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10 Best Shows Like Gravity Falls to Watch in 2024

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Gravity Falls that aired first in 2012 was a really popular and fun show that followed the story of two siblings, Mabel and Dipper who travel to a little town named Gravity Falls, Oregon in the summer and but get confronted by a whole lot of strange happenings. The show was really funny and endearing to kids and adults alike and so when the creator decided to cancel it out of the blue, the news came as a shock and a blow to many people, considering that the show was still doing really well.

And if you’re here, we’re guessing that you too are looking for similar shows that can satiate your want for something as wonderful as Gravity Falls, and for that very reason, we’ve put together a list of shows you can watch to keep those blues away!

Here are the Best Shows Like Gravity Falls:

#1. Steven Universe

Steven Universe movie poster

Available on Netflix | Amazon prime

The first show on our list is Steven Universe, and the animation for the two shows is somewhat similar, so this marks an easy transition as well! It follows the story of four gems, out of which Steven is the half-human younger sibling of the other three.

The show takes us on adventures as Steven grows and comes into his own powers while they try to protect the universe. Steven Universe is definitely a really wholesome show, and watching their adventures is very reminiscent of Gravity Falls, so we’re sure you’ll like this show!

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#2. Rick And Morty

Available on Netflix | Amazon prime

This next show isn’t necessarily as kid-friendly as Gravity Falls, but hey, if you’re progressive enough! It follows the story of Rick, an old man (aka scientist, aka alcoholic, aka nihilist) who winds up on his daughter’s doorstep, looking for a place to stay.

After that, it’s all chaos as he takes his grandson Morty under his wing and travelling all over the universe with the help of his (possibly lethal) gadgets. There’s a whole lot of crass humour that’s bound to keep you in stitches, and if you want to up yourself a level in terms of humour, Rick and Morty is the way to go, without compromising on the surreal adventures!

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#3. Adventure Time

ADVENTURE TIME show poster.jpg

Available on Netflix | Amazon prime

Having started in 2007, with more than 10 seasons in cue, the show takes us on the adventures of 12-year-old “Finn the Human” and his talking, “wiggly” companion, “Jake the Dog”, as they travel the land of Ooo in order to fight evil and do good.

With this endearing duo, Adventure Time gives us bright (even psychedelic) colors, strange landscapes, niche humour, and a very amusing cast of oddball characters! While all the strangeness we find in Gravity Falls still has a regular setting, Adventure Time will transport us a to a world that is fully, wholly strange, and in the best way possible! So, if you liked the “strangeness” in the latter, this is the show for you!

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#4. Regular Show

Regular Show poster.jpg

Available on Netflix | Amazon prime

Next on our list is another show that isn’t the most kid-friendly, but hilarious nonetheless. The show follows the duo made up of Mordecai, a blue jay, and Rigby, a raccoon, who work as groundskeepers in a local park, and are always looking for ways to slack off.

Except every time they slack off, they’re faced by an extremely surreal misadventure that they have to escape! The show tackles several issues, such as racial and cultural stereotyping, and has a whole lot of crude humour involving coarse language, and sexual innuendos, which is definitely fun to see in animation. The show’s also won several awards, and you can be assured that is it excellent in every way!

#5. The Amazing World Of Gumball


Available on Netflix | Amazon prime

A show that first aired on Cartoon Network, this is definitely A-Okay with the kids. But that being said, the plain weird content in the show will make it amusing even for adults. Consisting of several art-styles and animations.

The Amazing World of Gumball is a surreal, chaotic mess that surprisingly comes together very well. The show follows the story of a blue cat named Gumball and his family of odd characters; from his walking pet goldfish who goes to the same school as him and is also his best friend, to the over-achieving, terrifying younger sister who’s a bunny, the normal (but also terrifying) mum, and the mind-numbingly stupid dad.

There’s also a Mr. Butt, which just goes to show the extent of oddball characters. This show is definitely worth a watch!

#6. Amphibia

AMPHIBIA show poster.jpg

Available on Amazon prime

Next on our list is a Disney show that first started in 2019, and has since gained a lot of loyal watchers who really love it! Amphibia is about a 13-year-old Thai-American girl who gets transported to a different world altogether when she toys with a magical music box.

We’ve seen many magical worlds before, but in Amphibia, the world is a marshland filled with frogs and pollywogs, and a number of other anthropomorphic amphibious creatures! This new take on a magical world is definitely worth a watch, and all the adventures make the show very fun to watch for kids and adults alike!

#7. The Hollow

THE HOLLOW show poster.jpg

Available on Netflix | Amazon prime

This next show, The Hollow, first aired in 2018, and immediately became a popular show among people eagerly waiting for the second season. It only has two seasons as of yet, but that’s enough to get you started and keep you going for a while, so be sure to check them out!

The show follows three teens who wake in a mysterious world in a different realm of the universe and have to work together in order to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles in order to escape. With a vibe pretty similar to Gravity Falls, we’re sure this show will be a hit with you!

#8. The Owl House

The Owl House show poster.jpg

Available on  Amazon prime

Next up we have The Owl House, another Disney channel animated series that follows the story of a girl named Luz who has no particular magical powers herself, but finds herself in a magical world when she goes through a portal.

Befriending a witch among the world filled with a number of other magical creatures, she decides to be a witch herself, and the show takes us with her on her adventures as she works to reach that goal! A show that first aired in January of 2020, you can be sure that there’s a lot more to come, and you can be just in time for the next season so be sure to give the show a watch!

#9. Star Vs The Forces Of Evil

STAR VS THE FORCES OF EVIL show poster.jpg

Available on Amazon prime

This is another show which has an art style that will remind you of Gravity Falls. A very colourful show-in all senses of the word-it tells us the story of a magical princess named Star who gets gifted a magic wand, but then promptly shows that she’s not ready to wield such power.

In an effort to make her grow up, she’s sent to Earth, where she gets into a whole lot of trouble and goes on a lot of adventures with a human boy, Marco Diaz, in order to stop the forces of evil taking over the universe! With four seasons, this show is definitely a fun watch that’ll remind you of Gravity Falls in more ways than one, and thus warrants a watch!

#10. The Simpsons

Available on Netflix | Amazon prime

Last on our list we have The Simpsons. A show that has been going on for absolute ages, it is still amusing, entertaining, hilarious! Following the lives of Homer Simpson and all the other people in his dysfunctional, but very-real family, The Simpsons takes us through the ups and downs of life, from very relatable problems to more out-of-the-world ones.

The show started in 1989, and up until now has produced a whopping total of 31 seasons, with no end in sight, and to be very honest, we’re glad, because The Simpsons really can brighten your day to no end, and after Gravity Falls, is a great show to watch!

That brings us to the end of our list! Tell us what you think of these recommendations, or if you feel like we’ve missed out on any good ones, let us know!

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