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Hero Super Splendor Review, Price In India & Customer Experiences

Hero Super Splendor

Hero is no newbie to the commute field. With the Glamour and Splendor already creating waves, the Hero Motocorp is highly experienced when it comes to providing people with what they want. The have always aspired to deliver good quality when it comes to commuter bikes and this time its no different. The Hero Super splendor has rolled out with much pomp and show and that’s mainly because this baby seems to have taken the Hero standards up a notch.

Hero super Splendor

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The Hero Super Splendor sports a 125cc engine borrowed directly from the Glamour. He Glamour’s performance is quite up to the mark and so a similarly stellar performance can be expected from the Hero Super Splendor as well. Built for rural roads is taken quite seriously by Hero motor corp with the Super Splendor churning out 11.5 bhp at 7500 rpm and 11 Nm at 6000 rpm, definitely more than the previous model and a chip on their positives list. The Hero Super Splendor has got its side panels redesigned but the bike as such has not been modified a lot when it comes to looks otherwise. The tail-lamp has been changed to LED segment.

hero super splendorSource Image: Hero

The Hero Super Splendor manages to provide a decent mileage of 83.1 Kmpl. The brakes in front and behind are both Drum brakes. The heart of the Hero Super Splendor is a Air-cooled, 4-Stroke Single Cylinder engine which readily powers this motorcycle however necessary. The build of the Hero Super Splendor is low key yet strong. It focuses on the necessity than the accessories and is of a milder temperament compared to the Glamour. Built for rural roads, the ride is suitable anywhere. The top speed and the promised mileage definitely put it among the commuter bikes with a lot of promise. The Hero Super Splendor might just be the one which steals the show.

The official video and a video review

Customer Reviews

Most people instantly fall in low with the Hero Super Splendor. The bike does keep a healthy wager with its promises being down to earth and keeping it just at par with the best commuter bikes in the market. But the bike manages to deliver on these prices apparently with the steady good reviews flowing in. The bike is said to be comfortable and easy to maintain and drive along. The customer service is average but when it comes to the bike details, negative reviews are rare. The bike has managed to get few haters and a group of lovers in a single take.


The Hero Super Splendor which as released recently is available in a variety of trendy designs. The commuter segment Splendor has already to its credit a style and body design unique and different to its own. The latest Super Splendor manages to keep the same uniqueness.

Hero Super Splendor
Source Image: OverDrive

  • CB Red
  • Heavy Grey
  • Black with Fiery Red
  • Black with Electric Purple
  • Graphite Black

Available in most major cities, the Hero Super Splendor is a basic commuter’s need.

Area Cost
Delhi ₹ 56,540
Mumbai ₹ 52,793
Bangalore ₹ 56,935
Hyderabad ₹ 56,889
Chennai ₹56,920
Kolkata ₹56,864


The hero Super Splendor enters a market where competition is based off jut a few characteristics and stands at adjacent levels. All companies compromise on one feature to increase the other. The Hero Super Splendor does have a good list of specifications and additions to make it a good choice to buy. Price wise the Hero Super Splendor is not at all pricey. The mileage is also good and it’s a pretty nice bike by its looks. The Super Splendor needs just a single test-drive and it will surely steal your heart.

Featured Image: OverDrive

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