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7 Best Life-Size Oscar Statues for all Oscars Dreamers To Buy In 2022

Best LifeSize Oscar Statues

Every year, the entertainment community and fans divert their hearts and minds to the glorious night- OSCARS! The academy award that celebrates the best, the exceptional, the incredible. The very sight of the golden man with clasped hands is surreal for our forbidden eyes. What is more scintillating is when your favorite holds the majestic Oscar statue in their hands. It’s pleasurable beyond infinity, won’t you agree! The Oscar trophy is as elite as the story behind it.

What gorgeous than Hollywood themed party? The red carpet, the sparkling dresses, the gorgeous faces, and the everlasting beauty radiating from the Oscar trophy. Oh, the imagination is quite enticing. It doesn’t necessarily have to just be an imagination; it can very well be experienced in real and not just reel.

The presence of the Oscar trophy will add a scintillating effect to your party and make it as real as it can be. The usage of the Oscar trophy is not just limited to the parties, it will be a beautiful eye-catching décor that will beautify the interior of your living room. It can be a marvelous gift and souvenir for your loved ones.

The beauty of the trophy emanates not just from the fact that it’s gorgeous and renowned but also the symbolic essence that the trophy conveys i.e. anybody who puts their heart and mind in things they love, the world will one day validate them, respect them and look up to them. This encouragement is the most beautiful aspect of the trophy.

To buy Oscar styled trophy/Academy award, there are various websites to start your search with. Without further ado, a narrowed list of the places where you can hunt for your customized golden statue that has been curated for your perusal.

Here is the list of 7 Best life-size Oscar statues:

Advanced Graphics Oscar Cardboard life-size stand-up

Advanced Graphics Oscar Cardboard life-size stand-up

To glorify and grace your shelf with the shining Oscar trophy, you just have to visit Amazon. Cardboard people’s Best Life-Size Oscar Statue is the coolest cut-out, worthy of being displayed at any special event or party. Beautifully carved out of cardboard, it weighs 2 pounds and is 12 x 35 x 87 inches.

Ideal for kids’ birthday bash, exclusive events, schools and colleges, corporate functions, award shows, and much more, it will serve the perfect purpose. Manufactured in high quality, it’s easy to assemble and has a great value for money. Add this bright sunshine in your life and your loved ones’.


Hollywood Star life-size Cardboard Statue

Hollywood Star life-size Cardboard Statue

If you are planning an Oscar viewing party, light it up with the Hollywood Star award trophy. Fabricated in high quality, corrosion-resistant cardboard, the product features the magnificent image of a gold statuette with upraised arms and a large gold five-point star, at the top.

The lavish trophy will be the center of attraction of your party and the perfect partner to be clicked with. The glistening radiating from the statue will make sure that all eyes are fixated on it. Enjoy the feel of lavish luxury without being an actor. It is very durable and easy to assemble, available at market leading price.

Gold Man Life-size Statue

Gold Man Life-size Statue

Want an Oscar trophy temporarily? PRI productions have it all sorted for you. The gold man statue resembling the Oscar styled trophy is available for your use. Add glamour to your Hollywood themed party or any cinematic event with this glorious trophy, that comes in both sizes- big and small.

The best part of buying Oscar trophy from here is they allow you to rent for the specified duration and charge you accordingly. The life-size statue has been painstakingly crafted by the finest raw material that promises durability and malleability. What are you waiting for? Spice up your party with this beautiful piece of art.

“Oscar Academy” life-size Cardboard Statue

“Oscar Academy” life-size Cardboard Statue

Another site to browse if you are looking for a life-size Oscar trophy is EBAY. Beautify your interior shelf with this Life-Size Oscar Statues academy award or Oscar-style trophy. It is manufactured in high-quality cardboard and is 7 ft. 4 inches tall. Gift your loved ones this beautiful, shining souvenir. The majestic Oscar trophy will embellish your interior with its charismatic presence.

Available at a market-leading price, the product is a perfect amalgamation of durability and tangibility. The color won’t fade as the highest quality of raw materials has been used to create this masterpiece of art. If this is something you are looking for, what are you waiting for?

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Oscar Style Gold Statuette Life-size Trophy

Oscar Style Gold Statuette Life-size Trophy

Another place to stop by if you are looking for an academy award resembling trophy is Chaplin. Just like the fascinating name, they provide you a fascinating trophy that will add glimpses of sparkle and breathe life into your party.

Glorify your interior or bring a smile to the face of your loved one with this gorgeous Oscar life-size statue. Not only a smile is guaranteed, but also a validation that cannot be priced ever. Designed using high-quality raw materials, the trophy is a golden beauty. It is an embodiment of durability and beauty. Very easy to assemble, the trophy is a perfect value for money.

Giant Life-size Oscar Statue

Giant Life-size Oscar Statue

Feel good events is another avenue to buy Oscar styled trophy. Just like their uplifting name, their product will breathe life into your ultimate Movie theme or Hollywood theme party.

Each of the Oscar statuesque is set on its own black plinth base that makes it a feature item. The hire price is per statue. The weight of the statues is balanced by the weights that are placed inside the plinth base.

The statue is crafted from the finest quality of raw materials that make it worth the money. It is highly durable and comes with a waterproof construction that will prevent it from losing its golden touch.

Golden Oscar Life-size Cardboard Cutout

Apart from this, eBay also provides you with another option to look for when buying Oscar styled trophy. Shining like the rays of the sun,  this large cardboard cut-out features an exact replica of the Oscar trophy. It is made up of cardboard and has a photo-quality laminated finish that gives it a touch of royalty.

It can be used for various purposes ranging from decoration at your party to gifting your loved ones. Beautifully designed, it’s durable, tangible, and resistant to corrosion. Why just see actors holding the Gold man when you can hold one for yourself? Add these Life-Size Oscar Statues to your living room and entice everyone.

What is Oscar?

Academy of Motion Picture was formed in 1927, a dinner was held at the Crystal Ballroom of the Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. During the auspicious dinner, the attendees discussed the very essential topic that is how to honor the outstanding achievements and performance that would work as an incentive and encouragement for the actors to flourish, grow and dream. It was during this discussion, that everybody arrived at a conclusion of designing a majestic trophy.

It was by the courtesy of MGM art director Cedric Gibbons who created the statue of a knight holding the crusader’s sword. The sculptor George Stanley sculpted the design in three dimensions and thus, the royal, charismatic trophy was born. Well, we all see OSCARS to be of the next level. It is not only glamourous and captivating to watch but also holds greater symbolic manifestation.

It’s pride. An exceptional validation. We all secretly envision holding the golden statuette, but alas! Not all of us are actors. But what if we could buy trophies that hold the perfect resemblance to the Oscar trophy. Wouldn’t that be a remedy to our desiring heart and hand?


So what are you waiting for? The Oscars will be yours the moment you decide. Check the list of Best Life-Size Oscar Statues and suit yourself up with the best offer and show your friend and family your Gold man. You don’t just have to watch your favorite actors holding the majestic trophy and secretly wish one for your hands. Your search ends here. Before the offers die, go and hunt the trophies down.

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