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Loomly Review: For Igniting Your Social Media Presence (2021)

Loomly Review

It is pretty easy these days to start a social media page or channel out of thin air. People are establishing several platforms for their content and ideas to reach the world. However, managing such a page or channel in the long run is not as easy as creating it. This is because it demands consistency. Content needs to be put up and managed regularly, or else the charm dies out. Fortunately, you have just the right tool for this in the form of Loomly. Read this Loomly review to know more about the platform.

Improving Social Media Presence

If statistics are to be believed, as of 2019, an estimated 3.2 billion people are active on some of the other social media platforms.  Besides, this number is constantly on the rise. This makes having a well-defined social media presence not just challenging but also quite necessary. But how we do that? Yes, content creation matters a lot because that is what the public will first see. Content that is creative, engaging and relevant to a larger audience pool is the first thing you must plan on.

However, if you want to sustain this social media success for the long term, it is very important to also focus on content schedule management. There are two reasons for this. First, people are more likely to engage with an account that posts frequently but is not monotonous. You can expect higher number of likes, website views, sales and even collaborations if you post content frequently. Besides, it also helps you grow out your reach.

Second, not all your posts are going to turn into blockbusters right from day one. Posting consistently ensures that at least a few out of the many are going to be organic hits on social media. There is, however, no room for compromising creativity. After all, consistency will only increase your chances; it is creativity that will create any chances at all. So, how do you manage so much?

Enter Loomly, which calls itself a ‘brand success platform’, and rightfully so.

What is Loomly?

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Loomly is a calendar-based content management tool that you can avail online for the purpose of social media management and marketing. It eases the task of creating engaging content and scheduling them for posting. Loomly was designed with the aim to assist marketing teams in the processes of creating, publishing and managing content for social media better. In one way, Loomly can be said to be the one-stop destination for social media management today.

Although there are many platforms catering to social media management today, Loomly manages to stand out of the crowd in certain ways. It provides you with real-time data on how your posts are performing, besides offering you clear insights and suggestions. It keeps tracks of what trending topics and styles are making it big in the audience pools. If you are someone who has been using Buffer or Hootsuite for your social media campaigns, Loomly is another fresh option to try. Additionally, Loomly’s rich user interface makes it a much more preferred choice compared to other alternatives.

Loomly Review: Features

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The USP of Loomly lies in its calendar-based layout which helps users keep everything organized. You could use the calendar both for your personal brand or a client’s. Either way, you can gain access to multiple social media accounts using Loomly simultaenously, and schedule content for each. You can invite team members or collaborators to contribute to brand marketing within a channel.

Loomly automatically detects which profiles are logged in on social media platforms in your browser. This saves you time by automatic logins. Next, you need to arrange various tasks and posts at hand to generate a workflow that suits you. There a number of post statuses to choose from, such as Draft, Pending Approval, Requires Edits, Scheduled and Published. Loomly uses Artificial Intelligence to generate post ideas based on what is trending and working. It comes up with several dynamic suggestions based on online trends, location and time of the year.

When it comes to pricing, Loomly offers multiple features at quite lesser cost compared to its other contemporaries. While the pricing might change from time-to-time, suffice it to say that a $34 per month subscription at this point would provide you the facility of two users and 10 social media accounts. Based on what kind of plan you choose, the features in the package vary. However, a basic plan should work just fine for a beginner. You can also opt for either the Standard or Premium plans for additional features at a higher price.

However, if you are finding it difficult to choose right away, you can always opt for their 15-day free trial. It comes with all the features you have been looking for, and also allows comfortable switching over to a paid plan.

Loomly Review: Pros

With Loomly, you can manage all your social media accounts like a pro. This is even a great tool for social media managers who are handling accounts for different clients and need to take care of schedules. It is quite easy to collaborate with different platforms and make the most of social media using Loomly.

At the same time, Loomly helps you curate much better content, something which is more suited to the social media platform you are using. You can even modify posts according to the platform without losing out on the message. Loomly allows you to schedule and plan things out much beforehand, so everything is neat and fast at the time of posting.

The calendar view that Loomly comes with is of great use and eases the task of scheduling and managing content. Lastly, Loomly is quite intuitive when it comes to helping you manage social media accounts and automates quite some tasks for you.

Loomly Review: Cons

One major con with Loomly is that it requires you to have the mobile application and Buffer integration if you wish to post on Instagram. Although this is true for several planning applications, it would have been much better had it been possible through the website itself. Besides, you have to renew connections if you want Instagram posts to be uploaded automatically. This is a downside, considering people would prefer a completely automated schedule.

Loomly also falls short of convenience when you have to manually add team members for management of different calendars. There is also the issue of annoying bots coming up every now and then. Besides, it would have been much better had Loomly provided integration with more social media platforms; it provides only with five. There is also no provision for using Loomly with WordPress, which would have been great, enabling content creators to manage posts on websites with equal ease.

Final Words

Social media is the place to be and grow if you want a steady foot in the online marketplace today. Consider the fact that people tend to spend more time on social media sites than in markets and malls. Therefore, the best way to promote your idea and products would be to weave a successful online presence. However, this successful social media presence often requires a lot more than just good ideas and content. Content management, especially social media marketing and branding, is an integral part to sustain your popularity in the long run.

This is where Loomly manages to emerge as a savvy tool. It offers creative tools and fresh ideas to assist writers and designers. At the same time, it also organizes all their creations and inspirations in dedicated libraries for ready reference or posting. It manages schedules for them, posts content on social media and helps customize everything to a great extent. We hope this Loomly review has helped you find what you were looking for. Let us know about your experience with Loomly and how it helped you take your social media game a few notches higher.

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