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Top 10 Web Series Like Daredevil to Watch in 2021

Best webseries like daredevil

Marvel and awesomeness go side by side. I mean you name any show or movie created by them which will not blow your mind. And Daredevil is no different. Actually, it can be considered as one of the bests of the Marvel franchise. I am a die-hard Marvel fan myself and I know what most Marvel fans expect from the franchise. And to be honest, keeping some exceptions aside, it has always presented us shows or movies above the par. And if you have already watched Daredevil, you will agree it is one of the bravest creations by anyone ever.

For the ones who have not watched Daredevil yet, let me tell you the story in brief. A “normal” lawyer Matt Murdock leads his ordinary life. He is blind but that does not bring up any obstacles in his work. This so-called normal lawyer’s all other senses are so high that he can even listen to your heartbeat from far away. He uses his super sensing abilities and turns into a fearless vigilance at night called Daredevil, washing away the villains.

Sounds interesting right? Yes, Daredevil is the superhero for adults and if you loved it, here we are listing out top 10 web series like Daredevil to watch out. Check the full list below

Here is the list of amazing  top ten shows like Daredevil:

 Iron Fist

 Iron Fist movie

Available on Netflix 

Iron Fist is another Marvel creation. The story revolves around the son of a billionaire and his supernatural life. Billionaire industrialist Rand and his family get into an accident where his son Danny gets separated from them. After failing to find Danny, everyone assumes that he is dead, and more than a decade passes in this way. One day suddenly Danny comes back to New York City and finds out his father’s business partner Harold Meachum and his children are the new owners of Rand Enterprise.

Obviously, they get skeptical about Danny’s claims. But what they don’t know is throughout this time Danny was being trained in a monastery of the Himalayas and got the ability to become the supernatural iron fist.

His fist is his superpower in this case. Harold and his men try to finish off Danny to stay in charge of Rand Enterprise but how their plan fails is your thing to watch. If you are looking for some bloody fight scenes and amazing martial arts skills, Iron Fist can be your ultimate choice.


Arrow  movie

Available on Amazon Prime | Netflix

Marvel and DC are perfect rivals to each other. They are like two parallel universes. Arrow is one of the best creations by the DC cinematic universe. The story revolves around a rich spoiled brat being stranded in an abandoned island after an accident. After living on the abandoned island for 5 years, he becomes a completely new person and somehow manages to escape from there.

Reaching his hometown he gets a shock seeing everything has gone worse than ever. The ruling of antagonists makes him restless and he becomes a secret vigilance to bring back peace in the town. Throughout the series, you will get flashbacks to make his personality change even clearer. Not to mention the action scenes will make your heart beat faster.

 Luke Cage

 Luke Cage movie

Available on Netflix

If you have watched Jessica Jones, then you will remember Luke Cage in Season 1 of Jessica Jones. The fact that we all loved the indestructible Luke Cage as a separate superhero, made the creators give him his own series.

The story revolves around Luke Cage with indestructible skin and immense physical strength. Even though he wants to lead a normal life, it seems that normal life does not like him at all. He gets into a fight with some hard-hearted criminals in a local bar while working there as a dishwasher.

By the time he finds himself fighting with hardened criminals and corrupted government officials to defend his town, Harlem. Other than being a directorial hit, Luke cage stands out as a savior of his community too. By his community, I mean the African-American community that struggles to thrive in the developed society.

Their illiteracy pushes them to choose the path of crime and Luke Cage is on a mission to bring them back to the oath of a good human being. Overall this series will not only keep you engaged but also will touch your heart deeply.

Jessica Jones

Marvel’s Jessica Jones

Available on Netflix

After Luke Cage, let’s come to the original series Jessica Jones. Jessica Jones is one of my most favorite web series ever made. The story revolves around former superhero Jessica Jones who has left the job as a superhero after being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

She gets traumatized after witnessing all his family members die in front of her eyes. She starts working as a private detective in New York City but the antagonist Kilgrave comes up to mess with her.

Kilgrave hails from her past with immense mind-controlling power. And he wants to destroy everyone including Jessica. This is when Jessica is forced to take up her superhero job again to defend herself as well as the whole society.

The complex and dark multi-layered theme, amazing action sequences, and overall the mind-blowing performance by the cast will make you want to watch the series on repeat. Not to mention you will be inspired by Jessica’s “never give up” nature.

The Flash

The Flash movie poster

Available on Amazon Prime  | Netflix

Next, we have another series from the DC Cinematic Universe, The Flash. The story revolves around Barry and his superpower of speed faster than thunder. When DC introduced the Flash for the first time, we started saying “faster than flash” to explain something with super speed. Anyways, coming to the series the plot takes a heart bumping twist when crime scene investigator Barry gains the superhuman speed and uses it to defeat the antagonists.

As the series proceeds, you will witness Flash going through some unexpected situations like creating a parallel universe and going back to the past. He changes the future by stopping the wrong in the past and it never really gets boring to see his thunderous speed. The action sequence is as you expect from expert creators like DC. This series can surely go on your next must-watch list after Daredevil.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. posters

Available on Amazon Prime  | Netflix

All marvel fans know about the secret organization S.H.I.E.L.D. (Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division) and its work to investigate strange and supernatural cases. The story of the series is more or less like the original Marvel comics. Rather we can see this web series is the best visual depiction of what we read in the Marvel comics.

The story revolves around Phil Coulson bringing superhero agents together to fight against dark supernaturals. From hydra to dangerous alien species S.H.I.E.L.D. agents have fought them all not with ease but with swag. To be honest, at first, it seems like any other agent shows like Men in Black, but as the plot takes its own unusual twists and turns you find yourself hooked up on your couches and becoming a companion to their journey to save the world. A good show to watch after Daredevil? A treat for Daredevil fans? Of course yes.



Available on  Amazon Prime | Netflix

If you have already watched Gotham or are going to watch, its first impression on you has been or will be, “Is this a prequel of Batman?” Don’t worry that is the universal first impression Gotham had on all its viewers. This is another marvelous creation of the DC Cinematic Universe and yes, it is set up in a plot before batman’s arrival. Gotham is actually the city where the series has been plotted.

The story revolves around the corrupted and criminalized city of Gotham and a super cop on his mission to clean it up. The super cop is James Gordan and works as a detective in the police department of Gotham city.

The climax shows up when young Bruce Wayne (yes our beloved batman) witnesses his parents Dr. Thomas Wauned and Martha Wayne being killed in front of his eyes. To give justice to traumatized young Bruce, James Gordan takes up the mission to fight against the anti-social.

The war doesn’t go smoothly as James finds his own colleagues and friends stand against him on his mission. But he doesn’t give up and keeps fighting against all. Bruce gets inspired by James’  “never give up nature” and turns into Batman to wash away evils from the city of Gotham. This is a must-watch for not only Daredevil fans, but also for all superhero and action series fans out there.

Person of Intrest

Person of Interest poster

Available on Amazon Prime | Netflix 

Next, coming to a more realistic series, Person of Interest. The plot revolves around New York City, which is recovering from the trauma of the attacks of 9/11. With the help of technology, a billionaire software engineer builds a machine to keep an eye on everyone. He seeks help from a former special forces officer and ex-assassin to identify potential criminals and stop them from committing the crime. 

The Machine, as they call it can not only identify potential criminals but also can predict lethal crimes. As they proceed in their mission the plot takes an unexpected turn with the appearance of backstabbing friends and a psychopath hacker, who wants the Machine at any cost. So Person of Interest is a story to save and get saved. The nail-biting twist and turns of the series will force you to watch it on repeat.

THe Defenders

The Defenders movie

Available on Amazon Prime |Netflix

Loved Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist? Now comes a series to give you all of them working in one team.  Watching the four mentioned series you already know about the dangerous villain the Hand, who wants to destroy the whole world. 

Coincidentally all our four superheroes arrive in New York City. At the same time, the Hand gets back to destroy the whole city. Now what the Hand wants gets revealed slowly as the plot proceeds and you gotta watch it of your own.

An interesting thing here to see is, the four superheroes coming together as a team to fight against the Hand but having it difficult to cope up as a team. As the plot goes through ups and downs, the four overcome their personal limitations and set up a perfect team to combat the malevolent intentions of the Hand. A perfect series to go on your next binge-watch list.

 The Punisher

 The Punisher moviwe

Available on Amazon PrimeNetflix

Last but one of my most favorites is The Punisher. The Punisher can be your best bet in the list of web series like Daredevil. The story revolves around US Marine officer Frank Castle on a mission to kill criminals. Yes, he is literally a violent mentally unstable man with only one aim-kill as many criminals as possible.

The brutal fight scenes, the living fictional characters, and the story overall will do nothing but drop your jaws wider and wider as you keep watching it. Frank witnesses his family being slaughtered brutally in front of eyes and from then he knows only one thing-slaughter the evils without showing any trace of mercy.

How the path of violence and destruction brings him in a situation to combat his own demons at a time is a sure thing to watch if you are brave enough to take up brutal bloody action scenes, then The Punisher can be your ultimate choice after Daredevil.

So that was our list of top 10 web series like Daredevil. Feel free to add your thoughts in the comment box below and let us know which other web series should we add to our list.

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