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10 Best Thriller Movies like Ex Machina You Must Watch In 2022

Movies Like Ex Machina

Movies have been a part of human existence for quite some time now. There is a whole universe of various genres and stories going inside the cinema and people have made a lot of time to watch them and get entertained. Movies have become more than just a way to get entertained these days. The era of science fiction came into light when movies like Ex Machina came to the theatre’s Movies have been able to connect with the minds and lives of humans and even deliver a new perspective to the viewers. In some cases, movies have also been inspirations for some of the most marvelous things to happen around the globe. 

There are millions of people who are now employed in the movie industry directly or indirectly. The fandom of various movies has reached such a level that people actually follow every step of the way about the creator of the movie and even look out for the sequels and other related movies. Movies are thus a way for some ideas to be spoken about to a large number of audiences in a way that the minds comprehend and the ideas actually get instilled into the minds of the viewers. Movies can thus be called as a way to speak to a lot of minds at once. 

Science fiction is something people never actually thought of becoming reality until the time Ex Machina and other movies like it showed humans how science can overtake human intelligence at one time. The movie is purely based on how artificial intelligence is actually going to overtake human intelligence and then become superior. The movie is based on human interaction with AI and the emotions behind it. It portrays if the AI will somehow overpower humans and what potential threats can come to light.

It also puts light onto a very different concept of a human falling in love with an AI. This movie is thus one of the most influential movies to be ever made. If you are already a fan of this movie and want to watch more such movies to entangle your mind and get entertained, then the content ahead is made just for you. The movies listed ahead have genres or stories similar to Ex Machina and can thus pull a string in your heart. 

Here is the list of the 10 Best Movies Like Ex Machina in 2022.


Moon - Movies like Ex Machina

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If you are someone who is bored with the idea of movies based on aliens, wild monsters, vampires, or extraterrestrial sinister, then this is the movie just for you. It is a movie based on a pretty simple yet mind-boggling concept. This movie works on how life on the Earth’s very own satellite can be. The movie starts slowly and might even bore you for a few minutes, but as soon as the script starts to roll the dice, one cannot get his or her eyes off the screen until the credit scene comes. The movie has a strange concept where a man struggles to find the identity of his own character while pursuing a mission on the Moon. 

This movie shows an astronaut who is sent to a station built on the Moon for service of three years. The start of this service goes smoothly but as time passes, he finds it strange and weird that things in the station are not normal. The communication is just one way, where he cannot talk to anyone on Earth but only receive messages from there.

As he struggles to find out the reality, a sinister truth makes him question his own identity. The first half of the movie can compel you to get as many questions in mind as you can and the second half is where you start to get the answers. This movie is as provoking as Ex Machina and delivers a whole new concept to the minds of the viewers.

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Coherence  - Movies like Ex Machina

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Science fiction as a genre has been able to intrigue a lot of audiences over time and a lot of people actually want to watch the movies that make them question the things around them and also enter the world of imagination. Coherence is one such movie that can make you question a lot of things at once. The movie is based on the concept of paradoxes and how there can be thousands of versions of you existing in different dimensions or universes. The movie is a little dull when it comes to acting but when it comes to the concept and the way the story has been executed, it can blow your mind. 

It is a movie based on a group of friends gathering together one night when a comet is supposed to appear. The only thing out of their knowledge is that reality is bound to experience paradoxes whenever a comet passes the earth. Now the night turns out to be pretty strange when a lot of versions of the same people start to appear. The question that arises in the mind of the characters, as well as the viewers, is about who is real and who is an impostor. The movie is a great piece of artwork and is definitely worth watching if science fiction is your very own genre. 

Another Earth 

Another Earth 

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Being a fan of science fiction, sometimes drama and character-based science fiction can also intrigue you and make a special place in the universe. Similar is the movie, Another Earth, which is pretty much what the name suggests about it. The movie is not typical science fiction with a lot of elements based on fictional situations. It is a movie that interacts with the characters in it and shows some tragic situations too. 

The movie shows another earth popping out of nowhere in space and with the research going on about it, it is found out that it is a total mirror of what Earth 1 is. The main character of this movie is a girl who takes a peek at sudden appearing earth in space and mistakenly hits a pregnant woman who ends up dying in the accident. The movie moves forward four years and the girl now wants to meet the partner of the victim and tell her the truth. She rather ends up falling in love with the guy. Things take a turn when she wins a ticket to Earth 2 and ventures out to find a copy of the guy’s wife and son. It is not a normal story and when you watch it, you realize that it plays swiftly with your mind and emotions. 



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The 1999 masterpiece has been the setting stone for a lot of future movies of its genre that turned out to be a major hit too. The movies like The Maze Runner can be said to have taken some inspiration from Cube. Cube is a pretty strange concept for a movie to be released in 1999. It is a movie that gives you a wholesome experience and provides a lot of questions to your mind. The movie portrays a lot of human capabilities and is science fiction at the same time. 

It is a movie in which 6 people wake up to find themselves trapped inside a cube with endless dimensions. The only way out of this cube is for the six of them to work together and get past all the traps that have been set inside the cube. The main task for the people inside is to get out and also find who set them up for it. This movie is all about human intelligence, co-working, and skillsets. 



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If you want to watch something that can confuse you and intrigue you at the same time, then Frequencies is the movie made just for you. This movie is able to make you get to the very end of your seat and be at your toes. It cannot be completely understood in one go if you do not pay attention to every single thing in the movie. It is one of the masterpieces in the science fiction section and needs to be watched if you are a fan of Ex Machina. 

Talking about the plot of the movie may not be the right way to make a person watch the movie. The movie’s plot may seem out of the place and boring to some people and this is why it is better to actually watch it than to read the plot and then decide. The thing to watch it for is the excellent screenplay, amazing sequences in the movie, and a state of the art acting and direction. It is an intelligent, mysterious, and innovative work by the whole team of this movie. 


Primer  - Movies like Ex Machina

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The best thing about this movie is that it is an amazing science fiction drama that can twist your mind and intrigue you in the most amazing of ways. The movie works up to blend a lot of emotions into your head and make you get on the edge because of the story and the intelligent sequences. For someone who does not pay full attention, it may be a bit confusing too and will need a re-watch to fully grasp what has been portrayed. 

The movie is about a group of four friends who work on an error-checking device inside of a garage. The thing that surprises them is their discovery of that gadget being able to interfere with time and thus lets them travel back and forth in time. This whole situation makes them find the gap in their friendship and two of the friends start to use the gadget for their own benefit. Things soon start to get out of control because of timeline alteration and they try to make things as they were but only worsen them up. The movie has an excellent plot and the screenplay is amazing too. It is proper science fiction and thus consumes, the viewer’s mind completely. 

The Source Code 

The Source Code  - Movies like Ex Machina

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If you are up for a movie that blows your mind completely and is out of the bounds of a regular drama, then the Jake Gyllenhaal starrer The Source Code is just the movie for you. It is not like those typical movies that spend a good amount of time at the start to show the character and his placement in the plot. The movie starts with a blow and then keeps up with the hype till the end. The trailer may portray it as one of those romantic typical movies but it is much more than just that. 

The movie is about a US soldier who wakes up to find himself embodying someone else and next to him is a woman claiming to be his fiancé. The person takes very little time to realize that he is a part of an experiment and all he has to do is find out a bomb and diffuse it in eight minutes before it is set off and the person has to do the whole thing all over again. With every try, the guy becomes better and the movie goes on with the story in an intriguing way. It will keep you at the best of your senses till the very end and is thus worth the salt in it. 


Triangle  - Movies like Ex Machina

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If you love to watch movies that can amuse you and leave you completely mind-blown at the end, then Triangle is just the movie for you. Just how intriguing Primer and Ex Machina are, this movie is also of the kind that can take up all the space in your mind and make you question a lot of things. It can keep you at your toes for the whole run and is definitely going to twist and play with your mind. The movie is something that viewers may be unable to comprehend in one go and thus need to revisit it. 

The movie is about a few passengers on a yachting expedition. They find themselves trapped in very mysterious weather with no way to get help. They see hope when a ship appears out of nowhere in this strange weather. Only to their bad luck, things get even worse when they get on that ship and the plot keeps on taking twists with it. The movie is an amazing piece of art and needs to be watched if you want something to entangle you even after finishing the movie. 

The Terminator

The Terminator - Movies like Ex Machina

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If this list does not include one of the biggest science fiction movies of all time then it is of no use for others. The Terminator has a huge fan base all around the world and it is one of those movies that can leave you being a complete fanboy. If you are a fan of Ex Machina then this is the movie you watch after it. This movie has a similar genre and shows a lot of things that can go wrong if human intelligence makes something that can overpower it too. 

The terminator has a plot in which the artificial intelligence actually overpowers the human intelligence and is set out to finish humans. As the name suggests, it has a lot of violence and if the viewer is not strong-willed, then it is not the movie for you. This movie shows what all can go wrong if artificial intelligence goes out of hand. It is definitely worth watching for the viewers and has more to it than just the action and the science fiction. 

Avengers: Age of Ultron 

Avengers Age of Ultron - Movies like Ex Machina

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If you are a superhero and science fiction fan, then Avengers: Age of Ultron is the movie custom-made for you. It is a movie that blows up your mind with its action and storyline. It has a perfectly engaging casting and the storyline is just perfect. This movie shows you the power of a strong mind and teamwork. It has great CGIs and acting too. This movie is one for the decade and has grown a complete fan base around the world. 

Tony Stark, one of the masterminds of the whole world, sets out with the task to create artificial intelligence that can find out the threats to the planet and end them before they become an actual threat. The idea behind this creation was to get at the defenses but artificial intelligence turns out to become the one that sees humanity as a threat itself. This creates an android robot that wants to finish off humanity and starts with wanting to end the superheroes themselves. It is thus a movie that sets out on the venture of saving humanity and makes the most out of the experience. 


The whole list can be concluded to be one of the most interesting lists of movies that one can watch if he or she is a fan of the movies like Ex Machina. This list comprises not just the movies with the same genre but the movies that enter just into science fiction but offer a lot more than just that. It is a great way for the viewers to get a whole experience of the science fiction genre. If you are up for a movie that entangles your mind and amuses you, then these are the movies made just for you. Thus it can be concluded that the viewers can find themselves getting entertained to the fullest if they choose any of the movies above. 

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