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Twitter Ads Guide: How to use them For Business in 2024

Amongst all social media platforms, Twitter is perhaps the best spot to discover and connect with your intended target audience. It’s a high-speed stage you can use to accomplish numerous business objectives, for example, lead generation, brand exposure, driving sales, and a lot more. Here are the full Twitter ads Guide.

Since we know that Tweets have a character limit, this makes Twitter one of the most competitive platforms. With the presence of this limit, it very well might be simple for your Tweets to be sucked into a black hole within minutes. That is the reason you should use Twitter ads and create a compelling campaign if you wish to achieve all your goals.

Let us start with the different types of Twitter Ads:

Promoted Tweets

Promoted Tweets - Twitter Ads Guide

Promoted Tweets look pretty much like normal Tweets. What’s distinctive is that a promoter is paying to show the content to individuals who are not existing followers of the promoter on Twitter. Like conventional Tweets, they can be liked, retweeted, and commented on. But they are actually categorized as Ads.

There will be a clear label saying “promoted” on the tweet’s bottom left corner. Advanced Tweets can likewise contain video and will autoplay in clients’ feeds. If the promoted video is less than 60 seconds long, it will replay on its own. Promoted Tweets show up in targeted audience’s feeds, on client profiles, at the highest rank on search lists, and in the Twitter desktop version and mobile app.

Promoted Accounts

Rather than advancing only one Tweet, this sort of Twitter advertisement permits you to advance your brand’s whole Twitter account. It targets clients who don’t as of now follow your account and can assist with developing your business’ Twitter following.

Promoted Accounts are shown in potential followers’ feeds. The advertisement will likewise show in the ‘Who to Follow’ suggestions and in search lists. These advertisements are labeled as ‘Promoted’ and are displayed along with a Follow button. It also promotes Twitter growth.

Promoted Trends

Twitter’s trending topics appear on the right side of the app. This is an assortment of the most tweeted about topics and hashtags being utilized in real-time. Users can engage with a Promoted Trend just like they would interact with any other trending topic.

The only difference is that the spot a brand buys on the list of trending topics will have a label saying ‘promoted.’ A Promoted Trend will likewise show on one of the top spots under the “Trends for you” segment, both in the Explore tab and in the newsfeed. When clients click on the Promoted Trend, they will see search lists for that subject with a promoted Tweet from your brand at the top.

In 2020, Twitter improved this advertisement format. It incorporated Promoted Trend Spotlight. This advertisement design supplements Promoted Trends by supporting video and GIFS, as well as still images. These advertisements show up at the highest point of the Explore tab for two visits for every individual, each day. Later, it moves to the standard Promoted Trend arrangement. Presently, this promotion design is accessible in 15 nations.

Promoted Moments

Consider Promoted Moments to be Twitter’s story advertisements. Twitter Moments can be made on desktop, and are essentially a curated assortment of similar Tweets that recount a story. This arrangement implies your brand can likewise share Twitter story advertisements that are longer than 280 characters. you can also promote Moments made by other brands, not only yours.

Automated Ads

In case you’re new to Twitter publicizing, not certain of how much to spend or have a small team with restricted time, you can consider giving Twitter Promote Mode a try. Your brand Tweets as it generally would, then, it is Twitter Promote Mode’s job to automatically promote your account and tweets.

Twitter considers Twitter Promote Mode as a perpetually ongoing advertising solution. Basically, the initial 10 Tweets your account makes every day are added to a Promoted Tweets campaign and your chosen crowd is focused on. Twitter Promote Mode likewise runs a Promoted Account campaign as well.

Consider this as Twitter assisting you with your Twitter advertisements. Your account doesn’t have to place in the work to set up new, singular promotion campaigns. It costs a fixed price of USD 99 each month, and by and large, your Tweets will contact an extra 30,000 individuals. Now that you are aware of all your adoptions, we have curated this 7-step guide to setting up your Twitter advertising campaign:

Create An Account On Twitter Ads

The initial step to start with your Twitter promotion is to set up your Twitter advertising account.

To set up your Twitter advertising account, head over to ads.twitter.com and sign in or create an account. Next, enter your time zone and country. Click on “Let’s go” when you are done.

You are now all set to start with your first Twitter ads campaign.

Pick Your Campaign Objective

Figure out what you need to achieve with your Twitter advertisement campaign. Your target decides the activities you’ll pay for as individuals engage with your promotions. There are three main objectives to choose from which further has subcategories as follows:

  • Awareness: Reach
  • Consideration: Video Views, Pre-roll Views, App Installs, Website Clicks, Engagements
  • Conversion: App re-engagements

Whenever you’ve settled on your target, you would then be able to continue to the next stage: campaign set up.

Enter Details For Your Campaign

After setting your objective, you’ll go to the “campaign details” page. This is the place where you name your campaign, add payment information, and decide your budget and schedule. Once you’re finished entering this data, click “Next,” and you’ll be led to the “Add Group” page.

Enter Your Bid Strategy And Ad Group details

As a novice to Twitter promotion, you should zero in on one advertisement group. This will assist you with getting the hang of how Twitter advertisements work. When you’re more experienced, you can classify your advertisement groups into various categories focusing on different target audiences.

You can also try out different creatives, timing, and spending plans to see which mixes turn out to be beneficial for you. Name your advertisement group, set the period you need the advertisement to run for, and continue to set your budget. It’s suggested that you pick programmed bidding, as Twitter will set your bid so that you get the best outcomes at the most minimal cost.

Set Your Target Audience

Twitter Audience Gain

Below are some of the options for setting up your target audience. This is the place where you characterize your intended interest group by age, sex, area, language, and device. Based on the location: Use targeting based on location to arrive at clients in a specific district. You can likewise target clients by gadget type, operating platform, and service provider.

Based on Audience Type: Twitter’s “Audience Features” segment permits you to target clients depending on particular interests. It utilizes psychographic analysis using events, interests, practices, and even videos and topics clients are tweeting about. You can likewise characterize your intended interest group by putting together your crowd concerning individuals with similar profiles to your followers.

Once you’ve chosen your target audience click “Next.”

Select Where You Want Your Ads To Appear

The following step basically includes picking where your ad should be placed. Your choices are clients’ timelines, profiles and tweet detail pages, and also search results.

Whenever you’ve chosen where your promotion ought to show up, click the “Next” button.

Launch Your Campaign

Take a last look at all your settings and if you are happy with them, click on “Launch Campaign.” Now you know exactly how to set up a Twitter ads campaign, next let us equip you with a few tips to make sure that you create a successful campaign.

Define Your Brand

Make sure your branding game is on point. From your tweets to your pictures, users should be able to identify you.

Use Attractive Pictures

You need to grab users’ attention in one go and this can be done only via eye-catching images.

Create Fresh And Compelling Content

Users must be compelled to click on your ad, write content that is engaging and intriguing to achieve this.

Create Less Wordy Tweets

Incorporate figures and symbols into your text to break the monotony and make your ad out stand out.

Add Call-To-Action (CTA)

End your advertisement with clear instructions of what must be done next to ensure your viewers understand what they need to do.

Don’t Overflood With Hashtags

If any tweet is with way too many hashtags, it is generally considered spam. Make sure you add only a couple of relevant hashtags.

Analytics Are Key

Keeping a check on your reports and analysis will always give you insights into what works the best for you and what doesn’t.


When you create your social media marketing strategy, it would be a wise decision to invest generously in twitter advertising to get your brand the exposure it deserves.

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