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SocialPilot Review – Is it Worthy For Social Media Marketing & Scheduling

SocialPilot Review

SocialPilot is a social media marketing and scheduling platform designed to help you raise brand awareness and increasing profile traffic. Today, more than 75,000 marketing and advertising companies, corporations and enterprises, and social media practitioners use SocialPilot to successfully manage their digital presence.

Social Networks Supported


The overall number of social networks supported by SocialPilot is small compared to some of its competitors, but the company covers the most popular options, including (but not limited to):


SocialPilot Features

SocialPilot ‘s goal is to provide you with a single forum where all of your social media profiles can be handled. You can thus save time by navigating to just one place to post updates, rather than several, stand-alone websites.

You can create a single post and send it to all your networks, or you can manage each profile individually (without ever leaving the website of SocialPilot).

  • Manage Social Accounts For Many Businesses

You can link up to 200 social accounts with a single SocialPilot account, and exchange up to 500 posts through your accounts. It might be overkill if you’re a small business owner who handles only the digital presence of your company, but if you’re a marketing firm that works on behalf of many clients, you may find it helpful.

  • Schedule Updates

SocialPilot lets you plan alerts in advance to save you time. This way, you can sit down once, curate, plan, and enjoy content through your networks. Once the specified period is finished, SocialPilot is liable for uploading the material for use by the users.

This ensures that while your traffic is at high rates you can plan content to go live, so you can retain the illusion of a constantly updated media profile without wasting any of your time online.

SocialPilot also comes with fine-grain control tools, such as time zones based scheduling. This ensures anything that is expected to go live at a prime time in California should always go live in Hawaii at peak hours, not in the middle of the night while no one is online.

Once you have content going online, the schedule calendar informs you, and you can see if there are holes, and when there is an excess of content at a glance.

You should look forward to this every day, weekly and monthly. You can quickly reschedule by moving and lowering the element into a new date/time slot, should you find that there is so much programming planned for a certain time span.

If you manage a large number of accounts and profiles, the bulk scheduling tool provided by SocialPilot makes it easy for you to upload hundreds of posts at once. To do so, you just need to build a CSV file or a text file containing all of your messages. You may also decide when you want every update to go live if you would like.

You can also make modifications to things that you have posted in bulk at a later date, however. You will add , remove, or adjust the schedule of posts depending on your company’s needs.

  • Collaborate With Others

Several hands do light work, so SocialPilot helps you to offer partners exposure and they can better handle your social networking accounts.

Post the schedule of content schedules so that everybody is on the same page and assign supervisors to authorize content to make sure everything that goes out is important and on the brand.

  • Content Suggestions And Feeds

Some of the best aspects of maintaining your social networking accounts are curating material that is important to your followers and meaningful to them.

Thus, SocialPilot comes with recommendations for material that you should use, which it curates based on categories you have chosen. Additionally, SocialPilot offers integration with your external RSS feeds so you can easily share items that you are curating already.

Client Management Tools

When you are a communications firm that deals with many companies, you will use the company management software to view their accounts to start communicating with commenting on their behalf.

This is a safe and secure way for your clients to grant you privileged access to their accounts without having to exchange private credentials or have to appoint you as their account administrator.

No client will access your account list, and you don’t have to think about sharing too much detail regarding your end.

  • URL Shortening

Using the following SocialPilot integrations, you can get rid of lengthy, gross, user-friendly URLs: Sniply, Rebrandly, and Bitly. When you add a URL shortener to your account, it will instantly shorten all your links (if you have several integrations, you can choose a default method to use).

  • Reports and Analytics

SocialPilot provides built-in metrics and analysis capabilities to determine which of your approaches are effective and where the weak spots are when it comes to social networking campaigns so that you can perform analyzes and obtain deeper perspectives.

You can get complete overviews based on social networks, understand your fans/followers/influences to make better choices and measure the performance of particular components of content

Besides its advanced monitoring and feedback software, SocialPilot supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. It helps you to take advantage of the finer-grain, platform-specific details that the actual company receives while also displaying it on the SocialPilot dashboard only.

  • Integrations

To improve the functionality of SocialPilot, you are allowed to integrate with third-parties, such as Zapier, Snip.ly, Rabrandly, Canva, Bitly, Feedly, and Project Manager.

  • Custom Branding

SocialPilot comes with custom branding functionality, which allows you to configure your account to highlight your brand in your Facebook posts, rather than having posted using SocialPilot.

Apps and Browser Extensions

You should use some of the following resources to make it easier for you to post something important, instead of logging into the SocialPilot dashboard:

Some applications and plugin extensions have features that allow you to save and plan material that you’ve found for a later date of release, so you don’t have to add your co-author.

Pricing And Billing

You should sign up for the free, starter package to get a feel for SocialPilot and decide whether it’s the right tool for your company. In your scheduled queue, you can link up to three social accounts, exchange up to 10 posts a day and hold up to 30 messages.

When you’re about to update, you can pick between 3 options. When you’re a new user you will get a full, fourteen-day preview with each of the paying plans.

The paying options vary from each other largely depending on the average amount of social accounts that you can control through your SocialPilot account, the number of updates that you will upload every day, the number of updates that you can hold in your scheduling list and the number of team leaders who will communicate with your platform. Only premium accounts come with priority service and personalized onboarding.

When your expectations are not fulfilled with all of the three options, you should contact the SocialPilot development team to negotiate a business program.

You may opt to pay on a regular basis for your membership, so if you want to pay annually on a yearly plan, you can save 20 per cent from the payments.


SocialPilot is a cloud-based tool that makes managing multiple social media profiles from one location easy for marketing and media agencies, businesses and businesses, and social media professionals.

Through merging your accounts with SocialPilot, you can curate content and submit alerts, all from one place — you no longer need to login and share notifications from different social profiles.

In fact, the bulk scheduling function helps you to manage productive social media without forcing you to contribute to them all around the clock.

If you consider time demanding and daunting the prospect of person social profile management, then SocialPilot may be the resource for you.

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