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Total Money Magnetism Review (2021): A Secret of Millionaires?

Total Money Magnetism Review

So you just stumbled upon this Total Money Magnetism Program and now wondering whether you should put your hard-earned money in it or not? Then you are in the right place. I insist you read till the end as I’ll be sharing my unbiased and honest Total Money Magnetism review.

A year ago, when I and my family were struggling with scarcity. I was totally convinced and had already accepted that this is the kind of life I can’t escape. Everything was going on loop, earning money from multiple jobs, paying expenses, not having enough to save, and losing sleep.

I still used to Google about the law of attraction, as I thought that might be my last hope. It was just another tiring day after work when I sat to Google about how to attract money with the help of the law of attraction. And somehow I found this program, there was another thing with me that I was super cautious about before putting my money somewhere.

But there was something different with this website, I went ahead with its free quiz and ebook. In the past, I came across various sites but none of them shared their personal details openly plus they were offering 60 days money-back guarantee. So I used my last bits and pieces of my savings for this program and let me tell you, that was the best decision of my life.

So here I’m writing this review in hope of helping someone like me. Let’s get started.

What is it all about?

Total Money Magnetism Program - What is all about

Okay, a quick question, what you think is the biggest difference between a poor and a rich person. You are correct if your answer is the mindset. It’s obvious, as every action drives by a thought which of course comes out of our brain. Our brain is wired up with negative beliefs, even if we want to get out of scarcity our subconscious mind is afraid of changes.

The survival instinct which our subconscious mind builds up due to our family, friends, or environment, keeps us away from any kind of threat (anything new including new opportunities and new ideas).

For our brain,  threats are like everywhere so it tries to keep us safe. Even if we are broke it will be a success for our brain as we are at least alive, and hence it keeps us stuck in our same old life by seeing opportunities as risks. The reason why we aren’t able to fill the gap between us and rich people is that our brain is operating in the survival instinct of scarcity.

Unlike us, rich people have all the mental programming and neural pathways that are necessary to attract wealth and success. So to have success and financial freedom in our life we’ll have to change the mindset which comes out of our subconscious mind. And this is what this program focuses upon unlike many other programs, they focus on the core of the problem.


How does it work?

total money management - How does it work

 This program is built upon the idea of reprogramming your brain with the help of hypnosis. It’s a scientifically and proven six-step system that will automatically reshape your brain into the brain of a millionaire. The six different strategies that have been used in this program will help you discard the poor mindset while helping you embrace a successful life.

Many people think that after a certain age our brain stops changing, all the mental programming and neural pathways become concrete. This is not at all true, over 40 years of neuroscience research showed that you can reprogram your brain at any age. And this program will help you reprogram the part of your brain which is related to wealth and money.

It will permanently replace your brain with a rich person’s brain by not just neurologically, but also emotionally, psychologically, and mentally too. Which can give anyone the neural power, capacity, and drive of a millionaire.

This program will guide you on your journey to become a powerful magnet that will automatically attract wealth and success. For that, it will show you what actions you should take, what kind of mindset you need to adopt while replacing all negative and toxic thoughts and beliefs.

About the Creator

total money management - About the Creator

The creator of the Total Money Magnetism program is Dr. Steve G. Jones, he has created this program with his own personal experience. Just like us, he wasn’t born as a millionaire, the family in which he was born suffered from various financial problems. And hence the thought that “money is hard to earn” was permanently wired in his head. But when he was on the verge of filing for bankruptcy, he met Dan (his friend) who asked him to listen to the audio.

It might sound crazy but after listening to that audio something changed in Steve. Things started to make sense and new opportunities were very much visible to him, he earned over $50k within a week.

It wasn’t something normal and Steve knew it was because of the audio Dan made him listen to, as that audio didn’t take time to show results the change started right away. Of course, it wasn’t something normal and hence Steve spent a few years to research and learn, and he discovered the pathway of how a poor person’s brain into a rich brain.

Today Dr. Steve is a top Clinical Hypnotherapist, celebrity success coach, and self-made multimillionaire. Plus, he has been featured in Forbes, People, CNN, NBC, CBS, and many more.

What’s Inside?

After years of research and discovery, Dr. Steve has put all his learning in this program in a well-structured manner. So after purchasing this program you’ll get 6 digital products, here is the list of them.

Total Money Magnetism ebook

This ebook is the main product of this program, in this 197 pages ebook Dr. Steve talks about hypnosis, mindset fundamentals which one should possess, and so much more. He basically explained how to be a millionaire in this ebook.

It is divided into 4 main parts and they are as follows:

  1. Part One is about hypnosis: In this part, Dr. Steve explains how his hypnosis audio tracks work while providing scientific evidence for the same.
  2. Part two is about the five fundamentals of ultimate money magnetism, which starts replacing your thoughts and improves money magnetism. It talks about how you can eliminate fear and gives you a glimpse of how a millionaire’s thought process works.
  3. Part three is about the 10 secret success principles of the ultra-wealthy where Dr. Steve talks about how and what millionaires do to use their mindset in order to become wealthy.
  4. Part four is about how you get the most out of your wealth, which wraps up everything while explaining what to do to maintain and grow your wealth.

Total Money Magnetism audiobook.

This audiobook is an audio version of Total Money Magnetism, you can listen to it even when you are doing some activity. You can download and listen to each chapter separately or all together as per your wish.

Six hypnosis audio tracks

These Six audio tracks are designed to rewire your brain so that you can think like a millionaire. They are needed to be listened to with the ebook, to make the most out of it. Those 6 audio tracks are:

  • Releasing the fear of failure.
  • Releasing the fear of success.
  • Discovering abundance.
  • Programming your millionaire’s brain.
  • Millionaire success strategies.
  • Passive income creation.

Millionaire’s Mindset video

It includes tons of interviews with real-life millionaires which will help you kick start your journey.

The platinum millionaire mind makers.

Just like its name suggests you’ll get 3 bonus Platinum sessions with the author.

The 3 fastest ways to make millions online.

It’s another bonus video course, where highly successful multimillionaire Mark Ling will teach you how to make money on the internet.

Check Out the alternative of Total Money Management


Dr. Steve went through scarcity himself. He knows that it gets difficult at times and he also wants to reach as many people as he can. This full program costs $47 and it’s totally risk-free as they are offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Your order will be backed up by 60 days money-back guarantee so if you aren’t 100% satisfied you just need to send them an email within the 60 days of purchase for a full refund.


Pros and Cons

Now that we understand nearly everything about the Total Money Magnetism program, it’s time to understand it’s best parts as well as the worst parts of this program. Let’s check out the pros of this program first.

  • Everything given in this program is scientifically validated and is excessively based on how the brain can be conditioned to gain great results.
  • The program is available in PDF form that can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.
  • The Money Magnetism program is quite easy to understand and it takes only a few minutes to practice its exercises.
  • This program boasts that it can show you positive results within a few weeks of using it (proven).
  •  While being available in a PDF format is great, it’s also frustrating particularly if you want to bookmark a particular column. Although you can solve this issue by simply printing it out.
  • While this program gives you great advice and methods through which you can gain wealth, it completely depends on how firmly you believe that you can become wealthy.

My Experience

Now that you know nearly everything about the Money Magnetism program, let’s talk about how I felt while using this. But before that let me settle your most important question; which probably is “Is this program a scam?”.

Honestly, there are so many similar programs out there, and if you’ve tried them before. You’ll realize that they depend on your dedication; it’s true with the Money Magnetism program as well, if you aren’t dedicated enough. You won’t get good results, and then you might call it a scam. But If you’re dedicated, you might see positive results soon enough.

It was the same thing with Me, I nearly tagged it as a scam when I first used it but kept going and kept practicing, and I don’t know when I started acculturating wealth and started gaining more opportunities. This program is highly dependent on your mindset.

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