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10 Best Real Historical Movies Like Apollo 13 to Watch in 2021

Best Movies Like Apollo 13

On a midsummer night, how fascinating would it be to lay down a blanket in the backyard, light some candles, and sleep under a sky full of twinkling stars for there is nothing more peaceful than that of the serenity of a night sky? Most of you can relate to this. Who doesn’t love a relaxed evening? If you’re someone who loves to overthink about explicit details, you must have wondered at least once about how it would be to live among those sparkling stars.

No, literally. Like, literally how life would be in the vast world of celestial objects. It’s always so fascinating to think about all those miraculous kinds of stuff. However, there are very few people who have lived this moment that seems like a mere fantasy to us. The story of all those people who went through all the tough pieces of training and each one having a unique story is conveyed through the medium of the silver screen.

All those brave astronauts who took one shot to life and chose to thrive for making their dreams come true along with setting a mark in the pages of world history. They are some of the chosen ones who got to see the heavenly beauty right in front of their eyes and there can be nothing so absolutely stunning yet so deadly at the same time.

Apollo 13 is one such movie for astronomy lovers that discusses the famous Apollo 13 space mission that encountered internal damage. The NASA team must undertake quick actions to bring the shuttle back to Earth safely. However, there is the life of 3 American astronauts at stake. Among the jeopardy, will it be possible to land the shuttle safely back home? A thrilling and audacious plot mixed with amazing graphics; this movie is sure to please all the astronomy fans out there!

Here are the Best Movies Like Apollo 13:



A movie that is bound to trap you in the infinities of the space. This film starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney is a brilliant piece of work that tells the story of two astronauts stuck in the realm of space due to the destruction of the space shuttle.

As time flies, things only get worse for them. With limited supplies to stay alive and no way to fix the broken ship, they must find an alternative to returning home. Left alone in the darkness, there is no scope of contact. In a striking mission, will they survive?



It is high time that the heroes must return to save the world. With a red flag signaling the end of our gorgeous planet, the explorers team up to find a way and save every last piece of what is left.

A mission never assumed in the history; a mission to discover a world beyond the galaxy only to determine whether mankind has any possible chances of surviving among the stars if not on the blue planet.

A quest to find another world, this film gives your imagination a new flight and leaves you astounded. One of the highly famous films, Interstellar is a dazzling script that has the audience hooked till the last.

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First man

First Man

On July 20th, 1969, a historic moment was created. For the first time in the history of the world, a man had stepped on our only moon. Released in 2018, First Man describes the journey of Neil Armstrong as he becomes the legend in all mankind to set a foot on our utmost gorgeous celestial miracle.

It vividly portrays the entire space mission and exclusive depth of the history being created. The movie vividly shows the journey of Neil Armstrong as he trains for the extraordinary exploratory and his godly experience as he touches the night sky for real.

For all mankind

A documentary that flashes the original NASA footages of all various moon landings starting from Apollo 8. The film also utilizes the actual voices of the astronauts present in the missions.

This is also regarded as one of the ‘most expensive’ films ever created. Something fun and unique to watch over free time, this movie is informative and gripping with all the real-life shots included.

Apollo 11

Yet another film talking about the historic moment of mankind when a man finally sets a foot on the moon. Although, with a little altered script, this movie stars 3 main characters; 3 astronauts who hurl into a space mission together only to face some unexpected dangers on their way.

Battling their way through the tragedies and stunning beauty of the universe, these astronauts fight to stay alive as the darkness nears them.



With a star-studded cast and highly appreciated story plot, this movie is one of the best of its kind. The presumed-to-be-dead astronaut Mark Watney is alive and stuck alone of Mars with limited supplies to stay alive. He must use all his wit and find a way to contact Earth and inform his crew that he is still alive.

Back home, the NASA team is working tirelessly to bring ‘The Martian’ home safely. Where his crew is also plotting a next to the impossible mission to save him, the world must come together to save this one man. A genius put together a story that is all the way exciting and creative, this film is most entertaining.


In a race with the Russians, James Caan, a top-rated scientist is chosen over a trained astronaut to set a foot on the moon. In the haste to win, NASA ignores certain security measures that may lead to every unwanted aspect of a mission. Not following the trail, doctor Charles Aidman makes sure to cover up for those sidestepped security measures.

As James lands on the moon, he finds gruesome evidence of a secret mission sent by Russia. It’s a countdown until either one wins or the ignored securities kick in to be proven fatal.

Space cowboys

During the establishment of NASA, there was a cut in the number of pilots which led to the cut of four friends who were top pilots in the elite air force squadron. Leading very different lives, none of them thought they’d get a chance to create history again. However, life had different plans for them.

Years later, a Russian guidance system was found to be malfunctioning and was expected to crash with Earth. This system was similar to that of one of the pilots, Corvin, and he was probably the last hope at saving the planet. When approached for help, Corvin has only one condition – to work with his 3 co-pilots. All he will need is his team by his side.

Apollo 18

This isn’t the same movie as the previous ones. This film talks about footage that was found to be decades old from NASA. This tape reveals a secret mission that 3 American astronauts took to in the past.

However, this is no ordinary tape. It reveals the reason as to why the U.S has never launched another space mission to the moon. A striking eye-opener, this movie justifies the visual effects for the perfect space adventure.

Magnificent: Desolation

Magnificent: Desolation

Highly appreciated by the audience, this is a 3D experience for the viewers which showcases the most realistic images of the moon. It features never-seen-before images and some unreleased footages of space expeditions by NASA.

To add to the spice, it has live-action renditions of the lunar atmosphere and landscape.  It’s something unique to watch on a silver screen yet the one you will never forget.

Hidden figures

Story of a hidden gem in the depths of NASA, this movie is about 3 ladies; African-American women who worked as the mastermind behind one of the grandest space operations in the history of NASA.

It talks about the launch of astronaut John Glenn in the orbit, which was considered as a raging achievement during those times. It portrays the strength of females and a revolutionary social icon.


The Oscar-winning film for ‘Best special visual effects’, this film is all about the plight of a base commander who is set to save three astronauts stuck in the void of outer space due to the failure of their mission.

This suspense thriller was also nominated for ‘Best sound’ and ‘Best cinematography’. Jammed with action and suspense, this movie will keep you guessing till the last minute.

The right stuff

Starting from the very top, this film begins the story from the formation of America’s space program. It concentrates on the original Mercury astronauts. It shows the frustration and tension among the people behind all the space happenings.

Not only the technical and professional issues, but it also envisages the personal and family crisis. There’s a lot more than just wires, space crafts, and fancy sciences to an interstellar operation which is clearly described in the movie.

So, if you’re looking for a starry adventure right in your living room, all these movies are just the perfect fit for you and your family.

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