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Backlinksindexer Review (2022): Boost The Power Of Your Backlinks

Backlinksindexer Review

Are you looking for a website indexing service? If yes, you have reached the right destination. We have come across a notable indexing software that will streamline your website and improve its ranking across Google search. Get rid of the old school ways of doing things. It is one of the best websites indexing services in the industry.

It eliminates the need for backlink tiers so that you get ample time to consider other business prospects. Backlinks Indexer is a software that promises quick results in a short time. The service takes care of various parameters that are critical for your website’s success. This simple and innovative software will compliment your link building tools and improve your site ranking.

What is a Backlinks Indexer?

Backlinks Indexer

Backlinks Indexer is a cloud-based system that boosts your website’s ranking and paves way for its powerful indexing. Your site will easily rank at the top in Google search results. It has a basic plan that offers 1500 URLs per month. Owing to its intuitive interface, you can easily operate this software. This software comes as the most powerful indexing service online. For website owners, there can’t be any other better alternative. Even for common people, it is a straightforward and simple tool.

An app is used to index your links. The service adds 10,000 to 2, 10,000 backlinks per month. For websites that have a high PR rate, the service submits those backlinks to the sites. These links consist of wiki links, social signals, web 2.0 links, permanent backlinks, etc. Backlinks Indexer provides high-quality website indexing services. You can buy a 5-day trial of their standard plan which doesn’t cost many bucks.

Functions of a Backlinks Indexer?

You have got a brief overview of this software. Now, let’s understand what’s the major purpose of this software. The very fact that Google only indexes about 25% of your backlinks makes this software a top priority. This software imitates the crawler to check your link.

There are certain factors that affect the website ranking such as domain age, content length amongst others. However, a backlink is the prominent one. The word count of your content must be at least 500 to rank. The service performs some important functions such as pinging the link and spreading your link on various channels.

Users need to take two steps to streamline your backlink in this software. Hence, it is an effortless process that saves time and money. You can go for the trial version if you want to test the software for a limited time.

  1. Log in and click on the dashboard
  2. Click on Submit URLs.

As the name suggests, this step involves manually entering your URLs or uploading a txt or csv file containing them. Just click on submit and the service will take care of your indexing process.

Salient features of Backlinks Indexer

Providing social signal

Social signals imply human interaction on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. This includes likes, dislikes, shares, votes, pins, views, etc. This aspect is important because people value the opinions of others. They are more likely to involve in actions that have been previously taken by their acquaintances.

Social bookmarking system

A social bookmarking system is a method in which a user saves links to web pages for future sharing purposes. This process has various perks including sharing graphic content, increased search engine visibility, quick indexing, increased brand awareness amongst others. This system may even help you to go viral.

Link submission to authority blogs

As the name suggests, authority blogs are the blogs that allow you to establish your superiority over other players on the market. These are niche-specific and will provide you an edge and authority over others. Get ready to scale your website with the help of this feature.

Pinging every link

You will be delighted to know that the software pings each link individually for crawling it across 350 plus servers and XML sitemaps.

RSS Aggregators

Do you go back and check your website every time? Well, you don’t have to do this very often as RSS Aggregators will eliminate this need. It will automatically pull the content to your feed.

Benefits of Backlink Indexer

  • Cost-effectiveness and time saving: Being straightforward software, it is relatively easy to get hold of it. You can easily do what you want without dealing with complex functionalities. Needless to say that the service will save your time and effort.  
  • Traffic: For accelerating the rate of your website traffic, an accurate ranking for the URLs is crucial.
  • Cloud system: Being a cloud-based service, you won’t need to download anything. Just your URL will do the thing.
  • Security: The service is Google Safe and will protect the integrity of your account.
  • Links connectivity: The service connects to social bookmarking sites, RSS aggregators, microblogs, Web 2.0 blogs amongst others to bring out the best links.
  • Intuitive interface: Perhaps, you would love the user-friendly interface of this software. You don’t need to be a pro digital marketer as you can take advantage of hassle-free processing.
  • WordPress integration: You will be happy to know that this premium service has a WordPress integration feature. Simply use their WordPress plugin.
  • Fully automated system: Being an automated software, you won’t need to perform any function. Sit back and relax and let the service work for you. There is even an option for monitoring indexing.
  • Powered backlinks: This aspect is crucial as it provides a high authority to your website. You will be able to retain a strong social signal.
  • Make sure every link counts: The site works wonderfully by pinging each link individually. This stage culminates in crawled links and a boosted index. Apart from this, clients are guaranteed a high link index rate of 97.4%.
  • Refund: The 30-day money-back guarantee ensures your money is saved against future risks. What are you waiting for? Get your website to rank higher today by creating a powerful backlink. Off-page SEO is what you need. Kickstart your business growth today and take it to the next level with this marvelous service.
  • ROI: Perhaps, a greater rate of return on investment is what a client desire. If you want software that promises results over false claims, Backlink Indexer is the way to go.


Owing to its cost-effectiveness and advantages offered, Backlink Indexer is a true value for money software for boosting your website’s ranking. Considering its set of features and functions, we can determine it is a recommended tool for website owners. For people who are searching for a premium indexer service, this one will work wonders. Kickstart your goal of getting a seamless and highly successful website with Backlink Indexer.

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