, you will get licensed clips and music with the channel. However, you may still be skeptical. Don’t worry! Just visit their page and scroll down to see some examples of their nonpareil spectacle.

Furthermore, you can buy monetized YouTube channel of two kinds. Firstly, you can have a channel with monetization potential. Just select your preferred niche, and you will get a channel full of original, state-of-the-art material, ready to monetize. You will get it within 3-7 days.

Secondly, you can opt for an entirely custom-monetized channel. Just give them your channel name and niche, and they will take care of the rest. With custom graphics, your channel will be full of original videos, real subscribers, and watch hours. You will get the link within three days. However, you have to wait up to one month to start earning!

Eazy Viral

Eazy Viral - Buy Monetized YouTube Channels

Well, agreed that there are many YouTube accounts out there for sale. But how will you know that the information they have put is genuine? If you are still skeptical about buying monetized YouTube account, you may check out the accounts for sale at Eazy Viral.

Everything is transparent here. They directly acquire the account data from YouTube, and there is no room left for exaggeration or false description. Moreover, you can pay securely with EazyViral. To make your payment experience secure and hassle-free, they have collaborated with multiple banks.

Furthermore, once you have purchased your YouTube account from the seller, EasyViral support will be available to you 24×7. This post-purchase support will come in handy if you encounter any problems after purchase. One of the best sites to buy monetized YouTube channel, all the accounts you buy from here will come with some appealing features.

Firstly (and obviously), the monetization feature will be already active. You don’t have to do anything, just sit in your armchair and enjoy a cocktail! Secondly, you will get a free AdSense account. Also, there will be no copyright claims or community strikes.

In addition to that, you will get a free logo and a banner design tailored to your needs. Finally, you can pay through PayPal, Bitcoin, Skrill, Perfect Money, and other popular payment options available on Buy Monetized YouTube Channels. Not satisfied with what you just bought? They offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Audience Gain

Audience Gain - Buy Monetized YouTube Channels

One of the best sites to buy monetized YouTube channel, buy a channel from here, and you will find it meets all the requirements for video ads to be enabled right away. So, what’s your job here? Simply concentrate on making high-quality videos! Moreover, all their YouTube channels are organically grown. However, it might cost more than botted ones.For botted channels, they offer a three-day guarantee.

On the other hand, they promise that their organically grown channels will not end up in any demonetization crisis. Also, all the channels they sell have unique videos with real views and engagement. Their one-of-a-kind videos were all made and approved by their team of professional content creators. There is no room for copyright infringements or community strikes!

In addition, if the channel quality is not as represented, they guarantee a full refund. No questions asked! In the United States or the United Kingdom, monetized channels are already linked to a Google Adsense account.

So, what if you are from another location? Simply let them know, and they will set you up with a Google Adsense account! Being most secure and convenient, Paypal is the primary payment method for all services they offer. Also, they accept payments through Bitcoin, Skrill, Perfect Money, Western Union, and Payoneer.

Player Up

Playerup - Buy Monetized YouTube Channels

PlayerUp, our next pick, has built an appealing marketplace where you can buy monetized YouTube channel at a reasonable price. Something is different here. PlayerUp, unlike many other YouTube marketing companies, does not provide YouTube channels that they have created.

It’s more of a platform for YouTubers to sell their channels. Just go to their site, and you will see a list of YouTube channels put up for sale. Browse through them, choose the best, and contact the seller directly to negotiate and pay.

Moreover, they provide comprehensive filters that allow you to filter out channels with a buy specific number of subscribers, of a specific genre, or with a given monetization state.

ACCS Market

ACCS Market - Buy Monetized YouTube Channels

ACCS Market, our next pick, is a one-of-a-kind service that allows you to buy monetized YouTube channel in a secure atmosphere.  If you buy one from them, they will either ensure that your new channel is transferred to you or refund your money.

Moreover, ACCS Market has more than just entertainment channels in its inventory. They have channels related to music, travel, lifestyle, and much more! Furthermore, they have sellers all over the world, and your location won’t be a stumbling block if you buy monetized YouTube channel from them. Finally, they offer guarantor services, escrow services, arbitration, and instructions for the fund transfer to guarantee a transaction of security and transparency.


Trustiu - Buy Monetized YouTube Channels

One of the best places to buy monetized YouTube channel, all the channels they have for sale are properly inspected by their team.  With reasonable costs and a vast variety of genre-specific channels, Trustiu will be the go-to spot for everything from gaming videos to beauty tips.

Moreover, in contrast to other platforms, Trustiu offers YouTube channels in several different languages. You will get YouTube is available in many languages, including Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Finally, you can filter out the channel you love by start date, monthly revenue, and language, making it easier than on other marketplaces to identify the ideal channel based on individual requirements.

Eazy SMM

Eazy SMM

Want to buy monetized YouTube channel that are also aged? Eazy SMM is a fantastic platform for that.  Moreover, you can buy monetized YouTube channel in bulk here. That is, you can have up to 100 YouTube channels on a single account.

Furthermore, they have dedicated YouTube growth services. From YouTube likes to shares and comments, they will deliver targeted traffic to them. With an old YouTube account from Eazy SMM, you won’t have to worry about community strikes or unnecessary verifications.

The accounts are secure, do not break any terms of service, and come with a money-back guarantee of 24 hours. Finally, Eazy SMM accepts payments through VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc., and Bitcoin.



One of the most cost-effective marketplaces out there for you to buy monetized YouTube channel, Accfarm is the next one on our list. Here, you can get an authentic YouTube channel with 1000 subscribers under $100.

However, for all YouTube accounts, you buy from here, they don’t recommend updating any personal or security information within seven days. To avoid account suspension, they will instruct you to use proxies with the account, depending on your country of origin.

Bitcoin, PayPal, Mastercard, VISA, and other payment options are accepted here. Furthermore, if you find that the channel you bought does not meet your requirement, the platform provides a 48-hour money-back guarantee.

Best Point Online

Best Point Online

Best Point Online, our final pick, will offer you a monetized YouTube channel with 1,000 real subscribers and 4,000 watch hours. Moreover, you can choose your niche and customize your account. The account will come with quality content, and you just have to continue its success! Not only quality, but the content there will be unique and in line with YouTube guidelines to increase rank. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about community strikes or copyright violations.

Wrapping it Up

1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours. Do numbers matter? Yes, they do. For someone who has just started, reaching this point is an uphill task. When you buy monetized YouTube channel, you don’t have to waste your time and energy to reach this figure. You will already have monetization enabled, and you can earn instantly from your videos.

However, beware of the scammers. Along with legit websites, you might encounter a bunch of spammers, waiting for you to fall into the pit. On one hand, you might get a channel with strikes or copyright violations, and on the other, you might not get anything at all! Also, some sell channels grown using bots, which will be of no use to you. Don’t worry! With the above list in hand, you can now buy monetized YouTube channel that suit your requirements without looking back.

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