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17 Best Apps like Snapchat For Android & iOS (2022)

Apps Like Snapchat

Snapchat was propelled in 2011, and at this point, more than 188 million individuals use it from day to day. Hard to imagine, isn’t it? It’s half of the US populace. Little marvel that different brands and developers try to bring their own filter applications like Snapchat — there’s a selfie rage out there. We’ve tried a lot of channel applications and shortlisted top 10 selfie editors that permit you to dress up your face with enlarged reality camera features.

Regardless of whether you simply love messing around with face focal lenses or intend to manufacture your filter application like Snapchat and need motivation, these applications will give you a number of methods of taking your selfies past the real world.

Here are the 17 Best Apps Like Snapchat:



Wickr (articulated “Wicker”) is an instant messaging app for Android, iOS that permits you to send ‘end to end encrypted’ and featured messages as writings, pictures, recordings, documents, and so forth. As we know from experience, it resembles an option to Snapchat as the messages sent on Wickr too are self-destruct and vanish soon after they’re sent out.

Situated in San Fransisco, Wickr launched in 2012 as a unique and interesting instant messenger. The individuals at Wickr have guaranteed that Wickr is the most secure IM accessible at this point. It’s actually an excellent feat to become dependable and secure in this period of digital crimes. Each American inspector and all International reviewers have given Wickr full checks about security.

You can also send media files to your connections with Wickr, without leaving any trace. Wickr also lets you apply filters and edit your image before submitting it. To find and connect your friends who use Wickr, a quick search is all you need to do. It even lets you invite friends who aren’t on Wickr.

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Although the pic or media file you send disappears after a while on Snapchat, the recipients can still screenshot them and hold them in their archives. Therefore it is dangerous if you send any personal or sensitive files that you don’t want to leave some trace of. Yovo does away with the vulnerability.

Although it does not explicitly prevent screenshots from being taken, it puts on the screen a static distortion wave that blurs everything out there, making the screenshot useless. This strategy is called “D-fence” and has been invented by Scott Richardson. The app is not currently available on Ios, but will be making its debut there soon.

Developer: ContentGuard INC

Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.



Clip chat is another Snapchat-like app that enables you to send photographs that disappear with a simple touch interface. This app resembles Snapchat so much that it appears like the former clone.

Unlike the quirky designs of other users, Clipchat has a rather sleek interface and is much simpler than Snapchat. If you send a picture via Clipchat, the receiver gets a blurred preview of the image first. When he clicks on it, there is an animation effect that makes the picture transparent and no longer blurred. Although photo-sharing is the default in Snapchat, video-sharing is set in Clipchat.

Clipchat is high on protection, too. If you’re mates, this app will also let you know if they’ve tried to take a screenshot of the picture you sent them. Thus, Clipchat is a simple and engaging instant messenger that gives you a complete volatile messaging experience.

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Banuba: Face Filters & Effects

Banuba: Face Filters & Effects

You may transform into a celebrity, an astronaut, or a hipster. See you skydiving, try glam accessories on a beach, most wild hairstyles, and whatever not. We have been developing over 1,000 AR masks for the past two years already.

If you want to make your own face filters like Snapchat, reach us out and use them in your app. The Face Filter SDK of the Banuba makes that possible!

What you’ll like about Banuba face filters

  • AR effects for the various audiences — ladies, boys, and even your babies. Pleasant, beauty, frightening, thematic, full-face masks, e.g. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Love etc.
  • Virtual realistic tri-on (glasses, shoes, caps, etc.). AR objects function as real objects which throw light, shadows, and physics help.
  • Cause results, e.g. opening your mouth to activate an effect. We endorse 5 triggers: smile, open mouth, frown, upward eyebrows, and downward eyebrow.
  • Processing photography or video post. Apply the filters to images already made.

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A novice user may consider that MSQRD is a mediocre face filter application. It has long had minimal results and no changes. Anyone familiar with face filters, however, knows an MSQRD-Cinderella tale well. A Belarusian company has begun with an innovative face tracking application idea — a fun app with face filters.

One day Facebook called, and they did, with an invitation to carry Cinderella into the faraway Silicon Valley. The amount of the transaction was not revealed but the number of zeros can be estimated. MSQRD is now a part of face filters on Facebook, refined and advanced, but the original app deserves the spot on the list.

What we like about MSQRD

  • Was among the first face filter apps after Snapchat
  • Acquired by Facebook

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YouCam Fun

A worthy foe, and another selfie filter feature that you certainly would like. A great range of 3D face filters and live stickers is provided by the YouCam Fun app. What makes YouCam Fun is the animal facial filters to carry your wild side to life — a cat, deer, snow leopard, or tiger. The app does have a sleek appearance as well. Face filters stick well to your face even though you overlay or switch them

What we like about YouCam Fun

  • Plenty of face filters — hairstyles, animals, live stickers, AR effects, and more.
  • Upload and post-process existing photos
  • Fast face detection and face filter placement.

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The app that goes beyond face augmented reality filters. B612 introduces real-time 3D emojis that copy your mimic. Color the sky putting effects on it. Have fun with AR objects that you can place at the surface. Beautification filters allow adjusting your face shape and applying makeup, however, it needs improvements.

Of all the apps, B612 can arguably boast of the most varied types of camera effects.

What we like about B612

  • Live avatars with micro-expressions and real-time background change.
  • AR stickers that you can put on real surfaces with a back camera.

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What makes TikTok stand out from other filter applications, such as Snapchat, is its idea of a video group. They purchased Musical.ly (another video-sharing app) for $1 billion in 2018 along with their customers. The strong positioning of TikTok as “a destination for short-form mobile videos” made it the most-downloaded free app on the US App Store in 2018.

Its image filters make it possible for everyone to become a creative clip-maker and you can even use them for video selfies. AR filters for cats and dogs based on a theme, face filter with triggers — the choice varies.

What we like about TikTok face filters

  • Thematic face filters, masks for cats and dogs
  • Numerous funny face filters with triggers.
  • You can also add customized music to videos and set permissions as to who can see and comment on your content.

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Instagram is a website for social media and is used to share images and videos. It is owned by Facebook Inc. This software can be used in Desktops, Laptops, Mac OS, iOS, Windows Phone, and Ios.

There are types of filters available and people can share images and videos publicly or with followers who have been pre-approved. One can tag somebody with the material for sharing, add location, and caption. Users may like videos or images of the user they have followed, or other updates.

What we like about Instagram face filters:

  • Stable and fast filter performance
  • Built-in library of effects

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Facebook INC is improving it. Slingshot is another fast messaging app that can be considered a good replacement for Snapchat. This helps you to send out temporary messages. The noteworthy difference in Slingshot is that you can respond to your friend’s media by creating your own unique and funky photos or videos.

After you have clicked on an image or video, you’ll have two options to go forward. If your video or picture is not what you’ve expected, then you can pick the ‘reshoot’ option. It helps you to take yet another shot. The second choice is a draw that indicates your work is good and that you’re able to edit and apply.

After you have clicked on an image or video, you’ll have two options to go forward. If your video or picture is not what you’ve expected, then you can pick the ‘reshoot’ option. It helps you to take yet another shot. The second choice is a draw that indicates your work is good and that you’re able to edit and apply.


Camera+ has established a reputation among apple fans as one of the best alternative photo apps, and Camera 2 + improves on that with a variety of features and a one-off rate. Camera+ 2 provides raw shooting and editing, power of scope, manual adjustment, subject tracking, slow shutter speeds and peak focus. It also makes editing changes and filters, with standard JPG support and the latest HEIF format.

Camera+ 2 bends more into shooting controls than editing, so it’s better for those who can’t find what they need in the default iOS camera feature. If you’re a Lightroom user, you’ll probably be better off with the Lightroom Mobile app; if not, Camera+ is a nice, one-off, low-price camera app.

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Lapse It

Time-lapse photography is a technique that provides an instantaneous view of gradually shifting events – consider super-fast sunsets, clouds speeding across the sky or crowds rising or dissipating – which involves placing a camera on a tripod which leaving it all alone for as little as a few minutes or as much as an hour or two.

Lapse It makes it very simple, allowing you to pick the capture rate (the interval between shots) and change various settings like color, ISO, focus, and white balance. It turns off the screen of your phone when filming, and enables filters and resizing (and on the paid LapseIt Pro version, the inclusion of music) before making the original footage effortlessly easy to share.

All of this makes it much more sophisticated than the native time-lapse feature in your camera. You may now import custom-recorded videos from your gallery to speed up or bring them down as time-lapse projects.

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Cyberdust is a very powerful instant messenger, consisting of amazing tools. Along with the simple facility for sending self-destructive responses that places Cyberdust in the Snapchat alternative apps tier, it has also trapped some incredible features beneath its hood. You can also send stickers, GIFs, animations, URLs along with images which will disappear after a few minutes.

Also, you can edit pictures by writing captions thereon. Cyberdust also helps you pin down messages delivered so you can recall the discussions.

Cyberdust is also very safety-reliable. It sends only encrypted images so as to prevent unauthorized use. It also notifies you if the receiver tries to screenshot your message and hence prevents your media from accessing their hard drive. It also helps you to send several people the same message, which is called as a Blast message.

Thus Cyberdust is a fully loaded and secure instant messenger similar to Snapchat.

Developer: Mention Mobile LLC

Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus. For Android users, your smartphone must have Android 4.0 or up.

NightCap Pro

There are tons of phone apps providing manual modes but few dedicated to night photography. This astrophoto-centric app, available for the iPhone and iPad, attempts DSLR-like results by expanding the ISO to 6400 (which, admittedly, some phones now give anyway).

Fortunately, that comes with noise reduction, and it produces TIFF files that offer greater flexibility than JPEGs. Other apps include a night-sky time-lapse intervalometer, but the most impressive are the astronomy-centric presets – Stars, Meteors, and a Star-trails mode.

The ISS mode, which is preset to record the light trail left by the International Space Station, is another great choice. However, since low light is an environment that is being greatly improved with every new smartphone generation, this is an app that will still fit with the very latest phones even better. A tripod is important for everything you use it for.

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At first glance, Flickr may seem a little too large for its own sake, with a lot of sub-par activity and general discussions taking place. If you dig deeper, though, you will find several high-quality photography groups and communities still involved in Flickr. Themes such as surreal photography, black and white portraits, street photography, people photography, film photography, landscapes, etc. are quite popular on Flickr.

The Street Photography Now Group (SPNC) allows for invitation-only adding of images. The groups are working in a very off-beat way in their fourth year! We do have a data email you can subscribe to. The invitation-only model ensures that the group does not wander into unknown territories and recognizes as a member who it includes.

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Reddit is known as the internet homepage for legitimate purposes. Reddit attracts millions of active users every day and some of the most popular photography forums you’d find online are the photography sub-objects.

Starting with the subreddit /r / photography which has more than 300,000 members, you will slowly begin to participate in other subreddits based on your interests.

Just make sure you aren’t aggressive just to market yourself and promote your work. Reddit users enjoy the honest engagement and sharing and appreciate it, so comment and contribute to active conversations and build up your Reddit Karma.

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Google Snapseed is one of the photo effects and editing tools that is available for free download and use on both iOS and Android devices. It can synchronize with Google Images but will operate on iOS devices even with Apple Images. There is no subscription fee, and in-app transactions are not made.

Snapseed has an unusual filter based interface that can be used individually or in combination. It initially looks like a simple maker of image effects, but actually also has standard and efficient tools for enhancing images.

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Within a short span of time, Snapchat became popular because of its volatile messaging idea. Snapchat has since evolved rapidly and is now one of the most commonly used instant messaging services.

The idea of unpredictable, self-defeating images also became popular along with Snapchat and many other inventors came up with the same idea packed in their own apps. Although not all of them have been successful, above we have a list of some of Snapchat’s most relevant and popular instant messengers.

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