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10 Best Life Size Giraffe Statue To Buy for Your Home & Garden (2021)

One of the most amazing animals is giraffes. These creatures are just awesome. They are the tallest land mammals and can grow 17 to 18 feet tall. Some can even grow up to 20 feet tall. They have strong neck muscles and possess two horns. They swing their neck to fight other male giraffes.

Due to their long neck giraffes have a tongue that is 20 inches long! If you are looking to build an animal or Safari theme park or want something for a kid’s playground then you can buy a life-size giraffe statue from these 10 websites. We included different websites based on type, size, and rate. So, let’s get into it.

Here is the best Life Size Giraffe Statue To Buy In 2021:

Baby Giraffe Statue Life-Size

Aren’t Giraffes just adorable? They are the tallest land mammals thanks to their long neck. There must be a lot of individuals who must have wanted to have a giraffe as a pet. But of course, you can’t have them. They are wild animals and you may not have the right infrastructure to support a giraffe. But that does not mean that you cannot own a life-size statue of a giraffe.

You can check out the website theinteriorgallery.com for a variety of home decor and furniture. They have different statues including Life-size statues of giraffes.

This particular statue resembles a baby giraffe. Yup, the cute little animals which stick with their mother. But a baby giraffe doesn’t mean short. Unlike other species of land mammals, baby giraffes are around 6 feet tall when born.

Yes! Even this baby giraffe statue at 5ft 6 inches tall falls a bit short in comparison to a real one. The baby giraffes weigh over 150 pounds and are trying to stand up from the very moment they are born. If you want to buy a life-size giraffe statue then you can head to this site. This baby giraffe statue costs $489.99. Get it while it’s still on sale!

Giant Giraffe statue

Well, if a baby giraffe isn’t going to cut it for you then how about an absolute giant of a statue. This is a statue that does the tall land mammals some justice. It is 18 feet tall and looks so awesome. The online store which sells this statue is lifesizestatue.com and as you can imagine from the name of the store a bunch of different life-size statues for interested buyers. Now, of course, this thing ain’t cheap. It is going to cost you a lot.

The current rate of this statue is $5999. That does not include shipping. To ship this statue to your place you can contact the supplier and then decide on the best shipping options. Also, the statue weighs 480 pounds! So, you do have to pay a decent shipping cost to be able to get the statue safely.

People will mostly buy such stuff for a school, park, or some form of educational or informational institution for people. You cannot own a giraffe so why not have a life-size replica to show to people. If you want to buy it as a sort of home or garden decor then kudos to you. You made it in life! You have enough budget to enjoy buying awesome stuff like this.

Anyway, let’s talk about the material of the statue. The material used is fiberglass resin. Everything is handmade and hand-painted. It gives the giraffe a very realistic vibe. From a distance, it looks very close to the real one. Even up close. So, if you want to buy a life-size giraffe statue check out lifesizestatue.com.

Giraffe 12ft Giant Statue

Well, if you feel that the 18 feet statue is too tall and want to dial it down then how about the next statue on the list? It is a life-size statue of a giraffe that is 72 inches or 12 feet in height.

Yes, it is not that long but it still does some justice to the amazing creature. The sculpting on these statues is just amazing. It shows the skills of the craftsmen. The paint job on this one is very decent and yes, as you can see it looks very real. If you own a safari-themed park or have a big garden that looks like it needs a few ornaments then you can purchase this giraffe statue and decorate your place with it.

The statue looks very real and is bound to attract attention. So, if you use it carefully you might end up getting a few more customers to your business. The manufacturer has made the statue quite robust. It is made from a composite of resin and fiberglass.

The construction is waterproof. If you want to buy this statue then head on to life-sizemodels.com. It costs around £1095 excluding VAT. If you have any questions regarding the statue or pricing/shipping you can contact the company at lucy@life-sizemodels.com.

Life-size Giraffe Statue by Maritimetropical.ca

Another site to take a look at while searching for life-size replicas of giraffes is maritimetropical.ca. It is a Canadian website that sells a bunch of cool stuff. Yes, all the products you find on the website are categorized under tropical statues and tropical trees.

They have a huge collection of beautiful looking tropical creatures as well as various tropical trees. If you own a garden and are looking to plant some tropical greenery then you will have a bunch of options here. The animal statues are pretty cool as well. This particular giraffe statue stands 12 feet tall, so basically it resembles a giraffe of medium size.

It weighs around a hundred and sixty pounds. When you order this item you do not have to assemble it at your place. It ships whole. All you have to do is secure the statue on the ground using four spikes.

The manufacturer claims that this statue is museum quality and is outdoor safe. So, you can keep it in your garden without any problem. It is made from cast resin and the surface has been hand-painted to give it the amazing look. You can purchase this statue for 7594.74 Canadian dollars.

Giraffe Baby 6.5′ Tall Life Size Statue

Butlers and signs is an interesting website where you can find a bunch of cool stuff. There are animal statues, food and candy displays and also statues of humans in a funny pose or with a funny expression.

You can buy a life-size baby giraffe as well from this website. The website has got the size of the baby giraffe right. Baby Giraffes, even though adorable to look at are not small. They stand 6 feet tall when they are born. In just mere 10 hours you can see them running around with their herd.

This statue mimics the baby giraffe look as well as size. It is 6 feet and 5 inches tall and weighs 35 pounds which is quite less for something of that size. It is handcrafted using resin and hand-painted using high-quality paint.

You can purchase this statue for $899. This can fit in the budget of many people who are looking to add animals to their safari theme park or want a model for their garden.

Life-Size Giraffe Statue by northerncreek.com

Life-Size Giraffe Statue by northerncreek

The next place to buy Life-size Giraffe Statue is northerncreek.com. Giraffes are amazing creatures. They have a slender and long neck which have very strong muscles. They also have two hair-covered horns on their head. The name for these horns is ossicones. The giraffe sometimes needs to use these to fight other giraffes.

Their neck is long and strong and they swing their neck to fight other giraffes. The more you know about these wonderful creatures the more you will fall in love with them. The Life-size Statue of a giraffe that this website sells is of a shorter height. It is around 8 feet tall which is good enough for a park or playground. You can install these in the playground section of your school or in a safari theme park.

The artist used designer resin of high-quality to craft this beautiful statue. They did the paint job by hand which is why you can see the attention to detail. The spots on the body are dark brown and there is a reddish-orange wash on the back and spine area to give a good gradient to the skin.

When you purchase the statue it comes in two parts Viz. the body and the neck with the head. It is very easy to assemble the pieces. You literally just mount the neck portion on top of the body. It weighs 92 pounds and costs $1099. Free shipping is available within the US. No international shipping available.

Life-size Giraffe by Pangea Sculptures

Pangea sculpture is a brand that produces statues and sculptures of various designs. You can even choose statues and sculptures based on the materials used. There are wooden products, metal sculptures as well as stone sculptures. The giraffe statue is the one that comes under the metal statue category. It is the tallest statue that they have in their stock.

This metal statue of the giraffe is quite well-built. The artist has used high-quality metal plates and welded them together to give the giraffe its form and features. It really shows the skill of the artist. Just look at the facial features of this amazing statue.

It is a bit different from the other statues that we have on this list. One obvious difference is that metal is used to make this statue. Another is that there is no paint on this one. We actually like this design as well.

The statues which use fiberglass and resins do need some form of paint finish to look amazing. But when you look at this metal sculpture you just marvel not only at the skill and craftsmanship but also at the amazing form of a giraffe. The statue is 14 ft tall and costs £2796. It is made in Zimbabwe and weighs 150 kilos.

Malee Grand Scale Giraffe Garden Statue

The next Giraffe statue is by the brand Design Toscano. This tall giraffe statue stands almost 12 feet in height. This is the biggest statue by the brand. The artists have beautifully crafted this statue. It looks majestic and preserves the amazing form of this beautiful land mammal. Fiberglass resin is used to give form to this big statue.

Everything looks very decent from the back to the neck to the folds to the joints. The hooves look quite good as well. The paint job makes the thing look quite realistic.

Every detail in the facial region is quite good as well. There is one downside to this statue. It is not weather-resistant. So, try to either put a resistive coating or keep it at a place where the weather elements don’t affect it. The price of the statue is $2999.99.

Giraffe Head Life Size Statue

Now, there are a lot of reasons that you will want to have a giraffe head. First of all, it is short. Secondly, you still get to admire the entire neck for which these animals are famous. It also costs way less than the full Life-size statue.

But of course, you will not get to enjoy the full body in its entirety. So, if you just want a giraffe head for display or you to have a small space but want a life-size replica of a giraffe then this can be a good option.

The quality is pretty decent as well. It is new and handcrafted. Only the finest quality resins are used to make this statue. It comes straight from the Philippines. Everything is hand-painted. So, every model is a bit different from the rest. You can purchase these statues for $699.

Life-Size Giraffe Statue by glasspollart.com

This last statue is another giant replica of a giraffe. It stands 15 feet tall and weighs around 70 kilos. If you want to enjoy a giraffe statue with its full glory then this is one of the best options you have. It is pretty decent down to every surface detail. The artist did a good job on the facial features of this statue.

hIt really looks amazing. The material used to construct this huge statue is top-grade polyresin with Gale code. It also uses a bit of fiber as well to give it a nice feel and texture.

The hand-painted skin pattern of the giraffe has been done really well. It looks very realistic and will turn a lot of heads wherever you put it. This is a perfect fit for an animal theme park or a playground. It is a bit costly given the 1:1 scale. You can purchase this statue on glasspollart.com for $3000. It is waterproof and resistant to weather conditions.


We saw some of the websites which you can check out to buy life-size giraffe statue. We understand that it can cut deep into your budget so making a good choice is important. So, first, decide on what size you are looking for.

If you want the actual replica then go for the giant sizes 12ft, 15ft, or 18ft. You can also get the baby replicas which stand around 6ft tall. We hope you enjoy your investment.

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