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TVS Victor 2016 Review, Price In India & Customer Experiences

TVS Victor 2016

The TVS brand has always strived for and in many ways succeeded in bringing out bikes and scooters that cater to the common man.

The TVS Victor had a very similar goal in mind. It was aimed to be a commuter’s bike which would be the common man’s preferred ride to office and back and any other trips inside the city. But the simple definition does the vehicle no justice.

TVS Victor 2016Source Image : Xbhp

With a few features up its sleeve, the TVS Victor sure does seem to want to be the best of the pile by presenting to the rider the gift of comparison and mileage.


The TVS Victor is actually one of the best commuter bikes TVS has released according to them. It comes a sporty look, comparatively different form the series with a commuter bike profile making it the ideal family man’s ideal bike.

The console provided is the best in the segment with an analog tachometer along with a digital speedometer and fuel gauge. Much better looking than the others, TVS has aspired to bring out freshness in rider compatibility through this feature.

Comfort and mileage are thee primary concerns of commuter bikes because obviously, in city drives require constant stopping and riding short trips and many other different actions which are rare for other segment bikes. When it comes to comfort, the TVS Victor does satisfy with comfortable and wide enough seats.

TVS Victor 2016Source Image : CarblogIndia

The motorcycle comes with a 109.7cc, 3 valve single cylinder engine with 9.46 BHP @ 7,500 rpm and [email protected] 6,000 rpm. It does provide a decent mileage of 72- 76kmpl which does fit right into the commuter segment requirements. Expecting highway performance from a commuter bike s preposterous and hence one should not be disappointed by the speeds it matches in highways.

When it comes to braking, the TVS Victor is a step ahead with 240mm petal disc brake at the front and a 110mm drum brake at the rear.

This pushes the Victor into a premium status among commuter bikes with good specifications on it list. Furthermore, the TVS Victor uses telescopic forks at the front and series spring suspension for the rear. The difference offered referring to types of brakes bring about a change in the front brake. Overall the brakes and suspensions are up to expectations and reliable for Indian roads as well.

The official video and a video review

Customer Reviews

The TVS Victor is a bike much enjoyed by the users. It has less need for constant servicing and housing nice commuter bike characteristics, riders have very less cons to mention.

The maintainable speed sustained at60-70kmph does cause some discomfort especially on highways. But since the core rider groups aimed for are the tier 3 tier 2 townsthe bike does well to provide , according to users.


TVS Victor 2016Source image : Bikeindia.in

Area Cost
Drum Disc Premium
Mumbai ₹ 53,347 ₹ 55,367 ₹ 56,347
Punjab- Ludhiana ₹ 59,093 ₹ 61,160 ₹ 62,173
Kerala- Thrissur ₹ 62,798 ₹ 64,955 ₹ 66,011
Karnataka-  Bangalore ₹ 63,686 ₹ 65,971 ₹ 67,098
Andhra Pradesh- Visakhapatnam ₹ 63,195 ₹ 65,411 ₹ 66,497


Commuter bikes are all the rage. It is usually the first bike a man building himself up buys, because it is affordable and a good money saver.

Taking all this into consideration, the TVS Victor is a bit on the premium side and hence may get a frown down on that aspect. But performance and specification wise, the Victor is truly a victor with good changes that breath freshness into the older siblings on the TVS family.

It manages to bring a sporty tangy flavor to the family man solid flavored bike. So, if you’re a family man, saving money and building up, go for the Victor while chasing your dreams, cause this bike will not let you down in the aspects you care about the most.


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