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10 Best Shows Like Love Death And Robots In 2024

Shows Like Love Death And Robots

Love, Death, and Robots was one of the most anticipated series on Netflix. The series was one of the first steps of Netflix to move into the Animated realm of shows. Shows Like Love Death and Robots have episodes that are mutually exclusive of one another. There is no continuation as all of the episodes are single stories that are not linked to each other. All of these stories try to present us with a lot of content wishing a stipulated time. The different styles of animation used by the show have led to soaring popularity.

It is hard to find shows that have multiple types of animations in them and this show aimed to fill that void. If you have just watched Love, Death, and Robots you must be wanting to watch a few other series of the same genre. To help you out we have listed the best shows like Love Death and Robots.

Here is the list of the 10 best Cartoon Shows Like Love Death And Robots in 2023.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror - Shows Like Love Death And Robots

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Black Mirror is one of the top-rated shows in the world and it has obtained this spot based purely on merit. The show contains concepts that are futuristic as well and make you reimagine what you know about reality.  This show is divided into many seasons with each season having its own set of episodes. The show is made in the same format as Love, Death, and Robots. There are individual episodes in each of the series and these shows are separate from one another.

As they are not linked you can watch any of the episodes without having to watch the previous ones. These types of shows allow you to get the experience of watching completely different stories that have the same underlying theme with each episode. Each of the episodes in Black Mirror is carefully crafted to allow the viewers to have an immersive experience.

When watching the show you can expect to encounter many different concepts that are futuristic in their outlook. All of their episodes explore the concepts of love, hate, and a variety of other emotions in the most innovative stories. You can expect to find many concepts such as virtual reality, robots, and technology that are from the future. The show has a dark undertone to it.

It manages to explore many subjects which are seen as dark by the conventional media. Charlie Brooker had managed to create a unique series and the only one of its kind. The show is seen as one of the best works of fiction and will take you through a series of different themes. From romance to heartbreak, politics, and full-on wars. Every one of these concepts is given fruition in Black Mirror.

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul - Shows Like Love Death And Robots

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Japanese anime shows have a mixed review. People have very polar reactions to the concept of Japanese animations. Tokyo Ghoul is a show which has quite similar themes to Love, Death, and Robots. The show has similar dark themes. The show deals with the existence of ghouls on Earth. Ghouls live among humans and they exist in the same world. The anime show is not a light watch.

When committing yourself to watch the show, you will encounter some gore topics which might not be to the taste of everyone. The show also boasts of one of the most striking character developments that we have seen. You will see the main character of the show change throughout the series and develop into a complex character from someone who started as simple.

Tokyo ghoul tells us the story of a young college student who is completely unaware of the existence of ghouls. This completely changes for him when he meets a girl who takes him through this life and makes him understand how ghouls live.

Within just a few episodes, the characters manage to grab your attention and do not let go of it till the end. The darkness that is filled in this show makes you think and wonder about it long after you have fined watching the series. Tokyo Ghoul leaves a deep impact on people who watch it and we recommend you to watch it if you want to experience a dark and complicated plotline with great character development.

Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty - Shows Like Love Death And Robots

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Rick and Morty is one of the most famous names when it comes to animated shows. The show is one of the best-written shows. It belongs to the genre of comedy while ensuring that their audience gets snippets of some other genres as well. The writers of Rick and Morty have made a show which does not conform to the conventional type of shows that we are used to.

The show has a bizarre concept and uses the bizarre nature of their characters to ensure that they can ride the waves of their brilliant writing. The characters of Rick and Morty do all of the main performances in the show but they are nicely supplemented by the performances and roles of the other characters.

The show follows the relationship and adventures of an eccentric grandfather and his grandson. Rick who is the grandfather is also a genius inventor. He has managed to make items that you could only dream of. While the show looks ordinary from the outside they have used the concepts of space and time travel to help them bring multiple dimensions to the show.

The wacky adventures they have will leave you entertained till the last minute of the show. This show managed to match the levels of animation seen in Love Death and Robot while keeping things light. If you enjoyed the light-hearted episodes of the series you will enjoy Rick and Morty.

Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon

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Altered Carbon will take you through experiences that you thought were never possible. What happens if you never die and continue to live on. This is the question answered by the show. The show begins by putting the users right into the midst of the action.

The users find themselves witnessing a futuristic world which they cannot make much sense of. This futuristic world is advanced in every way you can imagine. The viewers are treated to flying cars and mansions which float in the sky. Society is divided into various classes with the richest of the rich getting to enjoy living in the higher regions of the sky.

The most significant concept that this show puts forward is that people do not die. Well, at least not in the traditional sense of the way. The consciousness of people is stored in digital stacs in their necks. When a person dies they can take the body of another dead individual and get their consciousness back by linking it to the body. This is however only possible for the wealthy which creates a divide in society.

Watch the movie to find out what happens and does the main character survives all of the mayhem that follows. This show has tons of violence and nudity. As the setting of the show and the underlying themes are very similar it makes the show a great watch for fans of love death and robot. While the show might not be animated it deals with futuristic concepts that are generally only seen in animated shows.


Available at Amazon Prime

If you have an interest in the sci-fi genre you must have heard about Futurama. Futurama is a series that takes on Love Death and Robots as both of them belong to the same genre. While belonging to the same genre both of the shows have a different philosophy when it comes to representing the genre. Futurama brings you the most fascinating sci-fi concepts. You will find yourself viewing a variety of episodes that deal with all the nitty-gritty of sci-fi imagination. If you have loved all of the sci-fi concepts you were shown in Love, Death, and Robots you will love this show. They take scientific concepts to the next level with ingenious screenwriting and animations

Futurama allows you to experience all of the unimaginable sci-fi scenes but cuts down on the violence, nudity, and graphic scenes which are present in the other show. The show has been in the minds of fans across the globe the show has gone through tons of ups and downs throughout its years of running. Give this show a watch to find yourself discovering many sci-fi concepts and exploring theories such as time travel all packed into an entertaining show.

Cowboy Beebop

Cowboy Beebop

Available at Amazon Prime | Netflix

Cowboy Beebop has been the one to watch out for when it comes to animated shows. The show resembles Love Death and Robots with the animation style and the format of the show. The show is divided into standalone episodes. While it is better to watch them in order this is not necessary. The animation takes you to the adventures of the Bebop spaceship. The continuity seen in the episodes is minimal which makes it easy to skip a few and get to the episodes which truly engage with what you want to watch.

Unlike Love, Death, and Robots, this show does not have many styles of animation. They take a single style and stick to it. This being said each of the episodes brings you a distinctly different plot. The changing scenes help you to have a vivid experience of space while seeing the characters engage with each other in what can only be called out of ordinary adventures. The crew of the bebop ship is the main characters who fill your screens with their animated performances. The amazing voice acting in the show manages to make the show a level above the rest.

Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied - Shows Like Love Death And Robots

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Elfen Lied is a show which defines complicated animated shows. If you have been a fan of the Love Death and Robot series you must like scientific concepts being explained in the sci-fi shows you watch. The writers of that show had beautifully managed to explain the difficult scientific concepts they had thought of in seemingly less time. Elfen Lied is a show which is considered to have one of the most complicated scientific plots. The writers of this show have managed to make the audience understand this concept while showcasing the beautiful story they have written.

The show takes the audience through the story of Lucy. it is found out that Lucy is a humanoid and that she has escaped from captivity. After escaping she decides to start living with a human family. She creates a new persona for herself in an attempt to live and adapt to the ways of the human family. The show takes you through her tale and has many emotionally heavy scenes. Some of the scenes may not be suitable for everyone so only watch the series if you are okay with the sheer amount of nudity and profanity it contains. You will also have to witness a lot of gore throughout the show but if you like Love, Death, and Robots, this should fit you well.


Fate Zero - Shows Like Love Death And Robots

Fate/Zero manages to get mixed reviews across the board. While some find it to be one of the best-animated series, others believe it to be a lackluster copy of popular ideas shown in different shows. Despite these reviews, if you have liked Love, Death, and Robots, this show should be right up your alley. The show ran for a short time of just a year.  The format of the show is that of a competition where several groups fight against one another to be crowned the champions.

The main plot of the show consists of 7 mages who get the chance to compete against one another to get a grail. These mages have command over their own set of superheroes. You can see where this is heading. These superheroes have to compete against each other. The main acclaim of this show is due to the amazing character development they have done. Each character has a dark past and a backstory to go along with it. You also get the usual serving of fights with many bloody scenes.

Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell - Shows Like Love Death And Robots

Available at Amazon Prime

The story in Fate/Zero is set up in a world where people have advanced abilities. They can directly get information downloaded to their mind from the internet. The concept does sound cool and many people would want to live in this world. However, the events which follow show us the negative sides of this technology pretty quickly. With data being downloaded directly to their brain, there has been an increase in the number of cyborgs in the world. Problems arise when these cyborgs start to get hacked.

A notorious hacker has started to hack into the software of these cyborgs and make them commit crimes. It is the responsibility of the character to track down this felon and uncover the mask from their face. The show has scenes of gore and violence which make it graphic. You will see the same levels of graphic content that are seen in Love, Death, and Robots.

The Animatrix

The Animatrix - Shows Like Love Death And Robots

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Animatrix is a show which had to be a part of our list. It provides the audience with an origin story for the matrix. The entire Matrix universe is extremely impressive. This particular show helps you to understand its significance. It helps you understand the events that took place which essentially gave birth to the Matrix universe. Some may argue that it is a film but essentially it can be viewed as a show with multiple episodes cooped together.

Many movie buffs consider this to be a show which incorporates concepts that are more common to Love, Death, and Robots than the others on the list. You will find the topic of the war between man and robot covered extensively in this movie. The show is compromised of 9 short animated episodes. Just like Love, Death, and Robots each of these short segments pack a lot into it despite its size.


The shows we have mentioned in this list are some of the best-animated series that exist. All of these shows have their genius plotline which makes them different. The shows have used animation to give life to concerts that would have been difficult to perform with actors.

The animations make it easier to get better results on screen and produce some great shows. While all of these shows might not be the same as Love, Death, and Robots. They surely have underlying themes which make them similar. Having these suggestions allows you to choose the show which you feel matches your taste. While sticking to the underlying themes of Love, Death, and Robots. Give all of these shows a watch as they are worth your time.

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