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Top 10 Movies Like Interstellar To Watch in 2022

Top 10 Movies Like Interstellar

We all love the sky. Don’t we? No, I am not talking about the usual sky you see every day. Let’s think beyond the limits. Stars, planets, nebulas, and other interstellar things that are beyond our reach. Space has an undeniable attraction be it the movies or real life. And when it comes to Christopher Nolan’s films they are always a complete package of entertainment. The icing on the cake if the movie is the perfect blend of sci-fi, mystery, and adventure. 

And when I mention the unique blend one of the very first names that come to your mind is, Interstellar. Yes, this masterpiece is a thriller that keeps you hooked on your couch and touches some delicate issues that leave a permanent mark on your heart. Admit it after watching Interstellar, most of you have searched movies similar to it.

Including me of course. And why not? It is human nature we can never get enough of good. So today we are presenting you with the list of top 10 movies like Interstellar that are worth watching if you already miss Professor Brand and his adventure thriller.

Here is the list of Best Movies Like Interstellar:

InceptionInception movie poster

Available on Netflix | Amazon Prime

Let’s start with my personal favorite. Are you done with remakes and sequels? And want a true gem like Interstellar? Inception can be the solution to your problem. Think about a situation where someone enters your mind when you are sleeping and steal your ideas. It won’t be that harmful to someone with no profitable ideas. But think the same is happening to you and you are none other than the president of the USA.

Now that sounds a bit scary. But that is the story of Inception in a nutshell. Robb and his team enter into people’s dreams and steal their ideas. No, not in the dreams of some common people dreaming about pizza or an extra holiday. But into the minds of the authoritative people of the society who has ideas worth millions of dollars in their minds. 

But the story takes a nail-biting twist when they are told to place an idea instead of stealing it. Take the President’s idea being planted in his opponent’s mind. Robb and his team upgrade their device despite knowing that they might get killed in that person’s dream.

Even a difference of a fraction of second can push them in the limbo state forever. And guess what’s the bonus? It is another Christopher Nolan directorial. What happens next? You gotta watch on your own to find out.

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SignsSigns movie poster

Available on Netflix | Amazon Prime

Did you love the relationship between a father and his children in Interstellar? Then Signs can touch you the same way. The story revolves around a family of farmers. The father goes on a sci-fi adventure with his daughter and son. Reminded of you the dynamic of Interstellar?

One exception here is the father in law of Interstellar has been replaced with a younger brother in Signs. The story takes a lift with the help of aliens. Forgetting the not so good climax, the story goes well with the arrival of aliens. Not to mention the space travel section will keep you in awe.

The connection with NASA is pretty common in all space movies but how a so-called common farmer got into the sci-fi space adventure is a sure thing to watch.

MoonMoon movie poster

Available on Netflix | Amazon Prime

It is a well-known fact that the usual energy resources like oil are decreasing day by day. With the increasing popularity and industrialization, the demand for oil has increased by leaps and bounds. But what if it ends in null? Can the moon be our alternative solution to get resources?

It’s been eras since man first stepped on the moon. From then, it has been a huge area of interest among scientists. Be it starting civilization there or researching on its unknown sides, the moon has been like the part and parcel of space research. And the movie Moon is inspired by the potentiality of the moon to save us in the future.

The story revolves around the oil resources on Earth going to an absolute zero. Scientists find out an energy source called Helium 3 on the moon, which can be extracted to use on earth. But the extraction is way more complicated and dangerous than it might sound at first.

Now, it is common that such space journeys will be handled by astronauts and not any common human like me and you. So here too an astronaut goes to the moon to maintain safe and smooth extraction of Helium 3. But the plot twist can give you goosebumps. 

He loses contact with Earth and realizes he is not what he thinks he is. He just watched a pre-taped film. He struggles to find reality and the reality will drop your jaws wide.

Don’t sit to watch it with any expectations because Moon will give you only the unexpected twists and turns throughout its storyline.

Shutter IslandShutter Island (2010)

Available on Amazon Prime

Are you fond of detective movies? How about we mix some scoops of sci-fi with it? That’s Shutter Island for you. A private investigator and his mysterious journey to a strange island. Mysterious will be an understatement actually. Thrilling, haunting-you name some!

The story starts with the flee of a terrifying inmate and a private investigator reaching the strange island to investigate the case. Right from the beginning, you will know something is coming. But what? And how? To know that you have to watch the film thoroughly.

Audiences like me become detectives while watching detective movies. The protagonist got a clue? We too try to solve the case with him. And that happens in Shutter Island as well. You will make an image of the protagonist’s character in the beginning. But by the time you reach the end, your whole calculation about him will be messed up. You will discover a whole new person.

You will get clues, you will make your mind work throughout the movie to join the strings. And yet in the end the plot twist will present to you a whole new world of revelation which you never even expected. Similarity with Interstellar? Neither the protagonists nor the audience can ever be clear about the missions they are going to.

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Guardians of the GalaxyGuardians of the Galaxy Volume 3

Available on Netflix | Amazon Prime

If we are talking about space sci-fi adventures then Guardians of the Galaxy is a must-watch. It is not as serious as Interstellar but will leave you to want to watch it again and again. Light-hearted yet thrilling, the pack of Star-Lord, Rocket Racoon, Gamora, and Groot are one of the best Superhero packs Marvel has ever offered. 

It will give you chills down your spine, laugh out loud moments, cute romance, and a lot of par the level action. This is more like a superhero thriller but what it has, most mainstream movies do not. All the elements to keep the audience engaged and enjoy throughout the storyline. You will admit that space action movies got another level with the release of Guardians of the Galaxy.

OblivionOblivion Movie

Available on Netflix | Amazon Prime

The Twilight Zone, Interstellar, The Matrix, Wall-E, The Planet of Apes. These names surely define the word perfection. Next on our list is a movie that will remind you of all of the mentioned ones. Yes, we are talking about Oblivion. The first element of the movie that will attract most of the readers is, it has none other than hotshot Tom Cruise playing the main protagonist.

Coming to the storyline, it revolves around one of the most famous bases of sci-fi stories. The war between humans and aliens. The plot is based upon the aftermath of the war. The Earth is completely destroyed and all humans have gone to a new planet. But not all resources on Earth are finished. And two people are in charge to complete the extraction process.

Throughout their journey, they come along mysterious yet chilling situations that make them question the whole thing. Yes, even you can’t help but get lost in the hypnotizing storytelling of what is real and what is an illusion.

Throughout the movie, Tom Cruise alone is enough to define perfection but the engaging plot does nothing but enhances the urge to watch it again and again.

Edge of TomorrowEdge of Tomorrow movie poster

Available on Netflix | Amazon Prime

Next, we have another piece of perfection perfectly portrayed by our heartthrob Tom Cruise. Edge of Tomorrow is a movie that makes even repetitive things seem new and interesting. The plot revolves around another war between humans and aliens. But unlike Oblivion the storyline tells us about the future. 

When everything seems to go out of hand and the human race is on the edge of destruction our hero Major William Cage aka the hotshot Tom goes to the battlefield to have some serious turns with the aliens. What happens next is William dies. What? No! I know that can be heartbreaking, but don’t worry Tom never lets his fans’ hearts break.

So the next twist appears when William comes back. Yippy! And that happens countless times. And with every turn, he becomes better overall. The scenes are repetitive and so are the dialogues but each turn makes more sense than previous. Dying and taking rebirth so many times William ultimately becomes the pro warrior that slays down the aliens. And with him, the audience too can taste the joy sitting on their couch.

Surviving Progress:Surviving Progress movie poster

Available on Amazon Prime

Surviving Progress has a similar plot as the apocalypse in Interstellar. The poster itself will make you curious. A man with his head stuck into the sand like Ostriches. Ostriches do that when in danger and Surviving Progress is a movie that tells the story of survival.

No, unlike the previously mentioned movies this one does not deal with some space action or aliens against humanity. It deals with the real threat to mankind. Uncontrolled population growth, environmental disaster, finishing up resources, and whatnot. 

This movie will not only keep you hooked to your couches but will also force you to have a reality check of where we stand. Based on the writings of Ronald Wright, this movie is your chance to see the unseen consequences we are about to face.

Primer:Primer Movie Like Inception

Available on Amazon Prime

If you think a good movie needs lots of budgets then Primer will break your misconception. The budget of Interstellar was more than 165 million dollars. Now, guess the budget of Primer. 150 million? 100 million? No, only 7000 dollars. And watching the movie your jaws will drop even wider.

 No grand sets or whopping budget, but Primer has all the elements to be in this list of top 10 movies like Interstellar. The storyline goes along with a group of engineers who accidentally invent a time-traveling machine. Yes, good things happen accidentally so. They start using the machine to see how it works.

 And as the storyline progresses they start seeing the unseen. But curiosity kills the cat and so did happen to the group and things went out of control. The worse news is it messed up when they were in another time. No, the movie is not trippy. It is something beyond just trippy.

From subtle storytelling to amusing acting, Primer is one of the few low budget films that presented perfection in return for the least possible money.

2001: A Space Odyssey:

2001: A Space Odyssey movie poster

Available on Netflix | Amazon Prime

Last but not least is a movie that tries to calm your curiosity about the creation of the world. For eras, mankind is engaged to reveal the secrets of the universe. From the theory of aliens to finding Earth-like planets, we have traveled a long path still far away from revealing all the secrets of the universe.

2001: a Space Odyssey is the ancestor of Interstellar. But it has a difference in spirituality. It will take you to the journey of answering all our questions related to the universe. No, it is not based on some true story and is just another fiction. But at the same time, it is a lot more different from the usual fictional sci-fi movies.

If you are thinking it was made in 2001, then you are absolutely wrong. But don’t worry you have most of us in your group. It is nearly unbelievable that this movie was made in 1968. And even if you see it today, you will admit till today it can give a tough competition to other sci-fi movies made these days.Stay prepared to be hooked up to your seats because this movie has the ability to make you believe the unbelievable.


That’s a wrap up for our list of top 10 movies like Interstellar. Don’t forget to let us know in the comment box which other movies you want to include or exclude from our list. Not to mention Interstellar can never be replaced. It was, it is and will always be the pioneer in its genre.

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