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10 Best Shows Like Schitts Creek You Must Watch In 2022

Best Shows Like Schitts Creek

The CBC sitcom delighted audiences’ emotions all whilst letting them fall over in amusement, out from the title of the county to the actors’ wide awake banter. Many programs that make you feel good forgo chuckles, but Schitt’s is unique in that, its weird and caustic sense of humor is there throughout the show’s six-season span. When Netflix acquired the streaming rights to Schitt’s Creek in 2017, the show’s popularity skyrocketed. At then, it was all anybody could talk about after the program dominated the Comedy categories at the 2020 Emmys. in this article we will see about some of the Best Shows Like Schitts Creek.

Although fans are still in disbelief that the show is over, the Rose family will always have a special place in their hearts. It seems hard for people to forget that the Rosebud Motel has any personalities as charming, enunciations as humorously odd, or brows as delightfully bushy as the ones found there. The first episode aired in 2015, and the final episode broadcast on April 7, 2020. Since no other program compares to the series, there’s a high possibility you’ll discover comparable feelings in other shows like Schsitts Creek that are out there ready to be adored. 

Here is the list of the 10 Best Shows Like Schitts Creek.

Santa Clarita Diet

Santa Clarita Diet -Shows Like Schitts Creek

Available on Netflix

Santa Clarita Diet is a horror-comedy about a family whose tranquil existence is irrevocably disturbed when Sheila goes undead and begins thirsting for human blood. Sheila’s befuddled family tries to find a treatment for her illness while dealing with the repercussions, such as her newfound desire for human flesh and a dramatically transformed personality that has become more primal and impulsive. It is one of the best Show Alternative To Schitts Creek.

Although there is a lot of violence and dead people being shot in the head, the program nevertheless examines the darkest scenarios for great laughs and how the most ridiculous events can bring a family closer together. Joel and his family must cope with neighbors and cultural conventions while attempting to assist Sheila to solve a potentially mythical mystery. It depicts many facets of a decent family’s life, and viewers will be thoroughly entertained after watching Santa Clarita Diet.

That ’70s Show

That '70s Show

Available on Amazon Prime

The show revolves around geeky Eric Forman and his five adolescent buddies. Steven Hyde is a jaded painful stoner and Eric’s childhood friend, Michael Kelso is a gloomy and egocentric ladies’ man, Jackie Burkhart is a self-involved high school cheerleader excessively fixated with riches, and Fez is a humorous outsider whose country of origin is unclear and whose real name is unidentified. 

Donna Pinciotti is a feminist next-door neighbor and Eric’s girlfriend. In the first episode, Eric drives a 1969 Vista Cruiser, a station wagon gifted to him by his father. The series is set in suburban Wisconsin, and the core of the narrative is found in the basement of the Forman home, where Eric lives with his ultraconservative father, elevated mother, and college drop-out sister Laurie.

Kim’s Convenience

Kim's Convenience

Available on Netflix| Amazon Prime

Kim’s Convenience is the first Canadian TV show with an all-Asian lead cast, something the show has aspired to from its inception. Ins Choi, whose family immigrated from Korea to Toronto when he was a child, began writing Kim’s Convenience as a play in 2005. In Kim’s Convenience, this type of drama-comedy approach to Asian people is refreshing.

Kim’s Convenience features the same Canadian comedy Shows Like Schitts Creek, as well as some odd family shenanigans. The sitcom follows the Kims, a Korean-Canadian family of four who owns and operates a convenience shop in Toronto, as they deal with life’s unexpected twists and turns. The show is smart and amusing without being preachy. Kim’s Convenience is very enjoyable to watch and well worth your time.



Available on Amazon Prime

Pen15 draws on several late-’90s cultural references while also accurately portraying the interests of young teenagers at the time. The show’s producers drew on their own experiences to tell this type of tale in a way that has never been done before on television. 

The finest thing about Pen15 is how well Erskine and Konkle, the stars, blend into their characters even though they’re twenty years older than their TV counterparts. Maya and Anna are alarmingly convincing as 13-year-olds. It’s incredible, and it’s much easier to believe in the illusion if you’re unfamiliar with these two women.

There are lots of examples of casts having excellent chemistry on a show even if they didn’t know each other before production. Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle’s chemistry is so authentic since they’ve been friends since college. Although the series takes place before high school, the relationship between the characters is genuine. The goal of Pen15 was for Erskine and Konkle to properly depict their experiences as 13-year-olds.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Shows Like Schitts Creek

Available on Netflix| Amazon Prime

Det. Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and his stoic ever-professional captain, Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher), together with his varied, charming coworkers, patrol the NYPD’s 99th Precinct in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Over a challenging year, Jake and the squad must strive to strike a balance between their personal and professional lives. If You are really bored of watching Schitt’s Creek, it will be a great option for You. So, that’s why we have put it in Shows like Schitts Creek.

Sgt. Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero) completes the cast, with a penchant for organization and a propensity for dork dancing. Det. Charles Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio), a mountain of a guy whose most strong muscle is his darling Jake’s closest buddy and human puppy dog, Lt. Det. Scully (Joel McKinnon Miller) and Det. Hitchcock (Dirk Blocker) are also members of the Nine-Nine, and their sole talent as cops is the ability to brew a decent cup of coffee. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a solitary ensemble comedy about what transpires when a gifted but careless investigator is assigned to a new captain with a lot on his plate.

The Office

The Office

Available on Netflix| Amazon Prime

One such series that has been translated into several languages is The Office. The Office is one of those shows that you can’t help but enjoy, whether you watch the original or the American adaptation. While the US version is significantly lengthier than the UK version, both have comedy, humility, and excellent writing that will remind you of Schitt’s Creek and leave you gripping your stomach in laughter. One of the funniest workplace sitcoms ever created is The Office. And It is Also, one of the Best Shows Like Schitts Creek.

Even though the show’s first season only lasted six episodes, it has a cult following. A whole new generation of fans can enjoy The Office, thanks in part to streaming platforms like Netflix. More than 200 episodes were produced for the show, all of which were jam-packed with excellent narratives. It’s a lot of pleasure to binge on this massive amount of entertainment again and over.

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls - Shows Like Schitts Creek

Available on Netflix| Amazon Prime

In 2000, the WB premiered Gilmore Girls, a show about a young mother and daughter who lived in a tiny town where everyone appeared to speak a mile a minute. It ended its run on The CW on May 15, 2007, after seven years of pop culture allusions and family turmoil. Because Gilmore Girls is now accessible to watch on Netflix, there’s no reason not to get yourself a big cup of coffee and load up on all your favorite snacks.

Lorelai Gilmore and her teenage daughter Rory star in the television show Gilmore Girls. Lorelai was born into an upper-crust WASP family, but when she became pregnant at the age of 16, she ran away from home, opting to raise her baby in the small, eccentric town of Stars Hollow.

Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation - Shows Like Schitts Creek

Available on Netflix| Amazon Prime

Parks and Recreation have taught us that there are many various first names you can call a bumbling colleague, many more ways to tell your closest friend she is gorgeous, and that you should treat yourself now and again. The last episode, which aired on February 24, 2015, depicted the daily lives of those who work for Pawnee Parks and Recreation and local government.

Parks and Recreation had a rough creative start, and it was unfairly likened to The Office before season two when it became a constant critical favorite. Some early assessments from critics who eventually changed their opinions were particularly harsh. Later, the show proved them all incorrect by garnering a big audience and receiving great ratings.

Dead to Me

Dead to Me - Shows Like Schitts Creek

Available on Netflix| Amazon Prime

Dead to Me narrates the story of Jen (Applegate) and Judy, who form a relationship (Cardellini). Jen is a newly widowed real estate agent in Laguna Beach, California, who is working through her grief through counseling, exercise, and other techniques. Her sadness is expressed via rage and hatred. In a bereavement support group, she meets Judy. Judy is lamenting the loss of her husband, who suffered a heart attack, while Jen is grieving the death of her husband, who was killed by a hit-and-run maniac.

Judy is the real hit-and-run driver, and her fiancé dumped her. Jen is in a dark place, while Judy keeps a bright outlook, and the two characters deal with their problems in different ways. The two immediately form a strong relationship as a result of their differences. As the mystery surrounding her husband’s murder and Judy’s secrets unravel, Jen gets increasingly irrational.


Friends - Shows Like Schitts Creek

Available on Netflix| Amazon Prime

Friends became one of the most successful television programs in history in just ten years. Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler, and Joey are six close friends whose lives are occasionally difficult, but always hilarious. The program spans ten seasons, and with each season that you watch, your love for it grows. This is the show’s impact: everyone loves it, whether it’s the 90’s generation or the new generation.

Despite the show’s trademark humor and sarcasm, each episode of Friends ultimately concludes with a teaching moment. The most essential of them is to constantly rely on your friends and to not be too concerned with other people’s opinions. The most essential life lesson, though, came from Ross, who taught viewers not to wear leather trousers on a first date and never mention your ex’s name during your wedding vows.


Sitcoms with a lot of comedy and humor tend to last longer and draw in more viewers. This is exactly what Schitt’s Creek accomplished, and the show made such an impact that fans still miss it. However, in addition to Schitt’s Creek, there is a slew of other highly rated series in the same genre that is also worth watching. If you’re tired of watching Schitts Creek over and again, use the list above to find the finest shows Like Schitts Creek. 

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