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Quicken Alternatives: 10 Best, Better and Easier To Use In 2024

Best Quicken Alternatives

Before the era of web-based personal finance tools dawned, Quicken was the only reputable player in the game. Their product was vigorous and did everything that you could’ve asked for. Where else could you pay your bills, monitor your finances, track your expenditure and, basically, just have a virtual personal finance assistant? Nowhere but Quicken!

However, once Quicken online was created. Their credibility shot straight to the bottom and their features become obsolete.

So if you’re looking for Quicken alternatives that run smoothly and faster, are more technologically rich, and provide seamless connections with other banks – look no further.

We have curated this extensive list of the 10 best Quicken alternatives:

Personal Capital

personal capital - Quicken alternatives

Need software that records your general spending, but has a heavier spotlight on long-term monetary structuring? Personal Capital is the best Quicken alternative for that and might be by and large the thing you’re searching for.

It includes an easy-to-use interface and incorporates several visual elements. What’s more, it also aligns itself with your current bank accounts to get information automatically.

Personal Capital has consistently had a hefty spotlight on investments. It assists you with monitoring your total assets, and it additionally offers an assortment of advising devices. For example, you can utilize the investment checkup apparatus to discover your present asset allocation contrasted with Personal Capital’s recommended allocation. As of today, it’s the most complete financial health tool available. The best part is that it is free!

Some of its key features include Free Analyzer, Net worth Report, Budgeting, and Investment tracking. It gains you direct admittance to committed monetary consultants. Along with this, you can also access top-level investing and money management tools.

However, it is important to note that this platform has a minimum amount of $100,000 for investment accounts and it also charges a high management fee.

One of the enormous issues with Quicken is that you run into synchronizing and integration issues – luckily, Personal Capital is online so it is updated consistently.

It additionally has a rich arrangement of devices for breaking down your funds from investment to retirement to planning and surprisingly even middle-of-the-road investment funds like a house or schooling. There is likewise an expenditure tracking part that functions admirably.

Tiller Money

Tiller Money - Quicken alternatives

If you are looking to move to a spreadsheet (or GoogleDocs) based on Quicken, you should consider Tiller Money. Tiller Money will mechanize your spreadsheets for a minimal price of just $6.58 per month ($79 each year after a free month-long trial). With a touch of tweaking, it’ll maneuver your information for you and put it into a Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel archive.

You can begin with one of their free formats or construct your own, once you put in the work required at the initial stages, you’ll have a completely mechanized accounting page customized to what you need. You can utilize this to follow your total assets, set a spending plan, or whatever else you can envision.

It is highly customizable and can connect more than 21,000 banks to your sheets. They have a committed client support network that is rich with ideas and inspiration. They also offer top-level encryption and data security.

Quicken is currently cloud-based so if you need to refrain from uploading your information onto the cloud, choosing a spreadsheet-based asset manager is your best choice. Tiller Money makes it workable for you to get automation while keeping your information in a local domain.

Money Patrol

Money Patrol - Quicken alternatives

MoneyPatrol is an amazing Quicken alternative that targets clients who are looking to improve their financial portfolios. It is also reasonably priced. When you connect your records, the application begins to break down your ways of managing money. It’ll even send you updates like those for upcoming payments.

You can even plunge into the extensive spending reports and take a gander at your past half year’s monetary exchanges. There are also separate reports for larger and recurring spending. In case you’re not somebody who is normally financially coordinated, Money Patrol is a reasonable alternative to make you aware of your cash flow activities.

MoneyPatrol is a finance management system designed to assist individuals with improving their monetary wellbeing. For individuals who are a touch more disordered with their funds, they will probably profit the most from MoneyPatrol. This assistance improves financial health through investigation of your spending and sending tokens of forthcoming installments.

It also engages you with information to take better monetary choices for yourself and your family. It assists you with spotting dubious and deceitful exchanges as well as late charges. Overall, it will make you mindful of your spending patterns, impending Bills, and repeating charges.

YNAB (You Need A Budget)

youneedabudget - Quicken alternatives

You Need a Budget is another top Quicken alternative. It accomplishes more than just keeping a track of your cash – it can help you fabricate a spending structure that you can evolve into.

Consider it to be software that can think and has a strong character! YNAB’s character has four core values- making your money grow; understanding your way of spending; learning how to overcome challenges, and making sure your money matures.

These four columns are the groundwork for this financial application that has assisted numerous individuals with changing their monetary health and improving their ways of managing money. In case you’re hoping to progress to a tool that will help you (as in help you roll out the improvement, not simply record expenditure), you should undoubtedly take a look at YNAB.

Why do we say that it is better than Quicken? Quicken just tracks your spending plan, YNAB does that and more! It also assists you with building a spending plan that satisfies the needs of your life and your savings requirements.

There are times when you will need something more than an application that just interfaces with your bank account. If you need to change how you spend, while also keeping a track of your expenses, then look no further! YNAB is your perfect option.

However, YNAB is not a complete solution when it comes to all your finance management needs – Budgeting is its only base and core. You will not get investment insights, retirement planning, or money management. It’s rigorously in its path to building, keeping up, and changing your budget for you.



With PocketSmith, you can have a stronghold over your money at all times – be it in the past, present or future. It provides very strong reports on your past expenditure. With this feature, you can gain insights into your spending behavior and make changes wherever necessary.

For your present, you can directly link your bank account to this Quicken alternative. Once that is done, your finances will be right in front of your eyes and you can make decisions accordingly. This will ensure that you’re spending wisely. For your future, PocketsSmith’s powerful AI can predict up to 10 years into your futures with your linked bank accounts.

To save time, you can easily update all your accounts in one place. It supports checks, savings, credit cards, credit accounts, etc. You can also have multiple accounts for the same bank.

It also enables auto-categorization of all your transactions and they are sorted at the time of import, so you can start using them instantly. They can be customized according to your needs.

With the support of more than 12,000 institutions in 49 countries/regions, there is not a chance that your bank will not be registered with them. It supports all major banks in the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.


CountAbout - Quicken alternatives

An interesting fact about CountAbout – it actually was built to turn it into a Quicken alternative. It also supports direct migration of all your data from Quicken to CountAbout! There is no need to be worried about losing any data or going through a time taking transfer process.

It boasts of a clean and simple to utilize interface and zero advertisements. It will sync information from banking, Visa, or retirement accounts, and download all your balances, for example, your 401k balance

You can also remotely monitor your accounts, from wherever you are — at home, at work, or even just strolling in the park through the mobile application available on Android as well as iOS.

Like Quicken, CountAbout isn’t free – it costs $9.99 for the Basic membership and $39.99 for Premium membership. The Premium membership incorporates automatic downloads of transactions. A membership account guarantees total information protection is totally devoid of irritating pop us!

Why choose CountAbout as a Quicken alternative? CountAbout has a ton of services that are exactly like Quicken’s: split exchanges, recurring exchanges, and planning your budget.


Empower - Quicken alternatives

Empower is another top Quicken alternative that is both – a checking account and a personal finance adviser. There are no actual branches–fewer overhead costs imply Empower can give investment funds to its clients. Their new checking accounts are issued by NBKC bank. Empower deposits are also guaranteed by reputable banks for up to $250,000.

Empower offers a checking account that doesn’t command a minimum deposit sum and you don’t even need to keep a minimum balance. You can acquire 0.05% APY at present, which is higher than what most other banks offer.

The checking account offers a Visa debit card (you can block and unblock1 it directly in the application), round-the-clock instant notifications, and unlimited transfers. You can even utilize the debit card outside the U.S. without having to pay a Foreign transaction fee.

Concerning payment plans and fees, there are only a few changes you need to clear. Empower doesn’t charge overdraft expenses, nonsufficient charges, or even debit card replacement charges. Its monthly membership is $8, and you will also get a free trial period of 14 days.


Mint - Quicken alternatives

This name may ring a bell as they are currently owned by the very organization that once made Quicken. Intuit took over Mint in 2010 and this is why they dismissed Quicken Online so abruptly. Afterward, Intuit offered Quicken to H.I.G. Capital, which made us all realize that Quicken’s era was nearing an end.

So, what sets Mint apart from Quicken? Mint is free and incredible for budget planning and tracking your cash flow. They don’t have a lot to assist you with retirement savings and investments.

As you grow older, you will start to realize just how colossal of a limitation this is. However, the objective of Mint was consistently to be a budgeting application and given that, they do excellent work.

Mint is cloud-based so there’s no product to download, fix, or update. On the off chance that you have investments and need to deal with those, Mint won’t be enough to satisfy your necessities.

A unique feature of Mint is the system that is monitoring your credit 24/7. If there are any significant changes detected in your report, Mint will be sure to notify you!

Your financial data is extremely safe and secure with them. Mint deploys multiple safety measures which include multi-factor authentication and 256-bit encryption.



Unlike a most web-based applications, Banktivity is a Quicken alternative that is constructed explicitly for MacOS. Banktivity is a personal finance adviser and manager that can import information from Quicken so you don’t lose anything in the migration process.

It’ll do all that you need in a personal accounting application, including budget planning, expense tracking, scheduling and taking care of bills, screening your investments, and pulling information from your bank accounts.

Are you the kind of person who enjoys building and analyzing reports? Look no further as Banktivity can provide you with some beautiful and informative reports. All of this can be achieved seamlessly across all iOS devices including mobile phones.

It isn’t free, it costs a one-time charge of $69.99 which comes with a free 30 day trial period. Banktivity guarantees 100% data integrity and privacy

Why should you choose Banktivity over Quicken? Banktivity claims to have more robust features. It is more than just a simple budgeting tool, it gives you an interactive monetary dashboard to proactively deal with your finances in every aspect. You’ll always be in the know-how of your cash flow.



GoodBudget is a free budget planning application dependent on the envelope budgeting strategy. Envelope budgeting is a method where you decide on a particular sum of money to spend for each category of spending.

Then as the month progresses you spend only from the amount set aside depending on which category you are spending for. It’s quite possibly the most well-known cash management strategy in personal budgeting.

GoodBudget includes innovation and technology to this strategy and will sync your bank accounts to help track your income and your expenditure. You set the sum for every category and later watch as your spending approaches the breaking point every month. It will give you deep insights into your spending behavior and ultimately, help you improve.


We are sure that we’ve given you enough food for thought when it comes to choosing the best Quicken alternative. It is not easy to pick out the alternative that will suit all your requirements in one go. You should make a clear note of all the things that you are expecting from a personal finance management app and then analyze all your options. We suggest that you go through the websites of all the options mentioned and then decide what would suit your needs the most.

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