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10 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Live Stream Views Instantly (2022)

Youtube Live Stream Views

Increase the Odds of Making Your Voice Heard to a Wide Audience

To succeed in a social media career, the first thing you need is to gain a substantial amount of engagement on your YouTube account, in the form of subscribers, views, likes, and shares. But for a newbie in this field, it can be very challenging to gain organic engagement in the initial days. Live streaming on YouTube And Getting Views is an effective way to interact and connect with potential subscribers. The more views you get on your Live Stream videos, the more chances you have to become popular on YouTube. You can buy Live Stream Videos from authentic service providers to amp up your game on YouTube and rise above your competitors.

But with innumerable social media service providers in the industry, it can be arduous for an amateur to find the most reliable brand online.

Here is the List of the 10 best sites to buy YouTube Live Stream Views.



With over 50 years of marketing experience, Viralyft is one of the best service providers that can drive high-quality traffic to your YouTube channel. The company has a vast network that it employs to help its customers get organic engagement for years to come. You can also find services for other social media sites from Viralyft, which can help you get better in the cross-channel promotion of your live stream videos.

The YouTube views and other bundles provided by Viralyft are designed to make your YouTube live streaming process easy.  Its services are reasonably priced, making it the best place to invest your hard-earned money. The website also has customer-friendly policies like a full money-back guarantee in case they fail to deliver as promised. The website also allows customers to get in touch with their customer care executive at their convenience.



GetViral provides multiple high-quality packages for its customers that help them improve their visibility on different social media platforms. Its real-time YouTube views enable its customers to improve the chances of the YouTube algorithm to pick their videos. GetViral has a wide network of affiliates who perform services complying with the regulations mentioned by YouTube to ensure 100% security.

GetViral guarantees on-time delivery so that your YouTube channel doesn’t have to wait to experience the much-needed boost. You only have to provide your username and video link to access their services. GetViral also offers around-the-clock, highly responsive customer support service. Transacting with GetViral is fully devoid of security glitches and offers flexible payment methods.



FastLikes is an all-rounder social media marketing agency that claims to supply services for all major social media networks. Buying YouTube live stream views from this company will enable you to gain real-time organic engagement on YouTube. Consequently, your channel will gain better exposure and open monetization opportunities for you.

Apart from YouTube, FastLikes also deals with Facebook, TikTok, etc. It is one of the best websites to transact with if you want to promote your videos beyond YouTube. FastLikes never asks for any personal information except your Live stream URL link to place an order with them. The website is completely encrypted to ensure 100% safety.


ViewsExpert - YouTube Live Stream Views

Over the years, ViewsExpert has become one of the most preferred social media service providers among YouTubers. The company supplies views, comments, shares, and subscribers for YouTube to help its customers gain social recognition. Its services are very customer-friendly and have been able to build a strong client base.

All its views are conducted by real YouTube users to make sure your growth poses no security threat. All its packages are highly affordable too. ViewsExpert ensures rapid delivery of its packages so that its customers never have to wait to experience the growth they deserve. You can be assured to see positive results within 24 hours.

Social Packages

SocialPackages -YouTube Live Stream Views

When it comes to service transparency, SocialPackages is one of the few names that come to mind. It provides services for all major social media networks, including YouTube. Its packages are curated to enable its clients to experience organic growth in the long run. It has a smooth, user-friendly website so that you can browse through its services and place an order without any hassle.

Its YouTube Views starter packs begin below $30. SocialPackages promises to deliver its products with utmost promptness to ensure its clients get immediate social recognition. It also guarantees a full refund if things go wayward than promised. With its creative solutions, you can experience the holistic growth of your YouTube channel.


BestYouTubeViews - YouTube Live Stream Views

When it comes to security, BestYouTubeViews is one of the best sites to buy YouTube Live Stream Views. The company offers numerous services to help its customers create a significant impact on YouTube within a short time. All its YouTube views have high stability and are executed by real YouTube users.

The packages offered by this company have no-ban risk so that you can focus on building a good follower base without any worry. It also offers free replacements and refunds if they fail to keep their commitment. Its Live view starter pack is available for $20 for 5000 views. The company begins to deliver its views within 12 hours so that your videos become instant hits on YouTube.


PaySocialMedia - YouTube Live Stream Views

PaySocialMedia is one of the few online marketing agencies which drives targeted traffic towards its customer’s YouTube Live streams. The company understands how important it is for new content creators to gain social proof. It builds its bundles with live views performed by mixed-gender real YouTube users so that your engagement seems natural.

The YouTube services offered by PaySocialMedia are completely risk-free and are designed to help to climb up the search ranking. It increases your opportunity to connect with potential subscribers and also improves your chance to monetize your videos. The website allows you to mention the specific time you need your real-time views to be delivered. With affordable pricing and fast delivery, PaySocialMedia is the best place to buy YouTube Live Stream Views.


qqtube - YouTube Live Stream Views

QQTube is one of the few service providers that solely deal with YouTube services. It has been in the market since 2013 and has served hundreds of content creators since then. Its unique packages and dedicated customer service have made QQTube the #1 YouTube view supplier. Its Views bundles are completely devoid of security threats and are designed to help you go viral with minimal effort.

QQTube offers a trial pack of 1000 YouTube views to its customers for free. You can use this pack to assess how effective the services sold by QQTube are. The website allows you to buy YouTube live stream views for $10 per 1000 views per hour. The website has a full encrypted payment gateway and even allows its customers to pay using cryptocurrencies. With its support, you can expect to gain remarkable exposure within a short time.


AppSally  - YouTube Live Stream Views

Appsally is one of the few service-providing websites that offer packages for numerous social media sites, including the lesser-heard ones. This company is known to have a team of hand-vetted marketers with years of experience. They provide customized solutions to help their customers gain real-time traffic in their YouTube live stream videos.

The services offered by Appsally are designed to boost your YouTube channel awareness among your audience. It also helps to improve the search ranking of your videos so that you gain visibility. Consequently, you will be able to have an upgrade in your engagement level. Appsally also offers 15 days warranty for all their packages and unlimited free replacement if your view count drops.

YouTube Market 

YouTube Market - YouTube Live Stream Views

YouTube is another service provider that, much like QQTube, only sells services for YouTube. Over the years, it has helped numerous content creators and aspiring influencers to make a mark on competitive platforms like YouTube. Its packages are formulated to help its customers gain impressive exposure within a short period.

YouTube Market provides highly retentive views for your live streaming sessions. It also ensures that you gain organic feedback over time which will help you increase your subscriber count in the long run. You can buy YouTube Live Stream views from its website starting from just $35 for 5000 views. Its services are monitored by real users and are 100% secure. The website also offers you 24/7 dedicated customer care.

Tips to Get More Views on YouTube Live Stream

Gaining views is very important for any content creator on YouTube to pave a way for the organic growth of their account. Apart from creating high-quality and unique videos, you need to consider a few other things to increase your views count. Here are five tips that can help you get more views on YouTube Live Stream.

1. Promote Before You Broadcast

Advertising is very important for any brand to thrive, the same goes for your YouTube channel. So, before you begin to broadcast your live stream, you need to promote the event to create a buzz among your audience. You can post the date and time of the live stream on your blog, other social media accounts or send emails to your account to encourage people to view your live stream.

2. Use Compelling Titles and Description

Titles and descriptions that you use on your live streams are very effective in enticing potential viewers. Add eye-catching captions and titles that will attract fleeting viewers to watch your live stream and help you gain more views.

3. Post Teasers

Don’t you get tempted to see a movie when you like its teaser? Posting teasers can also help entice your audience to view your videos. Create a few video snippets related to the content you are about to deliver on your live stream. They must be bite-sized and catchy enough to motivate your audience to view your content when you go live.

4. Incentivize Your Audience

Rewards can do wonders when you want to motivate people to do something. It’s basic psychology. So why not use it for your benefit? Reward your audience with coupons and discounts for brands that you affiliate with. Apart from building up a larger follower count, it will help you monetize too. It’s a win-win situation for both you and your viewers.

5. Lengthen Your Live Videos

Views on live stream videos are counted differently than on-demand videos on YouTube. The more people log on to your live videos, the more views are counted. So, try making your live videos a little longer. That means, your audience will have a lot of time to log on to the live video and engage with you. Even fleeting viewers who join with you will increase your view count.

The Bottom Line:

YouTube started as a blogging platform. But over the years, it has transformed into a more robust social media site. Now it is not only a promising avenue for content creators to showcase their talent but also an assuring business platform.

YouTube allows you to earn money by posting unique and creative videos that your audiences can relate to. But you need to build a solid follower base to make that happen. And live streaming is one of the best ways to gain organic growth. You can buy YouTube Live Stream Views from the 10 above-mentioned sites to boost your visibility and earn the social recognition you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is it safe to buy YouTube Views?

Yes, it is. If you are buying YouTube views for your channels from a legit and active social media service provider, it is absolutely safe. These service providers design their YouTube views bundles complying with the algorithm and security regulation of YouTube.

So, you won’t have to worry about the packages being illegal or your engagement seeming unnatural. Even many celebrities and renowned influencers prefer to buy YouTube views to boost their channel’s growth.

2. How do you Live Stream on YouTube?

YouTube allows you to stream live videos from either your desktop/laptop using a webcam or from your mobile. However, your channel needs to be varied before you begin recording live videos. It usually takes about 24 hours for your account to activate the Live Streaming option. You also need to have a minimum of 1000 subscribers to live stream from your mobile. Also, ensure you have a title, a description, and a proper thumbnail image ready before you begin the live recording.

You can follow these simple steps to create a Live Stream on mobile:

  • Open the YouTube app from your mobile and click on the camcorder option.
  • Enter the Title and change other settings like Live chat, age restrictions, monetization, etc according to your preference.
  • Add a description for your live video.
  • Click on the “Share” option to share the link to the video.
  • Tap on “Go Live”.
  • Once you are done recording your video, tap on ” Finish” to end the process.

3. Why should you buy YouTube Live Stream Views?

The key to thriving on a competitive social media platform like YouTube is to gain popularity and high-quality engagement as rapidly as possible. The more videos and likes your videos get determines the likelihood of the YouTube algorithm picking your videos and landing them on your potential follower’s feeds. A video that gains a high number of views is more likely to climb up on the search engine ranking.

However, for a newbie on YouTube trying to make a mark, it can be difficult to gain a considerable number of views in a short time. However, several social media service providers allow you to buy YouTube live stream views to help you gain organic engagement. Their services are designed to empower you with the head-start you need. By buying YouTube views you will be able to stand out from your rivals and help you reach the top.

4. How to earn money from YouTube?

YouTube allows its users to earn money by becoming a part of the YouTube Partner Program. But to apply for the program, you need to fulfill some criteria:

  • Your channel needs to have gained a minimum of 1000 subscribers.
  • Your videos should have gained at least 4000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months.

You can also sell customized merchandise and products related to your channel to earn. YouTube also allows its creators to earn money from crowdfunding from their subscribers. Another way to monetize is by doing influencer marketing with other aspiring influencers. You can also opt for affiliate marketing to earn some extra cash.

5. Why should you go live on YouTube?

YouTube Live Stream is a unique form of online engagement. It is one of the most effective ways to make your viewers feel involved with your channel. YouTube Live streaming will also enable you to expand your online reach.

By streaming live videos on YouTube, content creators can present their business ventures directly to your audience. Interacting through live chats via the Live Stream option, you can build strong relationships with your followers.

YouTube Live Streams also enables you to earn money from your viewer’s support. You can include pre-roll, mid-roll, and overlay ads before or during running your live videos to monetize from them.

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