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10 Best Movies Like A Quiet Place You Must Watch In 2022

Movies Like A Quiet Place

The unconventional element of A Quiet Place distinguishes it from other horror flicks, but it is the film’s use of quiet to agitate the audience’s nerves that characterizes it. A Quiet Place was one of the year’s biggest surprises when it was released in 2018. The story takes place after a global invasion by terrible creatures who pursue their prey based on sound. The concept resulted in a thriller with practically little dialogue that had viewers on the edge of their seats throughout. In this article, we will read about some of the best movies Like A Quiet Place.

It performs all of the explanation in the background, which is something you should be aware of. Every tiny aspect of the family’s suffering and anguish has been documented in unparalleled detail, from expansive vistas to close camera angles of the family’s cramped house. Even though A Quiet Place is just around an hour and a half long, it made an indelible effect on viewers before the film ends. In a film with little speech or sound, everything develops with such perfection that you feel as if you’ve heard everything there is to hear.

Here is the list of the 10 Best Movies like A Quiet Place You Must Try To watch in 2022.

The Invitation

The Invitation - Movies Like A Quiet Place

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The Invitation is a 2015 film directed by Karen Kusama about protagonist Will and his girlfriend Kira as they travel to a party to which they have been invited. Eden, Will’s ex-wife, and her new spouse David is hosting the party. Even so, a horror film predicated on slow-burning suspense is only as excellent as its twists and turns. It’s a dinner party from hell, so keep it as simple as possible.

The film is mainly silent, which adds to the sense of gloom and dread. The music is primarily made up of lone-stringed instruments, and it works well. With only a violin and a basic style, this film can truly strike a dagger through you. This film examines the human mind, as well as how we cope with loss and sorrow. It magnifies what we are prepared to go to to avoid the pain and suffering that we experience throughout our lives.

Don’t Breathe

Don’t Breathe - Movies Like A Quiet Place

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Don’t Breathe is a tense, restricted horror with a narrative that plays with audience allegiance while also conveying its heroes’ plight by making us feel cramped alongside them. The picture is shot in real-time for lengthy stretches, and Alvarez, the filmmaker, and his team have a wonderful sense of cinematic geography, which is introduced in a stunning unbroken shot that establishes the place for this mostly one-setting exercise in dread. It is one of the best Movies like A Quiet Place.

Don’t Breathe devolves into a battle of testamentary involving two people who have done horrible things but validated them to themselves. We’re right there in the home with the petty crook and the man with the horrible secret, holding our breath, thanks to the excellent Levy and Lang who let us comprehend their characters’ divisive decisions.



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Ray, together with his wife, takes his wounded child to the hospital, which is the focus of the story. Ray’s suspicions turn to the hospital when the woman and kid go missing soon after. Brad Anderson, renowned for his work on The Machinist, directed Fractured in 2019. Fractured is a fun mystery with enough thrills to compensate for the predictable plot. On a peaceful evening, it might be a wonderful movie to watch.

The Invisible Man (2020)

The Invisible Man (2020) - Movies Like A Quiet Place

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Since its release, folks haven’t stopped talking about “The Invisible Man,” and with good cause. The suspenseful thriller is chock-full of scary scenes as well as relevant themes against domestic violence and gaslighting. The plot revolves around Cecilia, a lady who manages to flee her cruel scientist lover Adrian, who pretends to commit suicide after Cecilia abandons him. Adrian isn’t truly dead, though, as Cecilia soon finds. Instead, he faked his death and disguised himself in a high-tech outfit to continue torturing Cecilia.

The Invisible Man is a brilliant sci-fi horror film that takes the risk of turning a woman’s largely unspoken grief from a poisonous relationship into something brutally palpable. Whannell’s (Director) brilliant genre entry, charged by a continuous psychological dread that transcends the anguish of any apparent bruise, intensifies the suffering of its primary heroine Cecilia Kass at every step, ensuring that her physiological wounds sting like our own and it may be painful at times.

The Silence

The Silence

Available On Netflix| Amazon Prime

The film shows a planet in peril from monsters who hunt by sound. Shipka portrays a late-deafened adolescent who finds refuge with her family, while a cult attempts to exploit her fecundity. The Silence, directed by John Leonetti and starring Kiernan Shipka, is a horror film based on Tim Lebbon’s 2015 horror novel of the same name.

It may be described as Movies like A Quiet Place, and the title indicates as much. People seeking a movie similar to A Quiet Place will find this to be a good fit for them to watch on a Sunday night.



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Creep follows a young man named Aaron, played by Patrick Brice, who, as an amateur filmmaker, responds to an ad to assist Joseph (Mark Duplass) in filming the final days of his life as a parting gift to his unborn son, but it isn’t long before the start of his film displays some rather overwhelming and uncomfortable levels of friendliness. 

Aaron responds to a classified ad to film Josef for a day in Creep, a found footage film. The sum of money given appears to be extraordinary, but not absurdly so. As we watch Aaron and Josef interact, we see that Josef is not beyond lying to Aaron and is extremely interested in making him feel uneasy and disturbed, but never crosses the line into full insanity. Josef is a real weirdo, and it’s more frightening and amusing than anything you’ll ever watch.

10 Cloverfield Lane

10 Cloverfield Lane - Movies Like A Quiet Place

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10 Cloverfield Lane is a suspenseful thriller in which John Goodman and Mary Elizabeth Winstead provide outstanding performances. It’s a cat-and-mouse game set after the end of the world, with overtones of Alfred Hitchcock and H.G. Wells. It’s a sequel to 2008’s “Cloverfield,” a found-footage picture about an extra-terrestrial invasion, without explicitly mentioning it in typical blockbuster ways.

Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is driving late at night when she crashes into a ditch in the first scene of 10 Cloverfield Lane. She wakes up tied to a pipe in a cinder-block bunker, and the sparkle of dread in her eyes tells you she’s seen a dark film and at least a few sequels. It’s almost as if it’s a sequel to the original, with a different tale set in a different region of the planet but yet inside the same universe.

The Gift

The Gift - Movies Like A Quiet Place

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This is the tale of Simon and Robyn, who move to the suburbs of Los Angeles and encounter Simon’s old classmate Gordon while settling in. Gordon, often known as Gordo, is socially uncomfortable, and Simon tells Robyn how he was dubbed Gordo the Weirdo at school. While the happy couple tries to find their footing in LA, they continue to run into Gordo, which leads to the discovery of additional stories from his and Simon’s history.

The Gift is a powerful film that depicts what occurs when a third person injects doubt, insecurity, and second thoughts into a happy couple’s marriage. It’s as if an unseen poison has been unleashed into the environment, and it’s having an unpredictable and terrible effect on everyone. “The Gift” is a suspenseful thriller with plenty of jump scares, but the dread is more psychological, and the marriage is on the line.


Split - Movies Like A Quiet Place

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Split’s story and pacing are more lean and tight than anything else Shyamalan(The Director) has done recently. Even when it flashes backward to offer context, despite its almost two-hour running duration, it feels like it’s always moving forward. Split is a stunning demonstration of Shyamalan’s technical prowess. It’s a rare, straight-up horror picture from him. And one of the most pleasant aspects of all is the fact that there is no Big Twist.

The story follows a man who suffers from a dissociative identity disorder. He has 23 personas that alternate appearances. He abducts three adolescent girls and imprisons them in an underground storage facility. To save the girls, the authorities must befriend his pleasant personality. Even as he wallows in muck, he walks with a bounce in his step. And a lot of it has to do with James McAvoy’s portrayal as Kevin, a kidnapper with two dozen different personalities.


Hereditary - Movies Like A Quiet Place

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Hereditary is one of those films that you shouldn’t provide too much information about since it would destroy the surprise and make the listener wonder if you watched the movie or if you were dreaming. It is both horrifying and perplexing. It weaves in its mythology in such a manner that you’re never sure how much is occurring and how much is just the characters’ mental condition degrading. Even, It is one of the best movies like A Quiet Place.

The Graham family is doomed with Ancient poor fortune as well as a hereditary predisposition to a psychiatric condition, and writer/director Ari Aster frames the narrative such that it’s hard to ascertain if the bizarre happenings you’re witnessing are genuine or manifestations of the Graham family’s minds. The plot contains a supernatural aspect, which is crucial to comprehending the film’s twisted conclusion.


People like getting shivers after viewing a psychological or horror-thriller film. By immersing you in the tale and keeping you interested, they keep your compact in a large area. A Quiet Place was one such Movie that the audience thoroughly loved and wished to see more of. This is why we’ve compiled the list above, which includes Movies like  A Quiet Place.

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