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Top 10 Appliance Wholesalers in the USA for 2023(With Reviews)

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Selecting the right wholesaler can be of paramount importance while setting up a new business. The wholesaler you choose determines the fate of your business, a good wholesaler delivers at the lowest costs and has direct relationships with major retailers. You must take into account the overall reputation and quality of the supplier considering you may be investing a lot of money.

By hand selecting only the best appliance wholesalers in the nation, we give you the tools you need to make an informed choice when it comes to purchasing overstock and liquidation appliances.

Don’t compromise on customer satisfaction due to supply chain problems and rely on trustworthy wholesalers to ensure your business is in good hands.

1. Quicklotz

QuickLotz Logo

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Invest with confidence at Quicklotz, uncover the highest quality liquidation products and premium merchandise at the lowest prices in the market. Quicklotz is a wholesaler of diverse products ranging from appliances to electronics, toys to jewelry; health, baby products to beauty aids and much more.

An excellent network of major manufacturers, distributors, and department stores ensure expertly sourced goods. At Quicklotz you can browse their entire selection of truckloads and lots to pick the one that’s right for you. Becoming a one-stop destination for all retailers, small businesses and individuals.

Quicklotz is willing to give exorbitant discounts to please their customers without having to compromise on brands or quality. The premium products at insanely discounted prices have created a sustainable market for Quicklotz, which in-turn has proved to be the market leader of all such websites.

2. B stock

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Known to be a solid choice for smaller lots of liquidation goods, the website comes with the option to buy or sell products which is part of a marketplace trade model which ensures a consistent trade flow. On the contrary, when products are sourced from online users the quality and supply of particular products may vary in terms of quality. Suppose the products you pick up for your store are exclusive to a particular seller, then you may not be able to assure a stable supply to your customer. This might reduce the customer-friendliness of that product for your business.

3. Sears outlet

Sears outlet

An excellent offline store which came up with an online version to raise the bar higher for their business. The offline store has its own fair share of satisfied customers but the online store fails to impress its customers. The reputation gathered by the offline outlets are boosting the name and fame of the online outlet, striking a balance between both the forms.

The delivery process again is not up to the mark but the online store comes up with a good collection of goods along with a very stable supply of products to ensure the smooth running of your business.

4. Liquidation

Liquidation Logo

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The deals may seem to be too good to be true, and if customer reviews are to be believed then users need to order very carefully. The site does not offer highly valuable products in their boxes, thus users need to refrain from bidding too high. As this website is not the most trustworthy website on this list users need to take care and ensure the quality and brands of the products they are interested in purchasing. Customers have reportedly received fake cartons of certain products which carry some completely different product altogether. The website offers amazing discounts and cheaper rates as compared to its counterparts but users need to keep an eye on the shipping prices.

5. Continental wholesale

continental whole sale

This is a great website for all the Auction houses, auctioneers, retail stores, Ebayers, thrift stores, flea marketers, mom and pop stores, dollar stores, pawn shops, non profit organizations, workshops, wholesalers, bargain dealers and truckload sale stores out there but other businesses can stay away from this website. It’s important to choose your liquidation appliance website carefully as otherwise what may seem valuable to the mentioned businesses may sound more like trash to you. A very specific selection to choose from, this website offers a decent customer service along with on-time delivery to suit its users.

 6. Premier Wholesalers

premier wholesaler

This particular supplier often claims more than what they can deliver. Absolutely incredible discounts to choose from a plethora of offers but a number of customers who have already made their purchase at Premier wholesalers have reported in numerous complaints making this website a bad choice for people who want to setup up retailer businesses with stable supply chains. On the other hand, people selling goods at flea markets may benefit significantly from the purchases they make at Premier wholesalers.

7. Used appliance wholesalers

A great source for people looking to set up their business on a tight budget. Increasing awareness among consumers has led to the rise of reselling products making it an excellent idea to invest in used goods and products. A healthy relationship between the wholesaler and retailer ensures flexible prices along with a stable supply rate to maintain happy customers.

The website only lags behind in terms of the depth of inventory as it does not trade in a huge variety of products. Overall a good website to check out for people looking forward to investing in used goods and products at lower prices.

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8. All prime products

All Prime Products

A limited selection of products along with a great price tag makes this website a popular choice. This website trades in a great selection of Closeouts including Overstock Clothing and Clothing Shelf Pulls, Closeouts on a dress and casual Footwear, jewelry Closeouts, Domestics with bedding, towels, other accessories and popular Department Store Surplus to name a few.

The trustworthy website backed up with positive customer reviews serves to be the best choice for people willing to trade in fashion merchandise but sellers looking to sell any other goods and products can very well stay away from the site. In a nutshell, this is an amazing website with value for branded high-value products paired with a responsive customer care team and on-time delivery for a stable supply chain.

9. Zanco sales

zanco sales

Zanco trades in different categories of goods and products ranging from Closeout/Discontinued, Overstock, Shelf-pulls, Pallet returns, Customer returns, and Raw return products. A budget-friendly option to set-up a business. The website has a very user-friendly interface along with responsive customer-care and on-time delivery. But again this website does not always deliver what it claims and there are a lot of reported cases where the products directly sent from the warehouse were of a sub-par quality. Users are warned not to expect A-class products from this website.

10.Open box direct

Open Box Direct

Open box serves the idea of a greater assemblage of products but does not deliver customer- satisfaction as reported by its many users. The website is not updated in real-time which poses different issues like unavailability of a certain product after making the payment. The money is not refunded but credits are added and once again the user is pushed to make a purchase from a website he or she already find to be cringe-worthy. The website has decent customer service along with an average delivery time frame.


  • Quicklotz is the website in terms of overall customer satisfaction and value for money.
  • Customers who seek to invest in smaller lots may try B stock.
  • A continental wholesale is a good option for people willing to invest in smaller flea market products or class-B products.

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