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IG Instant Review (2021): Tool to Become an Instagram Influencer

IG Instant Review

Instagram is the third biggest social media platform with nearly 1 billion monthly users, which makes it a great place to flaunt your skills, or show off your new products but much like on any other social media platform, you’ll be facing some nasty competition on Instagram as well.

Of course, you must’ve looked for ways to stand above your competitors but sometimes no matter how much you try, you might get left in the dust and that’s when you’ll feel like trying those sketchy services that promise you X number of followers, views, or likes for the X amount. But the majority of those sites can make your profile a lot worse than it was before and sometimes even lead you to permanently losing your account.

It has happened to me, and it took me a while to regain my profile and followers back again. I tried it again, but the next time I was careful and tried a site called IG Instant. If you’re someone who’s thinking about this site as well, then you need to check out this review before you jump the gun.

Why would one want more Instagram likes, views, and followers?

Before we get to the main point, let’s understand why would anyone want to pay for more Instagram Followers, Likes, and Views. You must already know that any Instagram account’s success is linked to its engagement and the higher the engagement, the more popularity the Profile will gain.

That happens due to a small thing called crowd mindset; now what is crowd mindset? I’ll explain it to you in one simple question. If you’re scrolling through your feed and come across 2 products, both products are kind of similar but 1 has more engagement than the other, now what’ll you do? Obviously, you’ll go for the product with more engagement. And that my dear friends is the crowd mindset.

This mindset leaves the product with poor engagement in the dust no matter how good it is. If you want to change that, then you’ll definitely search for things like, “How to gain more followers, likes, views on Instagram”. The best solution you’ll find for that type of search is through paid methods; since paid methods can boost your engagement a lot faster.

This trend of buying Instagram engagement isn’t something new either, but before buying one should be aware of all the things about the provider since the internet isn’t all about sunshine and unicorns, on the Internet you can easily lose everything including your bank balance, home, clothes, and identity.

But it isn’t all dark either, there are sites that can provide you genuine packages for growing your Instagram reputation, sadly such sites aren’t many in numbers. Also! Once you buy a package, don’t sit buying it over and over because it won’t create a completely organic customer base and can empty your wallet.

So use the purchased packages in such a way that you’ll need to buy them just once, a.k.a the snowball effect. You can also purchase small-small packages on short or long intervals to keep your posts relevant for a long time; either of these methods will give you much-needed engagement and recognition on your profile.

What is IG Instant?

IG Instant is one of the genuine Instagram service providers out there. It has been around for a while but there aren’t many reviews for it out there, so this review might be the first of its kind (hopefully).  IG instant offers its services mostly for Instagram and through IG Instant you can get packages for Instagram followers, Likes, views, and comments.

They also offer some other features such as:-

  • Real users: The engagement that you’ll receive from them are from real and active users, from which you can expect long term benefits.
  • Customer support: They offer live chat support which takes mere seconds to reply, plus, they offer 24/7 support via email.
  • Real reviews: Not every website lets you submit your reviews let alone read their existing customers’ reviews. IG Instant lets you do both, as they are confident in their high-quality services.
  • Instant delivery: Once you are done placing your order they deliver your package almost instantly, it might take 5-10 minutes sometimes.
  • Privacy: IG Instant don’t ask for any sensitive information as they take their clients’ privacy seriously and under no circumstances will they ever ask for your password.

IG instant also offers a free trial, which you can try in case you want to test the quality of their services before you want to Buy Instagram followers.

Is it legit?

So now that you know what they offer, let’s talk about the main thing, are they trustworthy? It’s hard to trust your Instagram account with these promotional services as they might get your account banned or disabled, but that wasn’t the case with IG Instant.

We had our doubts too but it was their features that made us trust them and now as an IG Instant user I can assure you that they are totally reliable. As they offer their high-quality services with transparency and genuineness.


IG Instant comes offers reasonable pricing, so you can purchase their packages starting from as low as $2, while their biggest available Package costs $365 for 2,00,000 views.

My Experience

You know nearly everything about IG instant now, but I haven’t shared my personal experience with you yet. I was cautious since I’d already lost my account once before so I brought their free trial for testing if they’re genuine or not.

They provide a few options for payment but I recommend using PayPal since it’s the most secure option. In their free trial, you don’t really get a lot of likes or whatever package you picked but since they could really provide the packages, I decided to try their comments package, which costs $3.

Since they say they’ll deliver it instantly, I was expecting an instant delivery, but I had to wait for a while before the comments showed up in the post where I wanted them to be. Later on, I purchased their Likes Package, yet again small one so I could just give it a small nudge. I never really tried their follower’s package as I wish to gain my followers without paying for them.

Getting likes and comments without paying a penny is cool too, but sometimes you sit there covered in dust no matter how good you are. In those times services like these come handy, if you can, you should absolutely check out this website.

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