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Suzuki Hayate Review, Price In India & Customer Experiences

Suzuki Hayate
Commuter bikes have always played a crucial role in our society. How you ask?The common man chooses a commuter bike for his daily needs. For trips to the office, for shopping sprees and grocery runs, for every small thing.
These commuter bikes usually don’t have a high top sped. But the needs required to be satisfied a commuter bike are completely different.
Suzuki HayateSource Image : B4bike.in
They need to be cost efficient, have a good mileage and look good while doing the before mentioned. There are a few commuter bikes that have stood the test of times and are with us now, namely the Honda Shine and Yamaha Saluto. Now let’s look into Suzuki’s contribution to this segment, the Suzuki Hayate.
The Suzuki Hayate is built in a basic way with simplified designs but made stylishly. It manages good mileage according to reports and is quite comfortable to ride.
The Hayate maintains the Suzuki name and manages to steal the hearts of aimed riders, the common man. The Suzuki Hayate manages to prove through each ride its reliability and why it is a viable competitor for the Honda Shine and the Yamaha Saluto.


The Suzuki Hayate houses a decent 112.8cc, air cooled, SOHC engine with a 4-speed manual transmission system. It builds up to a maximum power of 8.18bhp at 7500 rpm along with a net torque of 8.8Nm at 5500 rpm. The very next variable after hearing these specifications one looks to is the mileage.
The Suzuki Hayate offers a mileage of 60 kmpl which is a very suitable mileage for a commuter. Furthermore, the Suzuki Hayate uses drum brakes both at the front and the rear which has actually prove to work well for the bike and hence the users are satisfied. The bike eases through the Indian roads using a decent suspension system comprising of telescopic forks at the front and spring loaded hydraulic shock absorbers at the rear.
Suzuki HayateSOurce Image : Bikesyard 
The bike has a stylish build and does measure up to the other commuter bikes in the segment in terms of looks. With the black silencer and the trendy head lamp, the Suzuki Hayate does look pretty good.
The neatly crafted and attractively styled fuel tank, which has a capacity of 10.5ltrs, does give the rider a comfortable seating position thereby catering to almost all the specifications one can expect from a commuter bike.  At its head it has installed in it an analog instrument console having a speedometer, odometer and a fuel gauge.
The official video and a video review:

Customer Reviews

Customers are generally satisfied with the Suzuki Hayate. The Hayate’s good mileage and stylish looks are the most satisfactory parts about the bike. There is close to no issues mentioned regarding servicing or manufacturing defects.
The Suzuki Hayate seems to be a people friendly bike with it being able to cover long distances regularly and with comfort to the rider.
The price line is attainable as well and the promised mileage is achieved by the Suzuki Hayate easily.


Suzuki Hayate
Source Image : ravenmotoring

  • Delhi – Central Delhi ₹ 59,631
  • Punjab- Ludhiana ₹ 57,292
  • Kerala- Thrissur ₹ 67,200
  • Karnataka-  Bangalore ₹ 64,448
  • Andhra Pradesh- Visakhapatnam ₹ 63,402
The Suzuki Hayate is available in a collection of attractive colors like a Black-Red graphic, a Blue – Black Graphic and a Moon Stone Grey


The Suzuki Hayate is released into a segment with tight competition and very less factor to compete about.
The commuter segments. Nevertheless, the Suzuki Hayate manages to take a spot for its own and is easily on of the loved commuters in the market now. Suzuki was once on the forefront of the bike world with its Hayabusa and other spectacular bikes.
The Hayate can only be seen as Suzuki venturing into uncharted waters and the result is one no man can complain about. The Suzuki Hayate will definitely cope to the needs of the modern-day man and is a bike that’ll take care of you as much as take care of it.
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